Tiger Woods, who has turned a generation of golfers into fitness conscious athletes, will have a new golf bag sponsor when he returns to competition.

On Wednesday, Woods announced through his website and Twitter account that beginning July 1st, his staff bag will feature the logo of sports nutrition brand MusclePharm. In this new multi-year contract, the “scientifically driven, performance-lifestyle sports nutrition company” will use Woods’ likeness in commercials, ads and promotional appearances.

Woods will receive $5 million in restricted common stock in the company and royalties on any co-branded product, according to reports. The contract allows Woods and MusclePharm the option to extend the endorsement for an additional two years after its expiration in June 2018.

MusclePharm, which also sponsors Colin Kaepernick, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the UFC, was founded by former Indianapolis Colts player Brad Pyatt in 2008 after he realized the need for better sports nutrition products. The company is a manufacturer of sports related supplements and nutritional products, such as creatine, pre-workout supplements and whey protein. It expects full year sales of $165-to-$175 million in 2014.

“Tiger Woods is more than a golfer,” said Pyatt, chairman and CEO of MusclePharm. “He is an elite athlete possessing legendary work ethic and determination, as well as a focus on remaining in top physical shape. We are excited to work with Tiger to bring more attention to nutritional science and how it can enhance strength and overall athletic performance — and most importantly — fuel athletes safely.”

This will be Tiger’s fifth bag sponsor over the course of his career, which he began with Titleist, then Buick, AT&T and most recently Fuse Science. Fuse, also a sports nutrition company, had the shortest duration of the previous four, just less than three years. It isn’t a secret that Woods enjoys spending time in the gym, a regimen he is attributed to have brought to professional golf. Now a staple of every PGA Tour stop is the fitness trailer, and nearly every player on tour makes use of some kind of fitness program.

“One of the keys to success as an athlete is making sure you are fueling your body properly, which is at the core of MusclePharm’s mission,” Woods said. “This golf bag venture is a great way to launch this partnership. I look forward to working with MusclePharm to help people achieve their peak physical form.”

Woods is still taking an indefinite hiatus from professional golf, as he is recovering from back surgery. He did, however, recently progress to hitting full shots on the range. It is currently unknown whether or not he will return in time to play the British Open at Hoylake in July.

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  1. I don’t normally pay attention to endorsements (especially tiger), but as a person who likes supplements, I would google musclepharm after seeing it on Tiger’s bag. I’m actually glad to see Tiger going with a non mainstream product/company to endorse on his bag.

  2. I thought when Jim Furyk came out for 5 hour energy right after he won the Fed Ex I’d seen everything ( I mean have you ever seen a bigger more intrusive logo on a hat). But no this one takes the cake. I mean Tiger is one of the top 3 or 4 athletes in the word and he has to prostitute himself like this?

  3. Again, who cares? If journo’s spent as much time writing worth while stories of other people in the golfing world, there wouldn’t be this constant, “what about golf after TW?”. Please stop plastering this website (and others of course) with every little piece of crap about TW. He hasn’t played for months and we’re still subjected to all this garbage about him. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  4. I am just wondering how many people will see Tiger’s association with something called “MusclePharm” and think, ‘Wow, that sounds interesting; I’ll have to check out that product…’?

    Because my own reaction, and the reaction of some other knowledgeable golf writers and bloggers whom I frequently read is likely to be, ‘How perverse; the same craving for unnatural body-building that might have destroyed his knee(s) and vastly shortened his competitive career is now an official sponsorship part of Team Tiger?!?’

    The layers of yuck pile up pretty deeply, beginning with the famous cover-story for Mens Fitness magazine, which we now know was a deal made to silence the related publication (The Enquirer) from publicizing his adultery with the waitress.

    • I don’t get what he did that would be considered unnatural. All sports figures take supplements for their workouts multiple times a day. Your listening to the talking heads too much, tiger isn’t even that big. Years of hard pivoting rotations caused his knee problems. Sport specific/ goal specific workouts are the norm for professional athletes, and trust me their workouts are much more intense than anything your doing.

    • Muscle Pharm is a nutrition supplement company. Not a steroid dealer. The word unnatural does not belong in your complaint. I mean, golfers being athletic is great for the game in my opinion. Golf is a sport where being athletic is not necessary, which is why fat slobs can play at the highest level (sometimes). I think the idea of making it “cool” to be in shape and play golf is great for the kids, especially in the US where we tend to have little chunk nuggets too wrapped up in their electronic devices. But anyway, I am not the biggest Tiger fan, but I don’t hate the guy either. I just am a fitness guy who uses Muscle Pharm products to supplement my diet, help me through workouts, and help me recover faster.

    • I also dont agree. Now taken, there have been rumors, there has been no evidence nor confession. Im also aware that there is and will be this shadow of doubt especially post Lance Armstrong (though more rampant in the cycling world). For me a golf fan for most of my life, it was his swing dynamics, which if I remember correctly, many were saying back in the late 90’s that he would suffer back and knee issues at the end of his career, which is what is happening now. Sports Science did a piece to show the pressure he was placing on his knee and it was off the charts.