I’ve owned nearly every TM iron since the late 90s.

Here is the list: the original Rac MB and Rac CB, also gamed the old Lehman 300 Forgeds, the 05 TP CB (my personal favorites), the TP MB, R7 TP, tour issue R7 TP Goosens, tour issue .355 Tour Burners, 09 Tour Preferred retail, tour issue 09 Tour Preferred B and a combo set of tour issue 4-7 w/ B 8-W, R9 TP, and tour issue R9 TP B…I thought the 09 Tour Preferred B was the best to date…a hair more offset than the nearly zero offset R9 TP B but with the thin sole of a blade. The 09 Tour Preferred had lower offset values than the R9 TP in the 2-4, same in the 5, but higher in the 7-PW. Both the retail 09 Tour Preferred and R9 TP were too chunky (especially in the sole) for my liking. I prefer the thinner sole of the MB or B heads of previous TM offerings, but like a little offset.

First impression: they look super sweet. TM has a winner here. The top lines are perfect for me.

MC 4-6i: I think this is gonna be where the set really shines for the public. Very hot penetrating ball flight. I had my Ping S59 irons out there with these to test. The 6 of the MC is a much more boring flight than the S59. Hotter feel off the face. Very good forging for an off the rack club. They blow away the “soft cast” that TM has used in the last couple sets I’ve had (2009 Tour Preferred B and R9 TP B). I’ll be playing rounds this weekend and will report back, but based on range performance, I think this is where TM will make some $. The public will love these things.

Offset of the MC is progressive vs. the R9 TP: less in the 2-4, same in the 5, slightly more in the 6-PW. The sole width is where I think the greatest improvement is: it interacts much better w/ the turf than the R9 TP in my opinion. In a quick comparison, the sole is much closer to the R9 TP B than the “chunkier” R9 TP. Sole width is what usually kills the TP line for me. The offset is normally okay to my eye, but the chunkier sole and I just don’t get along. These are the perfect complement of offset/sole width. Sole width much closer to the B series irons, with the offset/forgiveness of the regular TP lines.

MB 7-PW: Very solid feel yet again. The SW screw being in the sweetspot area gives is a strong feel at impact. I thought they would provide a little more boring flight. I was hitting the MB 8i and my S59 8i on nearly the same trajectory. Not quite the difference I saw in the 6i MC vs S59 test. The offset is perfect…these things just want to fly directly at the target with no curve–isn’t that what you want from your low irons?

The offset of the MB is also progressive vs. the predecessor: lower in the 3-6i than the R9 TP, practically the same as the R9 TP in the 7-PW. Again, the sole is where they shine. They have the thin sole of the B series heads, with the offset/forgiveness of the regular TP line. This is where I really think these irons will shine for the public and the tour pros. The offset helps provide a stronger flight, but it comes without having to sacrifice the awesome turf interaction of the previous MB and B lines. I would have no issue gaming a whole setup of these.

Fire away with questions…I’ll answer all of them I can…

**EDIT--Adams MB Comparison, cause I know it’ll be asked: I had the Pro Black Adams MB also. These, though they look “similar”, are much more user friendly in my opinion. I wanted to love the Pro Black MB, but fact is that they just didn’t cut it for me. The forging felt a bit harsh, and they just overall lacked that solid feel behind the sweet spot that I love. Also, they seemed to want to dive in the turf for some reason. Though they swingweighted correctly, they just always felt a bit light at the head for me.

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