Pros: The Cobra Bio Cell Pro has the lowest center of gravity of any Cobra driver, producing a low-spinning cannonball off the tee. It’s one of the best options for high-speed golfers who need to get their spin numbers down. The stock length of 45 inches is a welcome departure from current trends.

Cons: Although the loft settings are adjustable, options are limited to 7, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10 degrees with Fade setting options at 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 degrees. There’s no love for those who need help drawing the ball.

Bottom Line: This Bio Cell Pro is the complete package for high-spin players and makes Cobra entirely relevant in the conversation of drivers worthy of a spot in the bags of the best players in the world. It’s that good.


The third and final iteration of Cobra’s Bio Cell line is the Bio Cell Pro, which offers a compact 440-cubic-centimeter head in a full-titanium construction. Cobra engineers used “Bio Cells” to redistribute weight from the crown and other areas lower in the head, creating the lowest center of gravity (CG) of the Bio Cell models.

The lower the CG makes the Bio Cell Pro the company’s lowest spinning driver, which in theory will help golfers launch the ball higher and with less spin than its other models. That can lead to more distance for certain golfers.

“This Pro Driver was designed for golfers with a strong swing that yields high launch and high spin,” said Jose Miraflor, Cobra’s director of product marketing. “To help these golfers play at their best, we created the Bio Cell Pro driver, our lowest CG ever to deliver unmatched distance and performance.”

So why wouldn’t golfers always choose the Bio Cell Pro over the Bio Cell and Bio Cell+ drivers? There’s only so much discretionary weight in a driver head, which is why manufacturers usually have to make a choice between making a really low-spinning driver and a driver that’s really forgiving. Cobra has worked hard to create three drivers that are all relatively forgiving and still provide high-launch, low-spin launch conditions.

Click here to see our list of 2014 Best Driver List, which includes Cobra’s Bio Cell.


Want Cobra’s most forgiving driver? Go with the 460cc Bio Cell, which has the most weight low and deep in the head to boost performance and accuracy on off-center hits. Remember, however, that the Bio Cell will generally be Cobra’s highest-spinning model on center strikes. Need to lower your spin? The Bio Cell+ (440cc) and Bio Cell Pro are the ticket, but don’t expect to get as much of a pass on your off-center hits.

Keep in mind, too, that golfers with slow swing speeds don’t always need higher-spinning drivers and golfers with fast swing speeds don’t always need lower-spinning drivers, although there is a correlation. That being said, there are plenty of professional golfers who prefer the Bio Cell because they need a little more spin off the tee to create more carry or help them work the ball. There are also plenty of higher-handicap golfers who could benefit from the lower spin launch conditions of the Bio Cell+ and Bio Cell Pro, which can help them hit drivers 5, 10, 15 or maybe even 20 yards farther down the fairway without losing too much performance of off-center hits.

The takeaway? Get fit by a reputable fitter with access to top-quality launch monitors like FlightScope and Trackman.


As compared to the Bio Cell+, which used a combination of titanium and Venollum in the crown, the Bio Cell Pro is an all-titanium construction. Sound creates feel and the full titanium head provides a more solid feel at impact.

A modified E9 forged face offers an expanded sweet zone, according to Cobra, the result of which is consistently high ball speeds for all drives, especially those hit on the low-heel and high-toe areas of the clubface.

The proprietary MyFly8 system allows the player to select one of eight settings to dial in desired trajectory and shot shape and Cobra’s SmartPad supports the club at address, which permits the head to sit relatively square regardless of selected MyFly8 setting. The hosel adjusts to lofts of 7, 7.5, 8.5 9.5 and 10 degrees, with Fade settings at 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 degrees that make the driver’s lie angle flatter.


The Bio Cell Pro is available in orange, blue and black and is listed with an MSRP of $399.

The stock length in the Bio Cell Pro is 45 inches and swingweight is D3 to D5 depending upon shaft selection. Stock (no upcharge) shafts are the Matrix Red Tie 6Q3, Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 72 and the Project X PXV Tour 52.


Yep. This is the one. Holy Grail Status. If you are a better player looking to reduce spin without forgoing too much forgiveness, the grail has arrived.

Rather than testing the club on the monitor first and then taking it to the course, I reversed my typical process. I’m not going to tell you I was reaching places I’d never been before or that this club is 20 yards longer than anything else out there. I didn’t and it’s not.

That said, what this club did offer was a trajectory and consistency I haven’t been able to find in other clubs. During on course testing, I played the club at 45 inches shafted with the Matrix 6Q3 (X-flex) with a setting of 8.5 Fade. What I loved about this set up was the mid-launching, low-spinning bombs that repeatedly fired like a Jugs gun. The left side of the course was entirely out of play and I could release the club head as much as I wanted to without the fear of losing it left. The more I gave it, the more it gave back. It simply doesn’t have a speed limit and I’ll be darned if this thing doesn’t have a little Ferrari in its DNA somewhere.


For players who like to play a cut or fight a hook, the fade settings are like Shangri-la.

This isn’t to suggest you are somehow giving up distance for a club that is more consistent. In fact, you might notice you actually gain a little bit as I did because there was no hesitation in giving swings the full treatment. Playing at nearly 4900 feet above sea level, I had no problem dropping 300-plus yard bombs. I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the quality of the stock offerings, because all of this was accomplished with the stock Matrix 6Q3 shaft.

I know there’s an inherent tendency to desire upgraded shafts among GolfWRXers, but I’ll be the first to tell you it’s not at all necessary with the Bio Cell Pro. If you want to drop an extra $200 or so to say you have shaft blahbidyblah, go right ahead, but don’t expect it to get you any better results.


I also tested this head against the Bio Cell and Bio Cell+ heads using the same shaft. In summary, the standard Bio Cell was the highest spinning and slightly more forgiving, which means that it gave me slightly more ball speed on off-center hits and had a more consistent spin rate across the face. The Bio Cell+ spun quite a bit less than the standard Bio Cell for me, but still more than the Bio Cell Pro.

Although the Bio Cell+ is said to be more forgiving than the Bio Cell Pro, I didn’t really see it in my testing. For low-spin drivers, I found them to both be phenomenally consistent thanks to Cobra’s commitment to lowering the CG of its drivers and still maintaining a relatively high moment of inertia (MOI), a measure of a driver’s forgiveness, which is no easy task.


The high-swing-speed and/or higher-spin player who is looking to achieve the most optimal launch conditions without sacrificing too much forgiveness and prefers to fade the ball will find a happy home with the Bio Cell Pro. That’s not a fortune cookie. It’s just what it is.

After several test rounds on the course, I jumped on the monitor and after fiddling with numerous lofts/settings, here is where I ultimately arrived:

Launch monitor numbers

  • Swing Speed: 111.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 162 mph
  • Launch Angle: 13.6 degrees
  • Spin: 2095 rpm
  • Carry Distance (at sea level): 271 yards

The only drawback regarding performance was the wide range of loft settings and limited sleeve settings. If I were king for a day, I’d like to see loft sleeves with a reduced range (1 degree up/down) and both fade/draw settings available at each loft.

Looks and Feel

I love with how this club looks at address. The 440cc head is nicely pear shaped and I appreciate the subtlety of the cosmetics. The alignment aid, buried crown graphics and thin white outline around the crown are simple and classy without drawing too much attention. The black face is rich and after several hundred tee balls it still looks out-of-the-plastic new. This will no doubt appeal to the player who likes a classic profile at address, but doesn’t mind a little caffeine in the aesthetics.


The feel is dense and electric. If persimmon is a “1” and a hollow tin can is a “10”, the Bio Cell Pro is a 3 or 4. It is exceptionally solid and crushed drives give you that “yep, nailed that one” sensation. Mishits don’t feel awful, but don’t expect anything fantastic.

The Takeaway

It’s rare to find a club that excels at pretty much everything, especially in a really low-spinning driver. I’d be surprised if we don’t look back at the end of the season and comfortably label the Bio Cell Pro as one of the most surprisingly awesome drivers of the year. This baby looks great, feels better and creates ball speeds that are as high as anything out there. All that, and you get a 45-inch stock length. When you look for negatives and you struggle to find any, you’re left with the Bio Cell Pro.

Learn more from Cobra GolfBuy Now on Amazon

Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the Bio Cell Pro in our forum.

Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the Bio Cell Pro in our forum.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought one from the bay and it should be here today. I have a very high ball flight and it’s not uncommon to see my drive backspin from where it landed, especially in the softer conditions i usually play it. I got it with the diamanna 72 so I’m looking forward to seeing what this driver does for my game. I’ll update after some playing time.

  2. Played my first round today with a new blue bio pro. This is the lowest spinning driver I have ever had.
    I am a driver junkie and have had everything from the SLDR, G25, nike covert..etc
    Swing speed around 115 (of course when I go to dicks their monitor has me at 125, liars), my drives have been ballooning for years…not today. The club isn’t a ton longer but I loved the flight and the sound of the face is great.

    Thanks for the review. I think Cobra has a winner here. Seems to me that Cobra might get a little under valued when it comes to the quality of their sticks vs. the perception.

    • My son hits a black tie in a 3 deep and loves it. Had a demo day on the range with trackman…the black tie went great and so much better compared to the other stock options for him. Straight and long!

    • I would demo. I am mid fifties with a 105SS and it did not do the club justice. The Bio Cell + however is a better fit for me as was the regular Bio Cell. Between the three you will find one that fits you perfectly.

  3. I got fitted with the BioCell Pro a week ago, with a custom shaft though (the standard shafts might be good but I needed a lighter one). I am not a fast swinger by any means (low 90th) and I am a mid handicapper but I tend to hit my drives high and with lots of backspin.

    I played two rounds last weekend and I was standing in awe after some of the shots! The driver carried longer and then had lots of roll on it which I never had before (basically I could land a ball on the green with my driver). I was suddenly 20 to 30 yards further down the fairway (or rough in some cases ;-) I am absolutely over the moon with this driver. I haven’t noticed it being less forgiving than my old driver.

    So if you struggle with high drives with lots of backspin and you don’t get any roll then this is a driver you should consider, but do use a good custom fitter!

    • Absolutely! As with any club, it’s so important to go through an accurate fitting to determine what’s your best fit – Also, I do think we mentioned the color options at the very end of the “Overview” section – Hope you hit ‘em long and straight!