Pros: The standard BiO Cell fairway is hot, high-launching and playable from darn near everywhere. The BiO Cell+ is just as explosive, but offers a smaller, more compact profile that attracts better players looking for more workability option. Both the BiO Cell and BiO Cell+ offer MyFly8 adjustability to allow for trajectory tweaks.

Cons: The aggressive color scheme isn’t for everyone, and shaft offerings are limited.

Takeaway: Both the Bio Cell and Bio Cell+ performed exceedingly well from all surfaces, and their built-in adjustability made fine tuning trajectory a breeze.


The fairway metal has been an afterthought in the bags of players for some time. However, in order to score on long par 4s and take advantage of reachable par 5s, having a dialed-in, high-performing fairway wood is absolutely vital. If you have neglected this element of your bag, your missing link might just be the 2014 Cobra BiO Cell or BiO Cell+.

Both the Bio Cell and Bio Cell+ utilize a thin, steel forged face insert to promote driver-like face flex and extreme ball speeds as well as the proprietary MyFly8 adjustable loft system. The MyFly8 system allows the player to select one of eight settings to dial in desired trajectory and shot shape. The SmartPad feature, a 1.5 cm strip on the front of the fairway woods’ soles, supports the club at address and permits the head to sit square regardless of selected MyFly8 setting.


The salient differences between the two models are as follows:

Bio Cell

  • A slightly larger footprint than the Bio Cell+ for more forgiveness.
  • Forged Bio Cell and E9 face that allows even more weight to be redistributed low/deep in the head for increased MOI and higher launch.
  • Stock length for the BiO Cell 3-4 wood is 43 inches with a swingweight of D3. The stock shaft if the Graffoly Project X PXv.
  • The MyFly8 systems allows for lofts from 13-to-16 degrees and draw settings at 13.5, 14.5 and 15.5 degrees (for the 3-4 wood).

Bio Cell+

  • Offers a smaller, tour-inspired head shape which is more compact, yet still offers a low center of gravity to promote a higher launch and more distance.
  • The stock shaft length for the BiO Cell+ is 43 inches with a D3 swing weight.
  • Stock shaft options include the Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie, Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 72 and Project X PXV Tour 52.
  • The MyFly8 system allows for lofts from 12 to 15 degrees and draw settings at 12.5, 13.5 and 14.5 degrees (for the 3-4 wood).

Each head is available in one of five unique colors: Blue, Black, Silver, Orange and Red.

The BiO Cell+ retails for $249 and is available as a 3-4 wood with lofts of 12-to-15 degrees or as a 5-7 wood with lofts of 16-to-19 degrees.

The standard BiO Cell retails for $219 and is available as a 3-4 wood with lofts of 13-to-16 degrees or as a 5-7 wood with lofts of 17-to-20 degrees.


These clubs are jacks of all trades and masters of darn near all of them! The driver-like construction on both models resulted in top shelf ball speeds, even on slight mishits. Even so, the standard Bio Cell outperformed the Bio Cell+ in this regard as toe/heel hits were consistently longer and did a better job staying on line. With the Bio Cell, I was able to make quick work of a couple short, tight Par 4s which normally give me fits. Honestly, there is no good reason this club isn’t in your bag right now.


In using the MyFly8 hosel system, the difference in ball flight was noticeable and significant, especially when altering trajectory by 2 degrees or more or when using any of the draw settings.  I found the club to appear more closed in all of the draw settings on both clubs, but I also prefer a neutral/open fairway wood and I’m fairly sensitive to any club which even hints at looking closed at address.

After several range sessions and a couple on course rounds, I was able to become very comfortable with both models. Some clubs have a longer “break in” period, but these were bagable nearly instantly!


In hitting both models side by side, observed trajectory and spin were marginally higher in the Bio Cell. I consistently launched the BiO Cell 1-to-2 degrees higher and got approximately 200-to-300 rpm more backspin as verified by Flightscope. Some of this certainly could be attributed to differences in shaft and club length, however.

I was absolutely enthralled with how easy it was to hit the BiO Cell+ high… low… left… right. It was like driving a Ferrari on the Autobahn. The slightest adjustments in swing path and face angle resulted commensurate changes in shot shape. If Corey Pavin were a fairway wood, he’d be the BiO Cell+. Check that. Corey Pavin on steroids.

Performance Recap

Both clubs are long, high launching and offer enough adjustability for you to gap your clubs accordingly.

Everything being equal, what really sets these fairway offerings apart is how they perform… from everywhere. Both models are behemoths off the tee and a cakewalk to hit from clean lies in the fairway. I’d give a slight nod to the Bio Cell from the fairway as it elevated with ease, almost as if it were running on autopilot. But where these clubs shake their moneymaker is from the rough and varied lies. Prior to this club, I always felt I had to make a choice between the versatility of a hybrid and distance of a fairway wood. Not any more. Both models worked the rough like a ginsu, but I could still elevate the ball with plenty of spin.  I’m entirely mystified as to how they achieved this, but for my money, it is the defining performance benefit of this line. Literally, if you only need one reason to buy this club, this is it.


I’m still not sold on the SmartPad feature, and I’d love to see the stock lengths dropped by at least 0.5 inches in each model. For a club that can be difficult to strike properly, having the extra shaft length isn’t beneficial for most golfers. Finally, three stock options in your player-oriented model and one option in your standard model simply isn’t enough.

Looks and Feel

The monochromatic head might take a bit of getting used to. I’m not sure this approach screams “quality” either, as other brands with much lower price points have similar aesthetics. That said, Cobra’s approach is consistent and decidedly non-traditional. Moreover, the marketplace is changing and more people are willing to accept and purchase clubs decorated with crown graphics and non-traditional colors. At address, the Cell+ has a beautiful compact pear shape and the Bio Cell, while bigger and more round, doesn’t push the “VW Beetle” line. I’m not a huge fan of the Cobra alignment aid on the crown, but it’s not a deal breaker either.

At address: The Bio Cell+ 3-4 fairway wood.

In terms of feel, the best way I can describe it is “metal meets marshmallow.” It’s lively, but not hollow. Metallic, but not loud. The feel is entirely satisfying and the harmonics are pure.

At address: The Bio Cell 5-7 fairway wood.

This might be a bit picky, but if the primary purpose of a headcover is to protect the club, then it shouldn’t have holes. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose is of this feature, but at this price point, you can’t risk features that cheapen the product line.

Bottom Line

This club doesn’t get the fanfare or hype it deserves. It’s radiant off the tee and fairway, but the brilliance of this club is its performance from varied lies and out of the rough. The variety of stock shafts could be improved, but Cobra definitely has something special here. Be careful if you do decide to demo one… just make sure they have your color in stock!

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  1. I have the Bio Cell Driver with the Project X shaft, and the 3-4w and 5-7w with Speeder shafts, and I have to say that these clubs rock. I keep finding myself coming back to Cobra for woods. They never disappoint, and always perform better than my swing. I’m still ironing out the driver because the shaft doesn’t fit me, but it is coming around. It will be better once I get the Aldila NV 65X in it this week. The FW woods though… I don’t even really need the driver to be honest. I can hit the 3-4W 250y with a fade, draw or straight 90% of the time off the tee or deck.

  2. I agree 100% with review. Best 3 wood I’ve hit in years. Bio Cell+ mine is set at 13.5* with X-stiff Red tie shaft. I can hit all the shots with it, I agree with Dave it does turn the ball over very easly, weaken my right hand and don’t worry about hooking.
    Matrix Red Tie shaft, WOW, I cannot say enough great things about this shaft, I have same shaft in my driver. Great feel, shaft feels the same when I go hard or making a smooth swing. A lot of shaft have that kick at the bottom when you swing hard, this shaft is very stable at all speeds.

    Cobra+ Matrrix, I would never had selected had the salesman not got me to try in the simulator, both are great products, made my Ping I20’s feel like knockoffs.

  3. Just picked up the BiO Cell+ 3-4. It’s definitely hot and high launching (even at @ 12*) but I’m surprised you haven’t found it a little bit hooky. Everything goes left. I’m starting to panic.

    • I think a lot of it depends on what your typical miss is…I really didn’t have much issue working the ball both directions and I honestly didn’t find it hooky at all…that said, I think the shaft makes a huge difference!