As the acknowledged inventors of grooves on the faces of putters, Yes! Golf have always been at the forefront of putter technology. So it’s really no surprise that their high performance putters are found in the bags of pros throughout the world’s tours.

And it’s not just grooves that Yes! innovated. They were also one of the first companies to bring in heavier putters to the retail market as well as hybrid blade/mallet type head like their Donna putter that players that Henrik Stenson puts to such good use. Yes! Golf have taken the recent ruling on adjustable clubs and turned it to the putter market with their Plus fitting system. Their new Tracey III Plus and the Lizzy Plus offer the ability to change the hosel attached to the head. Yes! claim that this is the most advanced putter in golf and made to the exacting demands of Tour players.


Two very different putter heads that can be transformed by the choice of hosel. The Tracey III is a classic Anser type while the Lizzy is a scoop topped mallet and all 5 hosels fit into either heads.

Hosels from left to right: Mid-slant neck, Plumbers neck, Heel-centered flared neck, Mid-bend flared neck, Face-balanced neck

Technical Specifications

Composition: CNC Milled from Forged 303 Stainless Steel
Toe hang: From face balanced (0 degrees) to heavy toe hang (60 degrees)
Loft: 2.5 degrees
Weight: 350g
Offset: Variable
Lie: 72 degrees (+2 or -2 lies available)
Right and Left handed
Shaft length: 32-37 inches
Finish: Anodized
Grip: Iomic
RRP: $360


It may be a little surprising by these are two of the best feeling putters in the Yes! range. Purists may well be horrified that a hosel connected by a bolt rather than welded or one-piece can feel so good but the fact is that both these heads sing on contact, no doubt due to the high-quality CNC-milled forged steel. The edge might have to go to the Tracey III for best feel between the two but the difference is ball-cover thin. The grips have been changed from the normal tacky Winn grip to a classic all black premium Iomic which does a cracking job and conducts the strike to the hands beautifully.


Accuracy and Ease of Alignment

Yes! putters have always been known for their accuracy. The C-groove technology really does have a noticable effect and the really does seem to stick to the line you set it on and hug the ground as it tracks towards the hole. With some putts, especially short ones, it’s so easy it feels like you’re cheating.

How easy a putter is to align varies from player to player and the ability to be able to match the neck and hosel to either the Tracey III or the Lizzy is a huge bonus. Whether you prefer an anser-style head or a mallet, you can match the neck to the one that suits your eye and your putting stroke. The hosels vary the among of toe hand by a substantial amount. The heel centered flared neck gives you about 70 degrees of toe hang and the face-balanced neck giving you, as the name suggests, 0 degree of toe hang with a full shaft offset. The other 3 necks range between 55 and about 40 degree with varying levels of offset.

Distance Control

Because of the grooves the ball seems to come off the face a little bit slower and roll out that little bit further the first few time you hit it due to the reduction in backspin. A few minutes of practice and you’re soon able to nail the putt to the right distance. With any of the groove faced putters, there is always the possibility that you feel you need to hit shorter putts harder than you do but the fact that these are two of the best feeling putters Yes! have made and trust in the C-grooves will have you pouring the ball into the cup.


As a fitting aid these are a stunning success, allowing you to match the head to the hosel that suits your stroke the best. While having a head and hosel that you feel is right won’t hole the putts for you, it can only help your confidence. Whether you have a straight back straight through or a gated stroke, you’ll quickly find a combination right for you. Each of the hosels are available for purchase separately for about $100 so if you do change your mind or your style changes, you can simply purchase the hosel that you want. While it’s easy to dismiss technology like this as a gimmick, the results speak for themselves. With the perfect setup along with the C-grooves performing their normal magic and with the enhanced feedback giving you a better sense of control these putters are excellent.

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