Ping GolfPing golf clubs have become immensely popular among all skill levels of golfers.

Perhaps no other brand has had as rich a history of combining forgiveness and performance. When Karsten Soleheim introduced his innovative perimeter weighted designs, the golfing world was rocked to its core and golf club technology reached a new level. With the introduction of the Ping G2 driver in 2003, Ping made a tremendous move to improve the performance of their drivers while still satisfying players who desired a more traditional shape and feel. Now in 2007, the latest version of Ping’s all titanium driver, the G10 has been introduced to the market to sit along side its composite brother, the Rapture. Just how well does the G10 rate compared to some of the other drivers on the market?


Cosmetically there is very little separating the G10 from its predecessors, the G2 and G5 drivers. However, some major tweaks in construction and design have gone into the new G10 compared to the G5. One major area where Ping has worked to improver performance is in the club’s weight distribution. Selective areas of the club’s crown have been made with thinner material to allow Ping engineers greater discretionary weight to move down low and further back in the club. The overall effect is increased launch, lower spin, and higher moment of inertia – the trinity of golf club performance.

Additionally, Ping has also tweaked the overall geometry of the club so the face is deeper. A deeper face allows for a larger hitting area and greater ball speed on miss hits. The face of the club features variable thickness technology to maximize ball speed. But the G10 takes it one step further by combining the design of the sole, crown, and face to provide minimal energy loss. Ping also has a draw version of the G10 which features heel biased internal weighting and a hosel moved forward in relation to the face to help promote a right to left ball flight.

To complement the G10, Ping has also released an updated shaft, the TFC 129 which was designed to fit a wide variety of players and features progressively increasing weight decreasing torque to fit players from R, S, to X flex.


Ping has come a long way in driver design since the old TiSI. The G10 fits in nicely alongside any other driver in the market with its perfect looks. The dark, glossy black paint is very pleasing. The deep face combined with the dark paint gives the club head a much smaller appearance than some of the other 460cc drivers on the market. The club has a short hosel and it combines with a very square face angle that better players naturally gravitate toward. The sole is a polished chrome finish with orange accents that will definitely stand out, but none of which is visible at all from address.

One aspect of the club which has divided users in the past centers around the crescent moon alignment aid that began in the G2. Many traditional players disliked the crescent alignment aid, enough so that many Ping drivers on Tour were painted without it. This has been addressed in the G10 in a very impressive way that might satisfy all players. The crescent alignment aid is still there, but Ping has made it incredibly faint. So faint that users who have avoided the G2 and G5 in the past will easily be able to ignore it, while it is still visible for those who prefer it. The orange color theme extends into the shaft which is a light copper color and has some subtle Ping graphics near the grip.


If I could only use one word to sum up the G10’s performance solid would be it. The feel, sound, and performance is simply as solid as any driver on the market. The sound at impact is a low, muted “whack” which I find very pleasing compared to the trend of high pitched sounds most drivers seem to make these days which feel more like hitting a golf ball with an aluminum can than a golf club. Also, many players will appreciate the lively feel the ball has off the face. Ask anyone who’s used a G10 and they’ll describe feeling as though the face of the club rebounds as the ball rockets off at impact. Even the most ardent traditionalists will be able to appreciate the G10’s feel. If you have the opportunity to demo a G10, I’d encourage you to do so, it is a driver that feels incredibly solid.

Fitting will be a very important consideration for anyone interested in the G10. I am not a golfer who struggles with controlling high launch spin; but even I found that the G10 launches very high for its loft.  I would strongly suggest testing this club on a launch monitor before buying because it’s likely you may move into a degree less loft than other drivers on the market due to the club’s high launch. Although the club did seem to spin a bit more for me, it definitely did not balloon in the wind, the spin rate was more than acceptable. Some of this might be due to the softer tip shaft, but with Ping’s custom fitting program, it is very worthwhile to spend the time getting fit at a Ping retailer. Also, be aware that the club comes stock at 45.75″ which is 3/4 of an inch longer than most other drivers on the market. Ping Golf’s WRX department has a fantastic selection of customizable shafts and grips so if there is a specific shaft or club spec that fits you, chances are very good you can get it through Ping’s WRX custom program.

The stock TFC-129 shaft is also worthy of mention. Stock shafts have received a reputation for being an overly soft and inconsistent. The TFC on the contrary is an excellent performing option, for people who fit into a soft tip bend profile. The shaft is smooth with a very perceptible kick, but it still retains quite a bit of control even on harder swings. It is a higher launching option and as a result should increase spin slightly as well. For those who desire a different bend profile, the stiff tip Grafalloy ProLaunch Red and UST Proforce V2 High Launch will also be available.

One of the most impressive features of the G10 is its forgiveness. Whether shots are struck towards the toe, or heel, they simply want to go straight. Even moderate miss hits do not lose much ball speed at all. However, this forgiveness means the G10 is not likely to be the best choice for players who love to shape their shots. I have found that the G10 just wants to go straight. Hit it on the heel and it’s more of a push than a cut, hit it towards the toe and it’s a slight pull rather than a draw. Common convention holds that a longer than normal club is typically much harder to control. However, due to the great ball speed and ample forgiveness, I don’t feel that the extra length hurt my game that much. Also, the increased ball speed could very well be due to the longer shaft. Either way, it all seems to combine together to work very well in the G10.


In the end, the question that seems to arise most often is whether the G10 is worth upgrading from their previous models. I can tell you for a fact that even though the G10 may seem to only have minor differences over previous models, the minor changes in weight distribution and construction have combined to form a driver that is a major improvement in ball speed and forgiveness. It was really tough for me to find negatives, the G10 has found a firm home in my bag. With solid performance, and feel, its biggest drawback may be the difficulty it presents to highly skilled players who love to work the ball. With a driver how much more could someone ask for?

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  1. The club is the real deal. It’s not all about the bells and whistles, just brings that lunch bucket-type mentality into play, solid, solid. It’s take a bit to get used to (few rounds) because the launch off the face is a bit different, but once you get it, the ball bombs off the face and you get great roll. It’s just solid consistent, contact. Old reliable, love it

  2. Bought one about a month ago – put a good swing on it and the ball just goes . . . still working on my swing but the club is very easy to hit and get results with. Driver looks great at address as well.

  3. I bought a G 10, had the people in The Valley of The Sun cut the shaft to 44 inches and combinded with a 12 dg. loft it hits down the middle but is alittle short. I should have stuck with the longer shaft for a while, will now demo an i15 when I can, still a darn good driver!

  4. suitably impressed with this club have gone for 7.5 degrees with x flex v2 shaft not quite as long as my old titleist much lower ball flight though have gone frpm 9.5 to 7.5 and i have a high ball flight feel off face is solid and bit heavier than the titleist monitor had me carrying 282 on average as supposed to 294 with titleist but the lower ball flight minimises the bad shots and gives me a bit more roll, great club and the best of the g range

  5. I purchased a new g 10 driver about 3 weks ago. Why? It simply launched my ball further. I got rid of two other drivers I tried, namely the Touredge xld and the xcg. Tour edge has always been may brand because of the club face and the perfomance it gave me. I must say Ping G 10 wins the contest

    I drove the ball over hazzards that I could not before!

  6. I was hitting Nike Ignite and had great distance but was missing to many fairways. Half way thru last season I switched to G10 10.5 draw with a Pro launch red stiff shaft and low flex point. I now expect to hit every fairway and 280 to 300 is not surprising. The G10 is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i finally decided to buy a driver after 3 yrs i was giving up on drvers and was content with teeing off with a 3 wood .then my friend starting raving about the ping i did some research and nothing but rave reviews for the i went to go test it out.i didn’t want to spend 300$ on a club,was gonna settle for the nike sumo 5000 because it was a 100$ cheaper .then i hit the ping g10 and there was no then i said if i am gonna spend the $ might as well try the nike sumo2 5900 square same $ as ping g10).and same result not even close the feel ,sound,results pretty much everything across te board the ping g10 was better.if u are looking for a driver at least give the ping g10 a try you won’t be disappointed.

  8. I played a rental set of these last week. Complete set of drivers and irons, they were absolutely amazing. Perfect weight, not too loght and teh weight of the driver lets you know its there so you dont feel you have to kill the ball. Currently playing Taylormad R7 driver, the G10 9Degree driver beats it hands down. Have Mizuno Irons and they also could not compare. Never owned Ping before but have just ordered the G10s. Be warned, if you ar eprepared to try be prepared to buy!

  9. I received the Ping G10 (10.5 w/ProLaunch Red Reg) as a Christmas gift last year … the wife wanted to buy me something and I had everything. So I opted for this! I had been using the Ping Rapture (12 w/Aldila Proto ‘By You’ Reg). I had settled on the Rapture after 18 months of fiddling with drivers (about 8 of ‘em). Given the weather here (Louisiana) I didn’t have to wait long to get out and try my G10. And it was great.

    I have settled in with the G10 for the past 5 months. I find it really fits me well. I get about 20 yards more with this club than the Rapture on well-struck balls. The Rapture has been more consistent (down the middle), but after I re-gripped with two wraps of tape on the G10, it’s been pretty consistent too. So the extra distance means I’m coming into greens with more-lofted irons, and thus have better chances to score.

    On a monitor, the G10 also gives me about 5MPH more speed than my Rapture — so that explains the distance gain. I also opted for the lower launch/spin shaft because my normal launch angle is kinda high — I did likewise with the Rapture and it was a big improvement over my previous driver (Cobra F-Speed 07).

    I periodically “stray” and try new drivers — most recently the Callaway HyperX … but I always come home to Mama G10. For me, it’s the best driver (irons & hybrids covered too — G10s!). So much so that now I’m mostly just spending all my spare cash playing with wedges and putters!

  10. will be trying it out tomorrow – i have the G10 3 & 5 wood. I have been able to hit the 3 wood about 245 yrd s and absolutely love the club. in fact I played my last round without my driver (TM r7 425cc) and was so consistent that i shaved about 7 strokes off my avg round.

  11. I purchased the G10 with stock TFC129 stiff shaft after being fitted with a Ping launch monitor. The 12 degree head gave me the perfect launch angle with minimal spin. However, I found that occasionally I would duck-hook when I gave a little more effort. I switched out the OEM shaft for a very low torque 70 gm Aldila DVS shaft with great results. Thanx Ping!

  12. Just got on last week and it’s been great! Very forgiving and giving me a little extra distance compared to some of the other drivers on the market i’ve tried. It was intrersting in the review he mentioned the high ball flight. I’ve noticed that as well but i actually don’t mind it . I would highly recomend this club!

  13. My son is a ping player. S59 irons, mack daddy wedges and a G10 driver, 3 wood and hybrid. He changed the shaft in the driver from the proforce high launch to a graffaloy red (stiff) to get better control on the height he was hitting driver. Made a hell of a difference as the high launch was playing havoc in a breeze/wind for him. He now has a great penetrating ball flight even into a wind. He is 40 to 50M longer off the tee with this shaft. Yeah totally agree that the shaft has to suit the players swing. He loves the G10 clubs, goes to bed with the driver. He is a 1 marker, 17 years of age and for his height (5’9) hits it a long way with slight draw on command and mainly straight when he needs to place on the fairway. He has had a G2, Mizuno and wouldn’t go past this incredible club. Me – I hit a Titty D2 and am extremely happy with that… Very jealous of my sons control and distance off the tee. His 3 wood and hybrid are just as trustworthy and he has left the prolaunch shafts in these clubs as they suit how he is currently playing. I recommend the G10’s even though I dont have them myself but due to the quality my son is getting out of them. I would love to hit his – I’m right handed he’s left. Enjoy the G10 guys, great clubs.

  14. Just picked one up 3 weeks ago. I must say it took a bit of geting used to because of the longer length. But after hitting balls and playing several rounds with it it is really a wonderful club. I am carrying the ball further and hitting it over all further than my old one. Very solid and mishits are forgiving. All in all I am very glad I bought it.

  15. Fantastic review. From what I’ve heard from friend who have tried the club, seems to be right on. Will go and demo but I have been a big fan of Ping my entire life. Will not be a tough sell..

  16. I demoed one today and it was as good as my Titleist 975and maybe better. I tried the oem TFC129 Stiff shaft and it felt great. The UST shaft turned that club into the enemy even changed the sound to a clank. Is it $300 better than my old one ? Probably not but I would buy it and sell the titleist on EBAY if i was feeling rich. I tried all the new Ping irons too. I couldnt find one that whispered to me “this is it” over the EYE 2’s I bought in ’82 and is all I used since. Before that I played blades for 20 + years because thats all there was then golf fans.
    G 10 is a great club but its makes you wonder what are they going to say next year to make you believe that this driver was last years model and not quite as good?
    To the guy above that wants to cut down his driver? Just choke down 1″ dude , Look close you’ll see the pros doing it , or buy a 13* 3 wood , goes almost as far a a driver and you see a lot less rough. Just a thought and a solid tip for all struggleing with chunk ‘o steel on the tees that just doesnt do what you want on 13 of the holes. Keep it in play and forget the rest. “Keep it in play and win that day”

  17. The original review is right on! I have a 9 degree with a proforce red shaft – to keep the spin down. I have a natural draw but the ball goes straight. I actually fade the ball more than I used to with it – but the distance is the best that I have ever encountered and I have tried them all. Sound and feel are excellent. I am still working on getting my draw back with this club without pulling the ball too far left. Even though it is a nine degree – the height of the ball travel is very good and even in a cold wind – it penetrates like no other driver that I have used. I play a lot in the winter and it travels like summer! I could not be more pleased. I had it fit for me at a golf show in Boston. DEFINATELY get fit – because what everyone is saying about the high launch is true. You absolutely need the right shaft combination with the lie. I truly love this club and it will be in the bag for a long time!

  18. Hmmm, re-read my review. Seems I used draw, hook bla. You’d never know I’ve been playing golf since I was 4. The truth is…I just got back into the game after many years and bought a whole set of Ping clubs replacing a set that’s over 20 years old. I did get the ball to go straighter off the driver finally by moving the ball closer to the front of my swing. I am still not hitting this thing with any great consistency of a straight ball. The 3 wood is incredible in this regard though…long straight drives. Id say I hit the G10 driver like I want to about 50% of the time. When I do, the ball carries 270 yards and hits the back net at the driving range 40 or 50 feet up. If I can get this thing under control, I think I am going to be very happy

  19. I just got this driver, a G10 3 and 5 with the Prolaunch stiff shaft. I can hit the 3 and 5 off the deck superbly. I love the feel and the sound of the 3 and 5. The driver though is a whole other animal. I could not hit the ball straight no matter what I tried. The ball had a wicked right hook on every hit. Yes I was getting the ball in the air… this thing launches the ball high…even though I bought the 9 degree. But every shot went right. Through intense concentration I was able to get the ball to go straighter but it still hooked just a bit. And I was only able to do this on 1 or two shots. It is so bad I wonder if this club is mismarked and is really a draw in disguise. Granted I just bought the club and only took it to the range once after work. Still, the 3 and 5 ht just fine. I am very worried at this point. I am going to hit the range tomorrow and Ill post again if I some how manage to fix this.

  20. I just bought the G10 demoed it three straight weekends against everything out there except the new nike drivers as I’m upgradeing from the origanal SQ 460 and cant stand the looks of the 2 new models from 07 and 08 or anything square for that matter. I have to say this is my first ping club ever and I absolutley love this driver everything good that you’ve heard or read is true I recommend for high launchers like myself that you could probably stay with the ten five as I have and just try the grafalloy por launch red stiff this shaft will get your launch angle down no problem try it you’ll love it

  21. I do have a G10 with the ProLaunch Red shaft (stiff). Purchased it late fall 2007 so only have hit it a few times and love it. Your review is one of the best I’ve read and right on the mark, cresent moon that is. Only making me more excited about making my G10 the go to club. A friend of mine has a G5 and is already looking for a new G10. Any Purist out there will love this club, hands down, your ahead of your buddies if the G10 is in your bag. Gone are my Titleist and Launcher— hello Ping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Got the 9* w/ stock Ping staff and is absolutely the BOMB! Take a smooth swing and just let the club do the work no need to muscle it the ball rockets off the face with a unreal kick from the TFC stock stiif shaft.
    Loves to hit straight shots with a trajectory that really works well for my swing.
    The understated good looks and outstanding performance seal the deal. Good bye Callaway FT-5 is going on consignment.
    Even has a cool headcover—- what’s not to like?

  23. I was at my local golf shop four weeks ago and picked up the G10 and liked the way it looked. I demoed the 10.5 degree with a regular shaft but the ball flight was too high and with too much of a draw. I ended up buying the G10 9 degree with the stiff OEM shaft two weeks ago. It is a great driver and what I like most about it is the way it sets up to the ball. I had a TM 510 driver but this Ping is the real deal. It is long and straight and one of the guys I play with asked if I am steroids. The thing is, I am 65 and hitting the ball a ton with the G10.

    This is the first Ping club I have ever owned, but it will not be the last . I am now looking at the G10i irons. If nothing else go demo the G10 on the course not on some simulator, I am sure you will not be dissapointed.

  24. Thanks for the review, the G10 sounds like a very good new driver. I am quite happy with my current TM Superquad and have stated to many of my playing partners that I cannot foresee replacing it anytime soon, perhaps I was wrong.

    I have been a Ping fan since the mid 80s, specifically their irons (Eye 2s, ISIs, I3s, I5s) but have had several other brands over the years, Ping drivers were never a real favorite of mine with the exception of the Si3 which was not the longest for me but was the straightest. The fact that the G10 has a muted sound makes me want to try it even more, the high pitched sounds of drivers like the Sumo and FT-5 are not want I want to hear.

    G10 irons are in my future for 2008, the G10 would be a nice complement to those.

  25. I just bought the G10 after caving in three TP Burner faces, along with one Superquad and figured I should be done with TM drivers since their faces don’t seem to like my swingspeed. Also demoed the Sumo (yuck), Cobra (like shooting a bb gun at glass on contact), Titty D2 (closest consideration to G10 but too expensive and didn’t demo as far or straight as the Ping [probably my fault not Titty’s]), and the Callaway FT-5 (no.) and liked none of them as much as the Pings. There was something to be said for the heavier feel from the Ping clubhead (and the Sumo to an extent) which made me feel like I wasn’t swinging composite toiletpaper. Since I used to crush a buddies G2 and wanted to see the differences between the G5 and G10. Hit them both in a Golf Galaxy and actually hit a few further with the G5 (325), but the G10 was going consistently straighter at about 305-312 (both these were 10.5 models). The main thing for me was the shaft- as a guy who ALWAYS dumps OEM shafts, I really liked the feel of the TFC 129 (stiff), and so far have loved it on the range. It’s going to be weird, but I’m sticking with an OEM shaft for good (or until proven very, very wrong). I’m playing a tough, long, hilly (and definitely wet) course tomorrow so I’ll post my evaluation of the club over the weekend. Also, I got the 12 degree head with a stiff shaft, so it’ll be interesting to see how much the high launch setup kills my distance (but I’m an absurdly low-launching driver b/c of a ridiculously strong grip [and probably poor mechanics]).

    I can’t wait to keep this as my gamer!!!