Review by Editor: Ryan Sakowski

Pros: A ‘Game Enhancement’ iron that packs TONS of forgiveness. The compact design and thin top line will appeal to a wider range of players. Superb turf interaction!

None; period. I’m all about taking something and improving on it, but there’s not one thing that I can personally find on the MP-53’s that I can criticize. Maybe that should be my CON???

Bottom Line: Once again, Mizuno delivers. They have clearly demonstrated that they can add an iron to their MP line that is not only the most forgiving MP iron yet, but will also get the attention of those looking for a ‘traditional’ looking blade.



The very first thing that came to mind when I saw the MP-53’s was pure. Over the past few years we’ve seen anything from gel-like inserts to flashy badges when it comes to irons. Mizuno didn’t have that in mind when designing the MP-53’s. The smaller head shape, clean cavity, flowing lines and high polished finish will instantly make them a classic.

The 360° grind on the top line and sole are obviously there for performance reason, but damn does it look good. Everything just flows with these irons and believe it or not, the grind actually makes the sole look thinner than what it truly is.

Another thing to point out in regards to the look of the MP-53’s would be the CNC milled Pocket Cavity on the 3-7 irons. I was pleasantly surprised NOT to see this when addressing the ball…a HUGE plus in my book. The transistion from Pocket Cavity to Cavity Back is seamless too.

The MP-53’s will definitely get A LOT of looks when people start shopping for new irons in 2011.

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I was honestly a little hesitant to put the MP-53’s in the bag when they arrived because I was striking the ball well all year with my existing set (Mizuno MX-300) and didn’t want to get used to something new. Well, that thought lasted a lengthly 2min. and the new irons were on their way to the course.

With very limited warm up time and sub 60° Northern Michigan fall weather, I had one of the best ball striking days I could have asked for…and it all started with a crisp 8-iron from the middle of the fairway to a back left pin position stuck to 5ft. (I missed the putt, but that’s for another day).

Tight lies or thick wet rough were no match for the MP-53’s. The 360° grind made every type of lie effortless and the Pocket Cavity in the long irons made me forget I was playing a ‘Game Enhancement’ set.

Mizuno couldn’t have said it any better when describing the MP-53’s as ‘delivering maximum playability while remaining extremely versatile.’


Feel (to me) is one of the key factors when deciding on new clubs and we all know that Mizuno and feel go hand in hand. With that said, the new MP-53’s are exactly what I’d expect from Mizuno…pure butter.

The unique thing about the MP-53’s is the Diamond Muscle which gives the irons an incredibly solid feel…suprisingly even on shots that weren’t hit flush every single time.

Another key aspect that really caught my attention with these irons was the sound they made when stuck solidly. In my opinion there’s nothing more confident than hearing a well struck shot and then seeing it land near your intended target. That’s what this game is about isn’t it?

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Overall bottom line:

The MP-53’s deliver exactly what they where designed for – ‘Optimized Feel, Playability and Performance’. I only have a handful of rounds under my belt with them so far and am already looking forward to that next crisp 8-iron…

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  1. I’ve had the MP53’s for an entire season (from snow melt to snow fly) now and I can’t say enough good things about them. Mine have the stock TT DG S300 shafts in them. I’ve only been playing for 5 years, but I’ve been taking my game seriously and would consider myself an “aspiring but on the verge of skilled” player at this point. I was hesitant to purchase them a year ago as they are considered “players irons”. However, I’ve been consistently impressed with their forgiveness. The longer irons appear to be more difficult to hit, but I can assure you that they are not. They are deceivingly forgiving. The best aspect of these irons is their precise feel. You know immediately if you didn’t strike the ball correctly. I’m the type that really wants to make sure I’m doing things correctly. These provide invaluable feedback in the form of accurate feel and ball flight while still maintaining a fantastic level of forgiveness that won’t make you look like a hack on an off day.

  2. I just ordered the MP-53s. My pro steered me to this model over the MP-59s. Much more playable and forgiving. I’m a 10 HANDICAP PLAYING ONLY 30 TIMES a year…I need all the help I can get (but still want the look and feel of forged irons). Can’t wait to get them and put them to use!