I recently tried out the tough to find, Wilson Staff Px3 golf ball. The only place that I have ever seen these for sale is in my local Wal-Mart.

I always felt that Wilson had a solid golf ball line up, the problem is they are always tough to find. I don’t see them for sale at the course, and the only Wilson ball I see at Golf Galaxy is the 50/50. Sure, almost anything can be found online, but golf balls are a compulsive purchase for me. Earlier this year I tried their 4 piece ball offering, the Px4 and I really liked it. I was headed to Pennsylvania for a weekend golf trip and decided to plop down $21.96 and bought a dozen of the Px3 to try that weekend.
First impressions

The very first thing you’ll notice is the very shallow dimple design, it looks much smoother than most other golf balls. These feature 312 “flat bottomed” dimples that according to Wilson, “rip through the air to create a stable, high trajectory flight.” The quality is excellent and I liked its unique look. The Px3 is a three-piece ball that offers a softer feel and higher spin in a performance golf ball.

Off the Driver

This ball definitely feels a “little bit” soft off the driver face. The Px3 is definitely not marsh mellow soft, but a little softer than the usual ball. I had been playing the Nike One Platinum and the Bridgestone e5 back and forth that same weekend so I noticed that this ball was a few yards shorter off the tee than the Nike or the Bridgestone. Distance lost didn’t mean I had to hit a longer iron, but I felt that it could have compressed a little less off the driver. My driver swing speed is average, maybe 93 mph, so I felt that this might be a good ball for me. The ball flight was straight and offered no surprises. Roll was difficult to discern as the fairway conditions that weekend were a little soft. I could not find out what the actual compression of the Px3 was, it was not even on Wilson’s website. Whatever it is, it is fairly soft.

Off the Irons

The Px3 really felt great off the irons. I really didn’t notice any loss in distance like the driver. Spin was adequate and the ball had no problems holding greens. The ball was durable and never suffered any type of damage during the round. Definitely provided a nice feel off all iron shots. These felt really nice on half and full wedge shots into the greens.  The Px3 was very reliable and never seemed to “get away” from you when chipping. The ball really shines here.

Rolling the ball

I absolutely loved putting with the Wilson Px3. I liken it to an improvement over the Titleist DT SoLo when on the green. If the DT SoLo ranks right up there as a good putting ball then the Px3 ranks as a ball with great feel on the short grass. If you like a smooth, soft feeling ball on the greens, then this just may be the golf ball for you, if you can find them!


Similarly priced golf balls that compete with the Wilson Px3 are the DT SoLo, Pinnacle Extreme, Titleist NXT Tour and the Srixon Tri-Speed. The DT SoLo and the Srixon Trispeed are really close in overall performance to the Wilson Px3. I would certainly pick the Px3, if I could find it in the store alongside these competitors.


I think that the Wilson Px3 is a highly underrated golf ball. This may be because they are so hard to find on store shelves.  The Wilson Px3 would make an excellent cold weather golf ball and is a pretty good all around performer in any weather condition. Why this ball isn’t marketed more aggressively is beyond me. In fact, the Wilson Staff website has the Px3 listed as a “legacy ball”. Does this mean that the Px3 is on the way out? If so, I’ll be stocking up. The Wilson Px3 is definitely worth $22 a dozen. I am sure if you scour the net, they can even be had for even cheaper (Golfsmith $19.99).

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  1. They have these at my local Wal Mart (Flint, MI area) for $18.88/dozen. Didn’t realize they were that difficult to find. Nice review. I’ll definitely be giving them a shot. A buddy let me have a W/S Zip ball last season and I really liked that one. Love the way it seems W/S balls are nice and soft around the greens.

  2. I tried the Px4 balls the other day. WOW. Great Off the driver. Best shot i ever hit with a 7 iron. Easy to spin, putts great. It ranks right there with b330 or pv1x.

  3. These balls work great for me and the local Golfsmith had them on clearance for $9.99 / dozen. I bought the last 9 boxes but I’m sure that this model is truely discontinued for the PX4.

  4. Bought a box for 15.99 at Golfsmith because I have a ball comparison chart that shows driver spin is 600 rpm more than most balls in the market and I wanted to see if a Driver/shaft combo I tried out actually had too LITTLE spin figuring that it that was the case I’d get MORE distance off a higher spinning ball. Well I found out that I didn’t need more spin as this ball dropped and stopped in the fairway because of the high spin off driver. IMO, high spin guys need not apply but it does feel great and would be a GREAT ball for guys than need extra spin to carry a bit more with driver.