Back in early July, I was within an hour’s drive of Savannah, Georgia and I thought it would be cool to get a few Golfwrx stalwarts together for a round of golf at Sapelo Hammock Golf Course. Unfortunately, “Littlepingman” and “Hoganapex” could not make it this time around. Anyway, “Choeppner” and I (Bend of the River GC) met up at Sapelo Hammock for an early morning round. It is always cool to finally play with some of the people that you have been speaking with for a few years online in the Golfwrx message forums.Sapelo Hammock Golf Club is a very nice low country golf course that unfortunately just never really took off all the way. It is meant to be a gated golf course community with a housing community. There are some homes along the course here, but really more empty lots than anything else.In fact, I like it that way better. More peaceful and unobtrusive.


The 18th green at Sapelo Hammock. Notice the unkept trap.

Since Chris is a Machine putter rep, I asked him to load up a M1A Fixer putter for me to try out during my round. I have had my eye on a Machine putter for a while now, and would like to add one to my ever growing stable for thoroughbred flat sticks. Let me tell you, Chris is a long monster off the tee, and then some. I can tell you that these putters look even better in person, and they sure do perform.


This is the Machine Fixer putter that I gamed at Sapelo Hammock.

How did the Machine Fixer fare in my bag and on the greens? Well, I alternated back and forth with my Scotty Cameron Inspired by David Duval putter (I kept the C&L oil can in the trunk as it looked like rain…) and although the Machine was about 1.5 inches too short for me, I made it work just fine and did not have any 3 putts the entire round. The Fixer had a very soft and stable feel going through the ball. I could easily game the Machine Fixer, that is a 34.5 inch model. In fact, I most likely will in the very near future. The options that you can have on a Machine are endless, and they really are works of art. Actually, I am worried that I won’t game it, and it will be resigned to carpet queen duty like a few of my other putters. Machine also has some of the coolest putter names on the market. I think Chris’ putter was called the Machine Double Fat Back Nibble Back. I love it.


The face milling was top notch and very pleasing to the eye.

How was Sapelo Hammock? It was great. It is a very nicely designed golf course with fairly open fairways. It also had some of the absolute toughest par three holes that I have ever faced. A few of them had forced carries of over 185 yards; you either hit the green or you were crabbing in the marsh for your lost ball.

If you stare long enough at this 200 plus par 3 (#8), you MIGHT see the pin!

I am sure Chris can attest to this as well. The greens were in pretty nice shape and rolled nicely. Many of the greens had some testy contours to them and really made you think before putting the flat stick on the ball. About the only thing one could complain about was that the sand traps WERE NOT maintained here at all. According to a local guy, the owner only spends a strict/set amount on maintenance and fertilizing and that’s it.

Another tough par 3 on the back with nowhere to land except for the green. Hit it straight and long here!

The lack of paved cart paths actually brought the course more in line with low country charm and feel.

Visit Sapelo Hammock Golf Club if you have the chance. Try and look past the traps, and definitely play a round here though. For $29 with a cart on a weekday morning, it really can’t be beat! Who knows, maybe Chris will show up and let you try out some cool Machine toys for your round!

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