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Recap: Q&A with Mizuno and True Temper



On April 8, 2014 Mizuno Golf and True Temper fielded questions directly from GolfWRX members. Here is a recap.

In the Q&A:

  • Chris Voshall: Golf Club Engineer at Mizuno
  • Chad Hall: Director of Product Marketing and Global Tour Operations

GolfWRX Member billeht: From looking at Luke Donald’s WITB, he plays a Taylormade driver and 3wd. Is he working on putting the JPX-EZ driver and fairway into play so he has more of a complete mizuno bag?

Chris: Thanks for your question. We’ve been working with Luke on his driver and fairway for a while now and actually I’ll be with him on April 21st discussing woods, so we’ll see!

GolfWRX Member fairwaschaser: What was the deciding factor in engineer the ez iron line into having a larger sweet spot? Mizuno irons are without a doubt flawless,are you trying to make a iron line that appeals the the weekend warrior?

Chris: We’ve always been confident in our ability to out engineer any of our competitors and we used the JPX EZ line to prove that. Highest COR in the industy paired with the largest sweet spot. Sounds like a pretty good combo that speaks directly to that Weekend Warrior.

GolfWRX Member gophers79: There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there regarding shafts.  Outside of getting fitted, what are good ways for people to know themselves what shafts best fit them?  What sort of ballflight would you find from a shaft that does not fit you properly?  What ballflight should you see from a shaft that does?

Chad: Nothing can replace a custom fitting in terms of really dialing in your equipment. That said, attending demo days is a great way to test out several different shafts and start to figure out what may be best for your game. In terms of ball flight, it is pretty individual and the best place to start is knowing what type of ball flight you want/need (and if you don’t know a fitter or demo day can help with this). An example of the wrong type of shaft would be if you need to get the ball up in the air more, then a shaft that produces a low ball flight is not a good fit for you.

GolfWRX Member ckay: I must say the JPX line looks great!  It is great to see Mizuno make a commitment to that sector of the iron market. Do you intend on staying within it?  Has it met corporate milestones in terms of sales to ensure that consumers have the JPX as an option or will we see it disappear faster than the latest Bettinardi/ Mizuon collaboration which I thought was fantastic!

Chris: Thanks and glad to hear you like the line! They honestly have out performed our corporate expectations. The R&D guys told everyone the products will rule! Why won’t everyone listen?? Ha!

GolfWRX Member BTmizuno1983: I am looking for a new used set of mizuno irons.  I currently play the mp 60’s and have a low penetrating ball flight.  Would you recommend getting the mp 59’s or the 63’s.

Chris: If you’re currently playing the MP60s, then I’d definnitely look at the 64s.

GolfWRX Member Jamboy72: Given the movement from steel to graphite (and composite) iron shafts – how will True Temper position themselves moving forward? That is, for the DGS300 and X100 faithful, what will you do/provide which competes withe Steelfiber, UST Recoil, Aldila RIP, etc…?

Chad: I think many people believe the move from steel to graphite in irons is larger than it actually is.  For example, graphite iron shafts represent between 2-4% each week of the total usage on the PGA Tour.  With the major advantage of graphite being weight reduction, it is important that we continue to focus our efforts on developing the best superlight alloy iron shafts in the game.  The recent introduction of XP95 and XP105 combine the very best of everything we’ve learned over the past 12+ years of superlight steel development.  If you’re considering looking at graphite iron shafts we hope you’ll give these a try and see the benefits of explosive power and pinpoint control that only superlight steel can provide.

GolfWRX Member station2station: Mizuno chooses the s300 as the default shaft in their MP line of irons.  Year after year this is the go-to shaft for most big name players irons companies like Mizuno, Titleist, Cleveland, etc.  Many people think that it’s an easy $10 “hamburger” choice for a stock shaft.  While there are other options out there the aforementioned companies still choose the s300 for their “wall sets”. Can you speak to why?  I personally love the s300/s400 and choose it for my irons. Thanks.

Chris: Year in and year out the Dynamic Gold is the number one shaft on tour. It flat out performs and is the really the industry standard for a better player’s shaft. For that reason, if it ain’t broke….

GolfWRX Member Kadin: The JPX EZ line of irons are being marketed as the largest sweet spot in its golf.  How difficult is it to carry that over to a “players” iron?

Chris: We make some of the largest sweet spot “players” irons as well, where if gets deficult though is defining the line as to where a club goes from players to game improvement. But put the 54s and H4s up against any player’s clubs. They have the largest sweet spots!

GolfWRX Member ladahl: I really like how you can ask these questions ahead of time now… Thanks. Question regarding both Mizuno and TT:

Has the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer software/program been updated with all the new shafts (including TT) yet?  I have yet to have anyone get fit into the DG PRO’s yet.

Also, for TT:  If I were to build a driver on Callaway’s website, what are specs of the “TT PX Handcrafted” that would be installed (in stiff)?  Looking on WRX, there seems to be at least two “handcrafted” models?

Thanks in Advance, and I look forward to hearing the answers to these, and looking through other’s Q/A.

Chris: Each year Mizuno updates the Shaft Optimizer software to incorporate all of the new offerings within our lineup.

Chad: We have three weight categories…70 gram, 60 gram and 50 gram. Within those there are different stiffness profiles. If you are looking for a stiff, check out the 6.0 in one of those weight categories.

GolfWRX Member Levell: Hello Chris and Chad,

These ones are for Chris:
1. How has the reception and sale of the new EZ line been compared to your expectations? Seeing that the new EZ line with the orange and the black finish (which I love by the way) was a bit bold compared to the traditional Mizuno look. Do you think the release would have been more successful if you had gone with the traditional Mizuno style?
2. Does Mizuno have any plans on entering the putter market in the US again in the near future? Big fan of the MP-T series.

Chris: As mentioned above, the sales have been great of the EZ line! It’s definitely in contrast to the traditional Mizuno look, but that was by design. We saw this line as an extension of the JPX
Putters are mentioned above. No plans as of this moment, but they are great clubs!

GolfWRX Member JPNC1977: Do you mind speaking about the current offering of JPX-EZ fairway which is definitely deeper and larger than my current gamer, the MP Titanium, and it’s playability off the turf?  None of the current offerings from Callaway, Nike, TM, etc have been able to kick my MP out of the bag.

Chris: The EZ is definitely a different animal compared to the MP Titanium. The key focus on the EZ was ease of launch + forgiveness. The MP Titanium on the other hand was a distance focus. If you look at the timing, you could even call it a precursor to the whole FW distance craze. It’s a very high ball speed, low spin design.

GolfWRX Member Goldenhawk: What makes the XP 95s, 105s, etc. special and different than te Tour favorite, the Dynamic Golds.  It seems that a lot or OEMs, not just Mizuno, are using the XP 95s as their stock shafts in game improvement iron sets.

Chad: Our XP line is great for a player who wants game improvement, and that applies to players at every level of the game. In terms of comparing it to Dynamic Gold, it is a very different shaft. To start, it is much lighter…95 and 105 grams versus around 130 grams. XP shafts give you a high ball flight while Dynamic Gold is a much lower ball flight. I would say the one thing that makes XP shafts unique is our power chamber in the middle of the shaft. This stores the energy produces in the downswing and releases it at impact for higher ball speed and more distance. This is a unique technology our engineers developed just for XP 95 and 105.

GolfWRX Member the_saint_siwa: Good Morning Chris and Chad,

1. Are we going to see any Mizuno Japan product in USA? I noticed that Mizuno Japan has “fancier” finish.  Any chance that will be offered in the states?
2. Is Mizuno thinking about making any limited edition products, mostly irons?
3. Any chance to square the toe a bit in the future products?

Thank you

Chris: Mizuno Japan offers some crazy finishes but they come along with crazy price points. Mainly because those pricepoints don’t really exist in the states, you probably won’t see some of those over here

Our philosophy is “if it’s good enough to be limited edition, it’s good enough to be a full launch product!”

Head shapes of irons are a constantly evolving thing and know that we have noticed the recent trend of more squared off toes.

GolfWRX Member MNgolf24: What Technology and Process do you use to differentiate your (TrueTemper) shafts from your competitors?, and whats on the horizon for TrueTemper shafts in the future?

Love the giveaway BTW, Hockey and Golf, what could be better!

Chad: All of our shafts go through a rigorous manufacturing process that includes 130 different processes to get the final product, and many of these processes are proprietary and unique to True Temper shafts. One technology that you will find in all of our premium shaft is variable wall technology which allows us to manipulate the interior wall of the shaft to vary the thickness throughout so that we can produce different performance characteristics. With this technology we can incorporate really cool things into our shafts like the power chamber in the XP line or the recessed section in the DG Spinner.

GolfWRX Member DuckHook02: When can we expect the next evolution/replacement for the MP-64’s? Any hints on how it will differ?

Chris: Each set is constantly being worked on and tweaked. As a current MP64 player I know this good and the bad of this iron. All of these things will go into that next version, whenever it may be!

GolfWRX Member joey2aces: As we have seen through this site and the trips, a proper fitting has its countless benefits. When I go into my local big box stores it seems I don’t have the option of trying out more than what they have in stock.
Being in Syracuse, NY and coupled with the fact that I don’t belong anywhere I don’t get to attend many demo days. Do you at Mizuno or True Temper have demo days up here? Also, do you have any authorized/recommended dealers you could point me to in order to get a proper fit to all that you offer?

thanks again! These forums are very helpful.


Chris: Check this our on our site!

Chad: We have a Performance Fitting Center in your area. Check them out:
Ed Patterson
155 Court Street
Syracuse, NY 13208 US

GolfWRX Member mkp: I’m thinking about reshafting my mp32’s.  Currently have the stock dg s300’s installed at std. length, I’m interested in trying lighter steel shafts at 1/2″ longer…what weight in the XP line should I look at? I’d like to keep the swing weight near D2.

Chad: We would recommend the XP105.  Adding the additional ½” at the lighter weight should offset one another and keep you close to where you want to be at D2.

GolfWRX Member dieselmd: These questions are for Chris Voshall. A recent tweet from you appeared on the Mizuno Europe Forum whereby you stated your excitement over the upcoming JPX 825 iron replacements.

-Care to share some or any info over what we may see come this Summer/ Fall?
-Chris, what is your handicap? I only ask as your swing looks like it could make it on the Tour.

Chris: Haha, All I said was a #JPX, no indication of it was an 825 replacement! Don’t put words in my mouth! That being said, we are always working on new stuff and there will be cool new technologies at some point in the future.
As for my handicap, I’m a scratch player. Thanks for the kind words on my swing. You should ask Chad though, he’s no slouch himself!

GolfWRX Member vtnerf: Thank you guys for taking time to hop on here and answer questions.

I love my MP32’s, so much so that I wore out my first set. (Don’t worry, I have a set of 32’s with DGS300’s in them in the bag now.) Please tell me that you have no intentions of retiring the MP line of irons. Or that you are looking to move away from the clean classic looks of the MP line.
Are there any plans to revisit the cut muscle design that made the 32’s so popular with those that have played them?

Chris: The MP line is what makes Mizuno who we are, so don’t worry, we won’t lose focus on that type of player. It’s our foundation!

GolfWRX Member 3 piece: Mizuno: What do you make of all the other club makers promoting their clubs as longer?  We don’t see too many Mizuno ads about being longer.  Is it just hype as far as you are concerned?  As golfers we know Mizuno makes quality equipment.  How do get your name out the for those just venturing into the game of golf?

Chris: The sad thing is that most of these clubs are getting longer through a combination of technology and “spec-ology” as we like to say. They are making their clubs longer and stronger. At Mizuno we are so custom fitting focused that we’re not jacking around with the lengths, for example, to make a club go farther. For a straight head to head technology comparison as it relates to distance check out ( http://www.mizunousa…ns#.U0Py7KI3fuE ) where we matched shafts, lengths, and lofts to give a good understanding of exactly how the head’s technology is leading to more distance.

GolfWRX Member xerpro: Long time fan of mizuno, and true temper. Thanks for coming on.
I would like to say, that if Im chosen to win the hockey stick, one of my friends from the great white north will have to show me what to do with it. We didnt have hockey in SC.

Anyhow…..Chris…..I have heard great things about the newest line of woods, the JPX EZ. Did you guys move the weight lower and forward to reduce spin? I have a buddy that has been raving about this head for several weeks, and he believed that to be true. I just havent heard yet.

Chad- What are the plans for the premium graphite shaft? As we see more stronger players gravitate towards high density graphite, just wanted to see where you guys were heading..

Thanks for the opportunity

Chris: Actually, we moved we weight low and back on the JPX EZ. From the engineering side, the industry has not been wrong for the past 30 years that a low deep CG is helpful for the golfer! The key is that the Sweet Spot stays low and that was focus on the EZ. The result is an easy to launch club plus low spin!

Chad: I assume you’re asking about iron shafts?  If so, we are always investigating the right product opportunities.  Graphite irons are tricky simply because we believe completely in the benefits of steel iron shafts.  We certainly believe in the merits of graphite with woods and hybrids and are having a lot of fun with the new Project X LZ Hand Crafted series.  If the market tells us clearly that we should pursue graphite irons we will do so…however, at this point only 2-4% of the best players in the world trust graphite irons each week.  Therefore our focus remains making the best high performance alloy shafts in the world…both for the stronger players (DG / PX series) and the average player (XP series).

GolfWRX Member MadGolfer: Mizuno, could you please set the world straight as to why your staffers mostly don’t play your metal woods too?

Chris: It’s a lot of a focus/resources things. In the US we are still trying to grow our iron market share and pushing all resources towards that. If you notice in the UK and in Japan where the brand is a bit more established, the focus is more on the broad range so more staffers are using woods.

GolfWRX Member ryanoneill1: I went to a custom club fitting where I was fitted for the MIZUNO JPX-825 PRO IRONS.  In the fitting I noticed a more consistent ball flight.  My swing can vary from day to day.  How do I know if I’m good enough to be fit for those clubs?

Chris: The beauty of a set like the 825 Pro is that they are still quite forgiving even though they have the “Pro” name behind them. They will allow you to get away with your miss-hits while giving you feedback you need to become a better ball striker! Go for it!

GolfWRX Member 3 piece: Would you recommend the JPX EZ irons for a junior golfer?

Chris: The EZ irons are great for juniors, but my recommendation would be go to something a little  more demanding (maybe EZ Forged) because this will teach the junior to be a better ball striker and teach him or her to find the center of the face. Just my philosophy.

GolfWRX Member Vicious13: Chris and Chad thanks for answering our questions.
What was your thought process and reasons for choosing what stock shafts you installed in this years irons? Thanks

Chris: From Mizuno’s side, we’re looking for a stock setup that will deliver whatever the key goal is for that product. On the EZ line it’s distance and forgiveness. The XP 105 fits perfectly into that theme!

GolfWRX Member TheVillian85: What effect does shaft flex have on ball flight characteristics? Thanks!

Chad: Typically, stiffer flex is going to produce a lower ball flight versus a softer flex within the same product line. Each of our shaft families are designed to produce a specific ball flight, so that rule really applies within a shaft family.

GolfWRX Member conner229: Is there any chance that Mizuno will have a heavier weight graphite shaft as a standard option in the EZ hybrid line.

Chris: Currently there is no plan for that, but it’s good feedback. For example, I play a heavier shaft in a JPX EZ hybrid. Definitely noted!

GolfWRX Member newtronica: I am currently playing the JPX-825’s and hit them very long and straight.  However I tend to hit them very high which can be a problem being that I play on the coast a good bit.  Is this an issue with the stock shafts in my 825’s and would I benefit more from getting new shafts with a different kick point, or would it make sense just to upgrade to the JPX-EZ irons?

Chris: There is a lot that goes into what causes spin from an iron shot and shaft is definitely one of them. I’d recommend swinging the Shaft Optimizer to get a solid recommendation.

GolfWRX Member Golrish17: What can you True Temper guys tell me about the new Project X Handcrafted options being listed on Callaway’s site? What are some specs/ characteristics of this shaft?

Chad: It’s a really cool project we have been working on. All of the shafts are handmade in our San Diego facility. Our PX engineers designed these shafts with a Loading Zone which changes from flex to flex to produce more ball speed and distance. We have three weight categories..70 grams, 60 grams and 50 grams and then individual flexes within those categories. Look for more info on specs and the shafts this week on the Project X site.

GolfWRX Member bigdawginva: I just had my first club fitting and he recommended last year’s JPX 825 irons with a custom shafts. What benefits would I experience with the JPX EZ irons over the JPX 825’s?

Chris: EZ will be more forgiving, but what you gain in forgiveness you will most likely lose in workability (the ability to hit knock downs, for example).

GolfWRX Member dke4397: I just want to say that I love my true Temper shafts in all my Mizuno MP-59 irons and MP-T4 wedges. My question is why are shafts so expensive? They range from inexpensive shafts to exotics for hundreds of dollars each.

Chris: While this is more a True Temper question, I will throw in my two cents as an outsider who has had the priveledge of touring the True Temper facility. Once you see the scale of the operation that goes into making a single shaft it really blows you away that they don’t cost 5x more! It true is an impressive engineering feat that TT is able to produce the quality and consistency of shafts that they do!

Chad: You are right…there is certainly a wide range of prices when it comes to shafts and in steel versus graphite. We can only speak to our shafts. There are a lot of factors that go into the price…material costs, manufacturing costs and labor to name just a few. To produce our XP shafts, for example, there are 130 processes involved to get the exact specifications and performance characteristics.  Specifically with graphite, our new Project X Hand Crafted series are all hand made in our San Diego, CA R&D facility.  That level of “one-off” manufacturing expertise requires that the shaft is at the very top of the food chain from a pricing perspective.

GolfWRX Member chiguy: Thanks for taking the time. This one is for Chris.

Chris, how has Mizuno’s grain flow forging process opened the door for advances in club head design, Does it allow for more options as far as perimeter weighting and possibly a thinner face?

Chris: Love questions like this. The GFF process that we developed along with Chuo (our exclusive forging house) has allowed us to do many things outside the box in terms of forgings. While the feel of the Grain Flow Forging is second to none, the really exciting things are the new technologies. For example, the undercut forging that takes places on the JPX EZ Forged is a process that was very difficult to execute, the results in terms of COR area expanding on a 1 piece forging are incredible. Also the MP58/59 type designs where Titanium is forged directly into the head without using any welding/brazing processes to secure the multi-material really were ground breaking. Not sure if everyone knows the details of how it works, but we use the different expansion characteristics of the two metals as they cool to mechanically lock the Titanium in place.
Pretty cool stuff.

GolfWRX Member OUZO Power: Q1 for Mizuno: Any chance of increasing the lefty line? I dont consider Mizuno at all simply becuase it’s slim pickings.
Q2 for Mizuno: Driver market is huge.Yet we see little to no push from Mizuno in promoting drivers & woods. Will this change any time soon and we see you guys try and take some of the marketshare?

Chris: We are always looking to increase our offerings to the Lefty world, and definitely hear your cries. Just keep on the lookout!
It’s huge, but it’s also a bloodbath. Constant markdowns, launch after launch, free FW/Hybrids with the purchase of drivers, etc. In All honesty, it doesn’t line up with Mizuno’s strategy. You’ll see us continue to push out better and better wood offerings, but don’t expect us to out Taylor Made Taylor Made, if you know what I mean.


GolfWRX Member BB17406: Looking for a shaft to compare to the Dynamic Gold Lite S300 shaft with Mid flex and medium/stiff tip.  What does TT have that compares with the nice Kick I feel with this shaft.

Chad: Check out Dynamic Gold SL: http://www.truetempe…ynamic-gold-sl/

GolfWRX Member jcorna01: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

Chris-  Are there plans to make the Mizuno MP putters (A & T series), or at least future Mizuno putter lines, more readily available in the United States?  The MP T06 looks incredible.  If not, do you feel it is due to an already overcrowded market?  Or has Mizuno tried before and not succeeded?

Thanks again for taking some time for us!

Chris: Again this really is a focus/strategy decision in the US. Our plan is to establish an even larger iron market share (what we’re best know for and we still feel we have room to grow) before turning our attention to other categories in the market. That being said, they really are AWESOME putters.

GolfWRX Member Diesel_z06: Is there anyway to remove the set screw in the jpx ez driver to make hotmelting easier?

… What’s the bend point on the hockey stick look like? Weight? Fairly interested in that  one piece composite?

Chris: It is removable with heat and the proper security torx bit, just keep in mind that this will void any Mizuno warrenty.

GolfWRX Member avg_joseph: Chris,

How many hugs have you had to endure in your career with Mizuno from Mason Wolf?


Chris: Hahaha, more than I care to count!

GolfWRX Member jayrayray7: For Mizuno- I have lately taken an interest in club design and would like to know afew things. First, can you show a comparison of your competitors tech and how yours is better. Second, and this is something I have always wanted to know, do the designs on the backside of the face actually do any thing to increase performance? Third and last, what led you to choose orange and black as your colors?

For True Temper- How much of a difference does shaft flex in my irons make on my swing.

Thanks to Mizuno and True Temper for answering our questions!

Chris: A good place to see a technology comparison in terms of distance is here ( http://www.mizunousa…ns#.U0Py7KI3fuE ) where clubs were matched for specs/shafts/etc.

The back design can definitely play a role in performance. Particularly the sound and feel of the club.

We chose the Orange/Black to be the opposite of our traditional Blue/Silver. Really wanted to stand out!

Chad: Shaft flex is one of the three most important shaft characteristics to consider when choosing the right shaft with weight and bend point being the other two. Playing a shaft that is too stiff for example can create bad swing habits based on over swinging in order to properly load the shaft.

GolfWRX Member tigercub: With other companies offering many selections of irons/clubs available in LH vs. Mizuno, what sets the criteria (volume, prior sales data, etc.) for Mizuno to produce something in LH?

Chris: With the majority of our offerings being Forged golf clubs, we have to carefully analyze how many sets we can sell of any given set to justify making the left handed set of molds. The other option would be to charge more for a lefty set, but that wouldn’t go over well at all! This is something that we are constantly working to improve, but it’s the nature of specializing in forged models.

GolfWRX Member kcbrady: I play with MP64 and had a True Temper M80 prototype shaft installed.  Great shaft!!!  How ever, the 5 iron shaft broke (damaged in transit).  I replaced it with a Project X 5.5 which seems heavier.  Is there a current True Temper shaft that resembles the M80 I can purchase?
Also,  what Graphite iron shaft would you recommend for a guy with 100MPH DRIVER SPEED.  Handicap 3 – 61 yrs. old.


Chad: XP105 is a good option if you like the M80 shaft.

GolfWRX Member vettenut79: Thank you for the opportunity to ask this question:  I have in my collection of drivers a MIZUNO MP600 Driver, which I believe was the first name-brand Driver to feature moveable weighting.  This feature was then copied by most other major OEM’s, at the time when MIZUNO moved away from it.  My question is:  Will Mizuno move back to the moveable weighting feature in future drivers, to bring the performance of its Drivers up to the comparable level of performance long enjoyed by MUZUNO irons?

Thanks again for the opportunity.  I’ll be listening for your reply!

Chris: The 600 was awesome and we are always looking for better, and more innovative ways to execute our design goals. That’s all I can say for now! 😉

GolfWRX Member otw: Chris,  about 10 years ago a Mizuno 3 iron had a lie angle of about 57 degrees. Now it is 59 or so. Mizuno does  offer to bend these as needed which is great for my MP 69 irons.  The longest club Mizuno makes is the driver . It has a lie angle of 60 degrees.  So a longer shaft has a more upright lie angle just a bit backward .  Just 4 years ago the MP 630 driver had a 58 degree lie angle.  Any plans to help those of us who don’t fight the right side of the golf course on the lie angle side in drivers and fairways or are we doomed to play older model TM and Mizuno to be better fitted?

Chris: That’s a great question and observation. Really it all comes down to the target audience of each model. Our JPX woods are more upright than our MP models of the past. Another thing to note though is that as clubs get longer length and longer from toe to heel, they tend to bend in the “toe down” direction more meaning that they play flatter dynamically. This is good feedback and please know that it isn’t falling on deaf ears.

GolfWRX MEmber lvmike: With so many mfrs adding a matching gap wedge to the set (including your JPX line), is there consideration to doing the same with some of the MP line? Maybe the ones aimed at the higher single to mid hcps?

Chris: This is a debate that we have over and over again, but we always boil down to the conclusion that the MP guy really is a “cherry picker” who wants his GW to be a specialty club vs. a set matching club. Not saying it’ll never happen, but not until a change in the golfer’s mindset happens.

GolfWRX Member mack_n_rolla: Chris,
I just recently bought LH 3h and 5h JPX Fli-Hi. How come the Orochi shaft isn’t an available option?

Chris: In LH we did not offer a Graphite weight, parallel bore head which is why the Orochi shaft isn’t available. We know this is a problem and are looking to address it!

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: True Temper and Mizuno Golf,
Which epoxy do you use to install the Project X graphite iron shafts onto your Mizuno iron heads?  Also, can you please recommend an over the counter epoxy to use.  Thank you.

Chris: We use the same epoxy as our standard production when building the Project X graphite.

GolfWRx Member tembolo1284: This is a question for Chris. I read that in Mizuno Europe you were excited over the upcoming JPX 825 replacement irons.
I wanted to know if you could share any info over what we might possibly see in the near future?

Also, how does the equipment differ in general between Euro pros vs American pros?

Chris: Not sure where you read this, but we are always working on new products and when our new ones are ready (not saying If it’s an 825 replacement or not though..) there will loads of new technologies that should defintiely get some people excited

That’s all I can share!

GolfWRX Member mattsb: Great promo and great clubs! Question: Does club fitting really make a difference for the average player?

Chad: Absolutely! Anyone at any level of the game can benefit from club fitting. Finding the right equipment for your game can help anyone play better. If you are thinking about it, go for it!

Chris: There is a huge myth that average guys don’t need to be fit, but really it’s the opposite. The elite player can make fine tune adjustments to find the center of the face and dial in a straight

GolfWRX Member Wall-E: What has the Mizuno R&D department been working on for 2014-2015?

Chris: We typically are working about 2 years out in advance and just know that we have some INCREDIBLE new technologies coming out! Technology not Spec-ology!

GolfWRX Member dan250yds: Mizuno, my question to you is will you guys offer driving irons in left handed sometime in the near future?

Thanks again!

We’re constantaly looking at our LH offerings and hope to give you guys more in the future.

GolfWRX Member Dragon3: Weigh in.  Who’s your pick to win the Master’s?

Chad: We would be happy with about 75% of the field winning this weekend…

GolfWRX Member youngwaldo: Mizuno(Chris)- the JPX825 hybrid was one of the best so far how is the EZ better?

Chris: Agreed on the JPX 825 Hybrid being great, but to the JPX EZ launches it easier and comes off the face a bit hotter. Honestly, it’s the best hybrid I’ve ever played.

GolfWRX Member mtiger10: Thanks for this opportunity.  My mishits with irons are generally fat shots (don’t shift my weight to front foot like I need to).  Would adjusting the length of the shaft (true temper staff) or the lie angle of the clubhead (Mizuno staff) help with that problem?

Chris: Lie angle shouldn’t play a big role in fat shots, typically that’ll be more of a swing thing, although a wider sole can help!

Chad: Adjusting the length on your shafts could help, but I would recommend you get your current equipment checked out with a club fitter. Finding the right lengths for your shafts is part of the club fitting process.

GolfWRX Member JackVagolfer: I am interested in a set of JPX 825 irons with steel shafts.  I currently own MX 23’s with stock graphite shafts.  In the JPX 825’s, what would be the difference between the Dynalite stock and the XP 95 or 105 shafts? thanks.

Chad: The XP shafts are lighter and designed for more power and distance and with a slightly higher ball flight.

GolfWRX Member 3 piece: Do you think there will ever be a time when the majority of l pros are using composite shafts in their irons?   And why or why not?

Chad: Great question.  They say that history is the best predictor of future success.  While that’s certainly debatable, there is clearly a misunderstanding in many golfer’s minds that the move from steel to graphite in irons is larger than it actually is.  For example, graphite iron shafts represent between 2-4% each week of the total usage on the PGA Tour.  It’s been that way for quite some time now with little change.  Irons are all about distiance and dispersion control…knowing how far the ball is going to fly each and every time with little variation.  The reality is that steel is the material that provides the most consistent shot performance time after time. This is why it remains the overwhelming material of choice for the best players in the world.

With the major advantage of graphite being weight reduction, it is important that we continue to focus our efforts on developing the best superlight alloy iron shafts in the game.  The recent introduction of XP95 and XP105 combine the very best of everything we’ve learned over the past 12+ years of superlight steel development.  If you’re considering looking at graphite iron shafts we hope you’ll give these a try and see the benefits of explosive power and pinpoint control that only superlight steel can provide.

GolfWRX Member xThor: Thanks for doing this!

Mizuno has been long admired for their wonderful forged irons. What is Mizuno doing (or insight taken from iron products) to break more into the market, and in more bags (both tour and amateur), with it’s wood/hybrid products?

I was quite impressed with the jpx ez hybrid a fellow member here wanted me to hit while I was at GolfTec, and will say it’s one of the best I’ve tried this year, and on my radar to purchase. But it seems Mizuno woods are still not as well recognized for high end performance (in the Mainstream) as opposed to irons, hence my question.

True Temper, hockey related, but what makes now the right time to bring out a TT branded hockey stick, as opposed manufacturing for other companies still. The TT-manufactured CCM RBZ has been one of my favorite sticks.

Chris: The main thing you will see from Mizuno in our woods and hybrids is that we are really trying to put as much technology and quality into the heads as possible. This is a theme throughout Mizuno’s line where we’d rather spend extra dollars generated by putting them into high quality materials or processes then spend them on advertising and tour promotion. Our hope is that this high performance equipment will speak for itself. This is why we always say “When people hit our clubs, we win”

GolfWRX Member milostew54: I recently had a club fitting at Golf Galaxy, I told them I was going to purchase Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons. They handed me a 6 iron, I took a few swings and they told me everything was standard, is this even possible? I purchased a set at my local GC clubhouse. If I get another fitting with someone who takes the time to fit the clubs, can the clubs be adjusted or am I out of luck.
Thanks Mizuno

Chris: It’s possible, but still I get that feeling you had of having wasted your time. The key thing I would do it make sure the fitter walks you through each step of the process and explains each step as well. Our software does a great job of showing visually each step so don’t be afraid to ask questions! The good news…they can still be adjusted after the fact.

GolfWRX Member jaworski: Will Mizuno be offering any kind of adjustable drivers , fairway woods or hybrids in the future ?

Chris: The JPX EZ driver is adjustable and we definitely know the direction the industry is going with adjustability through the woods lines.

GolfWRX Member rbauchman: How would the flex in the True Temper XP 105 shafts compliment the forgiveness that a mid-handicap golfer like me can get from Mizuno JPX-EZ irons?

Chad: During the development process of XP 105, True Temper and Mizuno engineers worked together to ensure complimentary performance characteristics between the shafts and irons. Taking the forgiveness of the JPZ-EZ irons and adding the stability and explosive power of XP 105. A great combination was born!

GolfWRX Member lvmike: The Mizuno shaft optimizer seemed to be a big hit in regard to an efficient and fairly accurate way for a fitter and golfer to figure out which shafts/flex work best. Is there a plan to enhance this software and/or expand it to woods?

Echoing others, are you considering another MP line of woods?  The MP-001 line was such a great combo of feel, looks and sound.

Finally, please consider bringing your putter line to US shores. With your renown for forged feel, buyers would associate that as they seek a great looking and feeling putter.

Particularly the MP A302 for me…

Thanks in advance for considering my questions and comments.

Chris: This is something that we hear a lot, but the best way I try to explain it is like this. With an iron, we are trying to optimize consistency of impact and energy transfer to the ball. With drivers, we are trying to optimize distance which often times involves launch angles and spin rates. Unfortunately, something as simple as ball position can have a dramatic effect on both of these parameters and a shaft optimizer can’t address that. For that reason, we have been slow to adopt a wood version, however we are still thinking about how to overcome this because we know it’s a cool technology.

GolfWRX Member 3 piece: Mizuno:  Is “JPX” an acronym for something?

Chris: Haha, great question. It IS an acronym for something, but I’m hesitant to say what. Any guesses?????

GolfWRX Member ingespinoza1: Is TT considering progressing to “steel fiber” type technology? why? why not?

Chad: Long ago True Temper introduced multi-material shafts (Bimatrx, Epic) for woods. Today we believe that steel alloy is still the best option in irons for reasons stated in other posts. Think about why the graphite shaft companies are utilizing “metals” in their designs.

GolfWRX Member JCool: This question is for True Temper:

I noticed on your website,, that virtually every recommended iron shaft, other than Dynamic Gold, has the taper tip .355 diameter.
It used to be that True Temper (and Rifle) were commonly made in the .370 parallel tip, but one can’t seem to find this tip in the new True Temper models.
I think all of the new XP shafts are taper tip only.
Most component clubheads are made with a .370 bore.   And shafts are sold as components and commonly used by clubbuilders who purchase those component clubheads.
Why isn’t True Temper making more of the new shafts available in the .370 parallel tip diameter?

Chad: The market doesn’t demand parallel tip the same way it demands taper, so we are always trying to meet the demands of the market. Plus you can put a taper tip into a parallel head using a shim without effecting performance.

GolfWRX Member Nick6771: Chris V recently participitated in a similar Q&A on the Mizuno Forum, he came as a very knowledgable and nice chap – make good use of him !

Now if only I could think of a question…..

Ok – Thought of a question

Chris – What’s your opinion of the SLDR?

Chris: The me the SLDR is a good driver for a particular player, but a really bad driver for a lot of players using them. The spin rates are so low with it that if you have crazy high head speed, it could be great, but for the average guy the low spin could easily be robbing you of carry distance.

GolfWRX Member OriginalBooneMan: Chris: Mizuno is quite a traditional company in regards to looks, technology, brand identity and marketing. With all the advancements in club performance in the past 5 years such as adjust this, move that and design your own. I personally like hidden technology and appreciate aesthetics. Have your team of R&D and marketing guys felt pressure to conform or compromise core values to what’s hot and hip in the current wave of the club and marketing scheme of golf? Thanks for taking time to share with us today.

Chris: Awesome question because this leads to one of the key reasons I love Mizuno. We’re all golfers internally. We’re driven by golfers, not by marketing. As a result you see that we stick to our core values much stronger than many of our competitors. There are products out there that just scream “marketing hype” while in the Mizuno world, we want the technology to work with the aesthetics rather than be the aesthetics.

GolfWRX Member joey2aces: With all of the excitement over your irons from your ‘buttery’ blades to the GI’s we haven’t seen Mizuno compete in the Driver space. The MP-650 could be a great club but it seems that the lack of adjustability (not a bad thiing IMHO) maybe makes it an afterthought for those who aren’t aware of the brand. When I got fit there were Mizuno irons everywhere but when I asked try the MP-650 they did not have one. Is there a plan to market this more and to make it more available to those who want to try it.

Chris: Yeah, the 650 driver game plan was to make the “Blade” of drivers, hence the no adjustability, no nonsense. That being said we are now working on high tech drivers because that’s really what the golfer is demanding. Just want and see some exciting stuff is coming down the Mizuno driver pipeline.

GolfWRX Member jls4birdie: I play the new mp4’s love them.  Replaced them with the mp33’s. honestly toss up between the 2.

Chad- My question is how important is spined and frequency matching shafts to irons?

Chris- Q1 When ordering clubs direct to fit your specs are they spined or frequency matched?

Chris Q2 If not is there a way to do that from mizuno?

Chad: Both services are great for measuring the consistency of the iron set.

Chris: At Mizuno we do not frequency match or spine our shafts or even offer that survice. The reason being that we only offer the highest quality shafts available. Through our testing, those processes can make a difference on low end, low quality shafts, but on the high end stuff, it’s basically negligible.

GolfWRX Member Komando1: 
Fitted for JPX EZ, with  the 105 shafts, at Dick’s Sporting goods. have not purchased as of now. Did like the feel & control, of the irons, compared to My Titleist AP2’s.

Chris: Awesome feedback, what are you waiting for??

GolfWRX Member ram01002: What graphite shaft does True Temper offer with the closest bend profile to project x? I love the butt stiffness of project x and would like the same for my driver.


Chad: The Project X graphite blue shafts have an identical bend profile to the steel Project X shafts. They are a great option for someone who wants the same features from steel to graphite.

GolfWRX Member ThunderBuzzworth: What are the chances of the wedges becoming available in more lofts and/ or finishes in left handed?

During the hockey stick product testing have you discussed offering custom fitting for lie, flex and curve? I had a brief discussion with Tom Fisher from Taylormade last night about the RBZ hockey sticks and asked him a similar question.

Chris: This is something that we are really taking a good look at and through our custom department you actually can have a lot of the wedges dialed in farther than just the lofts available off the rack. Plus or minus 2 degrees.

GolfWRX Member billdcatt40: I’m currently gaming Forgan irons with r300 shafts.I’m considering replacing the shafts with Project X PXI 5.5’s.What kind of difference will that make in my swing speed and ball flight?

Chad: From what you are currently playing, PXi 5.5 will be one flex stiffer (R300 vs S flex). With a reduction in overall shaft weight you could create more speed and more distance. Ball flight could be reduced slightly due to the stiffer flex.

GolfWRX Member aepfeiffer: What are the major advantages/disadvantages of the JPX EZ and EZ Forged vs the previous 825s and 825 Pros respectively?

Also for True Temper, what was the reasoning behind coming out with the XP 105s and others in that line vs the Dynalites or DG S300 and such?

Chris: EZ and EZ forged were really trying to speak to a different player than the 825/825 pro. We went for a confidence inspiring, just crazy easy to hit straight club with the EZ line as opposed to our Broad Appeal approach with the 825 sets.

Chad: Our goal is to always innovate with our new shaft offerings. The XP line combines the best of what we have learned over the past 12+ years about lightweight steel shafts in terms of feel and performance. Also, it really fills a gap we identified in the shaft market as far as weight and performance.

GolfWRX Member 861w: I am currently using Mizuno MP 53 irons and love it.
My only complaint is that while i love the feel and thin top line of MP 53 irons, I am not getting distance i used to get when i was using game
improving irons. The distance i am losing is too significant that i am considering switching back to either game improving irons or distance players irons such as Callaway Apex
Will Mizuno come up with some types of distance players clubs in the future?

Chris: The market for a distance player’s iron is getting larger and larger. If you’re in the market for something like that, check out the 825 Pros or the MPH4s. Also, always be aware of the lofts of clubs you’re comparing.

GolfWRX Member Yellow Jacket: Despite the inroads made by the JPX line, Mizuno is still predominantly known for their muscleback blades. What would you say to a bogey golfer who’s in the market for JPX irons but Mizuno doesn’t come to mind for them?

Chris: The main thing I would say to the average guy is that they just give us a try and decide for yourself! Our JPX EZ have larger MOIs and larger sweet areas than anything on the market. While people know us for our forgings, we honestly make some of the most forgiving irons on the planet.  But as I said, don’t take our word for it, put us up against anything else out there.

GolfWRX Member someon3: Question is for Chris Voshall,

What is Mark Crossfield like IRL? And follow up: Who wins in a fight between you two, you’ve got a MP-69 2 iron and Mark has a 56* wedge.

I’m also curious about whether Luke Donald is tall enough to get on all the rides at Disneyland.

Big Mizuno fan here btw, my mp-64’s are the best irons I’ve ever owned, keep up the good work.

and yeah, I just wanted to be entered into the giveaway, I’m also a fan of free Mizuno swag….

Chris: Haha, this is great! Mark Crossfield is great in real life. His internet personality isn’t an act, that’s just him. What I will say is that he is a REALLY smart guy and truly understands not only his audience, but internet marketing as a whole.
In the fight I have to say that with my MP69 2 iron length advantage, I’d win that fight! He’s surely scrappy through! LET’S GET STUCK IN!
Luke is a bigger boy than you’d think! Especially now, he seems to have been hitting the gym a good amount. He just looks small because there is no shortage of giants out there on the PGA Tour!

GolfWRX Member jleclair10: I am currently playing the JPX 825 pro irons. I have been looking at EZ forged. I was wondering what the benefit would be in moving into a EZ Forged iron? Is the EZ forged going to take over the JPX pro line or will there be a new JPX 850 pro on the horizon? By the way that hockey stick is incredible.

Chris: The main benefits of the EZ Forged vs. the 825 Pro’s will be more forgiveness and slightly faster ball speeds.

GolfWRX Member Dragon3: Weigh in.  Who’s your pick to win the Master’s?

Chris: I’m a huge McIlroy fan and I think he’s coming into form nicely so I think he is going to win, although about a month a guy I said my guy Snedeker is going to take it. Go ‘Dores!

GolfWRX Member bvmagic: I was impressed when recently trying different shafts with a shaft optimizer last time I was able to demo Mizuno irons.  With recent trends of custom grinds / bounce options on wedges, have you ever considered fitting a player to irons based on the turf interaction?  Bounce angles / grinds on irons can be different depending on types of courses players play, so I was wondering if you would ever consider simplifying the a way to present how certain irons would play with different swings / turf conditions.

Chris: This is a great question and something that we talk about constantly. While we don’t currently fit by sole grind, it’s an intersting discussion point.

GolfWRX Member 2xeagle: I have a set of JPX800PRO irons – 1 inch longer, 1 degree up – and want to know how the new EZ Forged irons are compare to what I am currently using?


Columbus OH

Chris: EZ forged should be a little bit hotter off of the face and a little bit more forgiving all while still having that Gran Flow Forged feel. Give em a swing, but make sure to get custom fit!

GolfWRX MEmber Snookbytes: True temper and mizuno, how can you guys help me from sucking at golf? My club head speed says I need a stiff shaft, but I hit senior clubs so much better. What gives

Chris: A proper club fitting a some time with your local PGA Pro can do wonders! Some sweet Mizuno sticks and True Temper shafts can’t hurt either!

Chad: Swing Speed doesn’t tell the whole story and that’s what great about the Optimizer system. If softer flex shafts feel and perform better for you, it’s likely because your load profile is more moderate as opposed to fast. It’s not how fast you swing, its how you swing it fast!

GolfWRX Member GabrielLerman: The Mizuno shafter optimizer is one of the coolest (and most effective) ways to dial in what shaft to use with your heads, getting that much closer to a more custom fit process. Does Mizuno/True Temper have any other tools in the works to take that to the next level?

Chris: Thanks! Yeah, the Shaft Optimizer really has changed the way a lot of people fit clubs. We are constantly working to improve it though and have been testing some new ideas. Let’s see if they work!

GolfWRX Member Stratokasu: I still have an old MP600 driver, thought I use a more modern JPX. Is there any plan for Mizuno to compete with the SLDR by re-introducing something similar to the MP600 and its Fast Track weighting system?

Also, I am curious what Mizuno uses to hold grips on shafts. It seems to be like a filmy rubber cement that rubs off so easily. I do a lot of regripping for myself and friends. I’d love something like what Mizuno uses instead of double sided masking tape. Getting old tape off is always the most difficult part of the process. What is that stuff? Is it a commercially available product I can buy?

Chris: A proper club fitting a some time with your local PGA Pro can do wonders! Some sweet Mizuno sticks and True Temper shafts can’t hurt either!

The MP600 really was ahead of its time and the track system is a great way to move weight around. We’re always looking at ways to advance however. Looking forward rather than back!
As someone who loves to build clubs, you’re totally right. Our tape is the best! Unfortunately it’s not commercially available as it’s something that is sourced for us from the Japan side.

GolfWRX Member deck: How did you make the EZ line the most forgiving irons out right now? The 825’s were fantastic. What did you do to improve on them?

Chris: We like to say that we took off all the Mizuno handcuffs in creating the EZ line. In the past we have been very sensitive to head size, offset, topline, etc, but with the EZ we just decided let’s pull all the levers we can to make this as forgiving as possible. The results pretty much speak for themselves. Its a truly awesome design.

Golfwrx Member aepfeiffer: What are the major advantages/disadvantages of the JPX EZ and EZ Forged vs the previous 825s and 825 Pros respectively?

Also for True Temper, what was the reasoning behind coming out wuth the XP 105s and others in that line vs the Dynalites or DG S300 and such?

Chad: Our goal is to always innovate with our new shaft offerings. The XP line combines the best of what we have learned over the past 12+ years about lightweight steel shafts in terms of feel and performance. Also, it really fills a gap we identified in the shaft market as far as weight and performance.

GolfWRX Member Big Divot85: Hi Mizuno & True Temper.  I was fitted for a set of JPX irons at my local PGA Tour Superstore and was amazed at how important the shaft was related to the loft of my golf shot.  Do you have any newly released shafts that will help me get more height on my approach shots?


Chad: Our new XP line (95 and 105) can definitely help you get more height on your approach shots.

Chris: We’re always adding new shafts to our matrix when they are released. But it all depends on if they fill in holes in our lineups! There may be some new options in the coming months, but nothing 100% decided yet.

GolfWRX Member TedTill: How do the new true temper shafts compare to KBS shafts?  Where can I demo the 105 shafts with Mizuno? Currently playing M4 irons.

Chad: The new XP series (XP 95 & XP 105) are among the lightest and highest trajectory designs we’ve ever introduced.  They take the very best of everything we’ve learned over the past 12+ years in our superlightweight steel development.  If you are looking for maximum distance and high trajectory you need to give them a shot.  with regards to demoing in Mizuno clubs, I would go see your local golf retailer and you should find them there.  All the best.

GolfWRX MEmber daddyg70: I was fit recently with the shaft optimizer and can you explain why it chose: graphite and steel Px 5.0, Orochi Red Eye Regular, Dynalite Gold SL stiff, and KBS soft step stiff? To add to that I did the shaft fit online fit tool and it chose Pxi 5.5. I’m a little confused about this!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the numbers. Thank you TrueTemper, Mizuno, and GolfWRX!

Chad: Based on your Swing DNA and the differences in each of those shafts, those were the best fits. A dynamic fitting like the Optimizer system measures how you load and transition the golf club which really determines what flex and tip stiffness you need. ShaftFit is a static fitting system based on how you perceive your swing to be. Through this process you have narrowed down the choices and can now try each of them to see which one gives you the best results and feels the best.

GolfWRX Member jabrch: Chris, Mizuno feels a bit like a traditionalist – certainly when compared to some of the competition.  Is the look of the JPX EZ a deviation from that?  What is the design purpose of the orange and black color scheme?  Seems “un-mizuno” to many of us.

Chris: You’re very right about that. We typically stay very true to ourselves and our corporate blue color scheme. With the EZ’s we wanted to shatter all of the Mizuno stereotypes in terms of forgiveness and even look. The Orange/Black is at the direct opposite size of the “color wheel” from the Blue/White we’ve been known for. We wanted to make sure we differentiated the JPX EZ and EZ Forged from the JPX-825 and JPX-825 Pro because they are for different types of golfers.  So yes, it was a conscious departure from our norm but we felt like it spoke a bit more to the JPX EZ type of player.

GolfWRX Member TBall2: I have a friend with ancient X-14s.  He wants JPX-EZ but doesn’t know what shaft to get.  Optimizer says Dynalite Gold XP.  Will that shaft be a good bridge coming from the Uniflex in his other clubs?

Chad: Yes, great choice.  Tell him to enjoy the new sticks!

Chris: Honestly, the XP should be awesome! Not sure why anyone would want a UNIFLEX!?

GolfWRX Member Butta1266: Mizuno: I am looking to purchase a set of JPX EZ irons. I am a new golfer and could use the help of a super game improvement iron. My question is, will I have to upgrade after I become a better golfer or are these irons good for a experienced golfer as well?

Chris: You can become a very established golfer with very easy to hit irons. The Ping tour staff is a perfect example of that! Loads of G25, G20, G15, G10,G5, G2 in play. Personally though, I like stepping it up one notch for the added feedback that you’ll receive. Clubs that’ll teach you to be a better ball striker. The like JPX EZ Forged for example.

GolfWRX Member R Hagan: Any new driving irons coming out?

Chris: The MPH4s right now are pretty solid! It’s pretty much a whole set of driving irons!

GolfWRX Member tomtt2: I tend to hit the ball very high with my irons. I’m currently playihg the JPX 825 with the Dynamic Gold XP shafts. Is there a shaft recommendation that might help lower ball flight?

Thanks for putting this event on. It will help us all.

Chad: Dynamic Gold and Project X are both low launching shafts.

GolfWRX MEmber bayoubogeyguy: Thanks to GolfWRX, Mizuno and True Temper for the chance to ask a question. I play the MX200 4-GW with the True Temper XP S300’s. Since they are still in the bag you know how pleased I’ve been with the perfect harmony between the irons and the shafts. I’m excited because after the Masters I will be undergoing a custom fitting for the JPX EZ Forged. I love the ball flight on the long and mid irons but feel the scoring club’s flight is a tad high. I know Mizuno’s DNA fitting process will work wonders so here’s my question.H ow do I ensure a seamless transition to the new JPX EZ Forged Irons with the True Temper Shaft that will provide the high boring flight and control in the long/mid irons while lowering the scoring club’s flight a tad while maintaining the consistent distance and accuracy I currently enjoy? Thanks again!

Chris: With the MX-200s, there is a transition in technologies between the 7 and 8 irons. On the JPX EZ Forged there is no change in technology so there should be a seamless flow throughout the set.

GolfWRX Member jleclair10: Chris I am playing JPX 825 Pros I played previously the JPX 800 pros. I am looking to upgrade my irons, What would the benefit for me be by moving into a EZ forged. I heard some rumors about a 850 pro is it true?

Chris: EZ Forged will be a bit more forgiving and a bit longer, but they are kind of a different animal (longer head length, more offset, etc.). There are rumors everywhere around, but I can’t confirm or deny anything!

GolfWRX Member Snookbytes: What true temper shaft is the Kbps equivalent?

Chad: True Temper is proud of our expansive brand portfolio. We have shafts for nearly every player profile. From lightweight, higher launching shafts like XP 95 and XP 105 to mid weight, mid launch shafts like PXi, to Tour weight low launching shafts like Dynamic Gold and Project X.

GolfWRX Member ngohiong: Would Mizuno consider setting up their own fitting studios across the USA? I’d much rather get fit at a Mizuno fitting studio than go to a Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith.

Chris: We’ve thought about this, but that being said, we train out fitters with our fitting carts to make sure that reguardless of location you are getting  a quality fit.

GolfWRX Member MNNikeGuy: True Temper-

How is it that the DG shafts are still the number one shaft in the world? With all the money spent on technology and research these days, you’d think you or someone else would make a better performing shaft. DG shafts fit everyone and have stood the test of time. PX shafts are great but hurt my elbow so I went back to the trusted DG. How do PXi compare? I’ve played every shaft out and I always go back to the DG. This year I’m going to try the Modus3.

I’m just amazed that these shafts are on beatable.

Why is that?

Chad: That’s a great question and I wish I had the answer so we could create the next Dynamic Gold!!  it’s just a shaft that has the perfect weight, balance, trajectory control and performance.  That’s why it still dominates each week on the PGA Tour.  In fact, of the 21 official FedEx cup events in the 2013-2014 season so far, 16 of those events were won with Dynamic Gold.

We push ourselves to “build a better beast” if you will.  We target specific player profiles when developing new products as evidenced by the new XP series.  However, when it comes to the best “tour” caliber iron shafts, all the other shafts out there including those in our product line, play a supporting role to the one and only Dynamic Gold.

Thanks for your support!

GolfWRX Member Johnpjr: Hi Guys,

Everyone is talking about the current equipment you are offering. What is in the works for future equipment development? Especially drivers and shafts…

Thanks for this opportunity.


Chris: If we told you, we’d have to kill you……

GolfWRX Member rreese37: I currently play MX-200 irons with Extar IS-4 graphite regular shafts.  My handicap is 14.8.  What is a good iron and shaft to consider for an upgrade?

Chris: Definitely check out the JPX 825 line, but be sure to hit the Shaft Optimizer to get dialed in!

GolfWRX Member PingDRV00: This is a two tier question for Mizuno, and True Temper.  Mizuno if you look at your iron line up it almost seems that the lines are blurred between some of the ability and handicap ranges, was this intentional or a thought to enter new areas of the market.  Also, in regards to stock shafts does True Temper work in concert with manufacturers in suggesting current models for sets, or is the goal many times to match up new models to new sets?

Chad: From True Temper’s perspective, we definately encourage either scenario. There are many times we work directly with the manufacturer to develop a specific shaft just for their new wood or iron launch. More often these days, we are bringing new designs to our OEM partners. It is to both of our benefit to launch new iron shafts with the newest iron sets.

GolfWRX Member FutureSuper: How much will shaft optimizer suggestions change if the same player hits off a mat and then actual turf?

I personally do not enjoy hitting off of mats however I was fit using the shaft optimizer on a mat.

Chris: There will be no difference in the readings hitting off a mat verses actual turf. Hit where you feel comfortable.

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: True Temper, in the future will True Temper offer putter shafts similiar to UST Mamiya frequency filtered or Matrix PZ graphite putter shafts?

Chris: The complexity of putter shafts is more in the specific bends required to achieve proper lie, loft and offset.  While the technologies mentioned above are unique, they target a very small percentage of the overall market.  Our goal is to always balance R&D expense with the highest possible return on investment.  We are always seeking technological advancement in all categories, but that advancement must achieve an economical target to give us widespread consumer acceptance.

GolfWRX Member hankmoody: I play the JPX EZ irons non forged, and think they are terrific.  I also enjoy two MPT-4 forged wedges, and like the feel.

Chris: If I wanted to upgrade/customize my irons by adding JPX EZ forged, where should/could I make the break?  At the 8i (so add 8i,9i,PW) in forged?

Also wanted to say as a longtime PING iron guy, but not good enough for the MP line, I congratulate Mizuno on the JPX series.

Chris: Thanks so much! And Ping makes great stuff, but glad our new JPX line is speaking to your type of player. Personally, I’d make the switch between the 6/7 irons.

GolfWRX Member naomidaddy: Hi guys.  Question is for Chad.  Why should we get a different shaft for our wedges? Thanks

Chad: There are a number of opinions about this. A lot of it comes down to the individual and the feel he/she is trying to achieve in wedges. Jack Nicklaus for example was known to play R400 shafts in his wedges. New shafts like DG Spinner were created specifically to increase spin and reduce launch in today’s new grooves. Of course Dynamic Gold is the standard for wedge shafts on Tour. It all comes down to being fit for the best shaft for you!

GolfWRX Member jleclair10: Good Morning guys, I am a huge Mizuno fan. I feel in love with my JPX 800 & 825 pros with my dynalite shafts. Will there be a new club coming this summer.

Chris: We launch our new products in the fall. Stay tuned!!!

GolfWRX Member 4dough: Is the inside of the milled out pocket in the Mp54s prone to rusting?  A lot of MX200 currently on ebay are rusty

Chris: The plating takes place after the milling, so they shouldn’t rust, but as sets get older (200s are probably 8 years old) those hard corners of the milling are typically where a plating would break down and COULD start to rust. But honestly, they shouldn’t.

GolfWRX Member Boogalo_Jones: Are there any plans in the future to possibly go more into lightweight graphite shafts that offer similar characteristics of steel iron shafts?  Possibly go into the 60 – 70 gram graphite iron shafts yet maintain stiff tipness to keep a lower ball flight?

Chad: Not likely only because stiff tip 60-70 gram graphite iron shafts would represent a very small percentage of the golf market.  Most players as they go this light would need to see the additional benefits of higher trajectory.  I would give our XP 95 a shot and see what you think…thanks!

GolfWRX Member the_saint_siwa: To Chris,

Since Mizuno’s HQ in Japan, who has the final say when it comes to product release.  What I mean by that, if you design a super cool iron and the engineer in Japan also design a product, for the upcoming release, who has more influence?  The Japan or the USA group?


Chris: Cool question. So typically a US engineer and a Japanese engineer will work together on any given project. It’s more a team effort that the two sides competing and the collaboration usually leads to great ideas from both ends!

GolfWRX Member Stratokatsu: Chris – Is there some reason the Fast Track system hasn’t continued in Mizuno woods, in light of the Bertha and SLDR systems introduced by other brands? I use a newer JPX driver currently, but I still love my old MP600 with the Fast Track.

Chris: Fast Track is a great way to move weight around and we will continue to innovate in the wood market.

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: What is Mizuno Golf and True Temper doing to grow the game of golf in less developed countries?

Chad: We have a strong international distributor network to supply our shafts into the global markets.  We hope the game continues to grow elsewhere…it’s in all of our best interests!

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: How important is it for True Temper and Mizuno Golf to include youtube golf equipment testers such as Mark Crossfield and others in your new product launces?

Chris: The Mark Crossfield’s of the world are becoming more and more popular as a viable source for unbiased information. He’s definitely knowledgeable and valuable.

GolfWRX Member toad65: I have the JPX825 pro irons (purchased new last summer)…but no sand wedge, what club should I order to fill that gap? I’m an 80’s golfer, no handicap… Thanks

Chris: We make a complete line of JPX wedges along with our MP-T4’s that would be great additions to your set.

GolfWRX Member dpenjuke: In 2011 I purchased a brand new set of (3-gw) Mizuno JPX-800 Pro irons along with 56-13 and 60-08 MP-T11 white satin wedges, all with GS 95 shafts +3/4″ in length. Has the GS shaft been discontinued or replaced with the XP shaft? If so why? What are the differences between the GS shaft and the XP shaft? And the differences between the PX 95 flighted shaft and the Project PXI shaft? Would the wedge flex in the XP 105 shaft give a better result than the GS 95 shaft that I’m currently playing?

Chad: Yes, the GS 95 shaft has been discontinued and replaced with the XP 95.  As with all advancements, the XP series is a marked improvement over the GS series.  We continue to push ourselves to get better…give them a shot if you are looking to reshaft or get a new set.

The PX 95 Flighted is a descending weight shaft (gets lighter from long iron to short iron) and the PXi is a constant weight shaft (weight doesn’t change throughout the set).  This produces a different feel throughout the set and you will find that the PXi has a consistently lower ball flight throughout the set than the PX 95 Flighted.

GolfWRX Member nike7227: What does Mizuno see as the biggest challenge ahead for getting new golfers interested in the game of golf? Is there some type of initiative being worked on currently and/or moving forward? Thank you. (Btw, I love my Jpx 800 and had MX-23’s for quite some time prior to that)

Chris: Bears.

Actually, the decline in play in the game of golf is of course a worry so we try to make the game as easy and convenient as possible through club design and access to high tech, easy to use fitting equipment.

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: Which Mizuno MP irons are most similiar to the JPX-EZ irons in feel, performance, distance, and workability?

Chris: IN terms of performance and workability, the H4s, but in terms of feel, the 54s.

GolfWRX Member brittborngolf: These are questions for both Chris the engineer at Mizuno golf clubs and True Temper Golf shaft tech.
This is for Chris,

Well since your an engineer for Mizuno golf clubs. Will we see a whole new line up of clubs next year, varying with a whole new shaft and head concept. Such as will you switch to the aerotech design of shaft? and will there ever be a bulky head design like a set of Ping i15’s.  Sorry to bounce around a bit, but my other question is I purchased the JPX825 pro iron’s last year and I had a terrible time trying to hit the ball in the air, according to my father they aren’t the game improvement iron I was hoping for, is it true that the JPX825 pro’s are more of a players club? And what is a good game improvement iron for a 16 handicap girl, that can hit a men’s regular steel shaft club?

This is for True Temper,

True Temper, I’m trying to figure out how come you went with a thin to thick shaft design for the golf club shafts, some of us are trying our best not to snap the club in half. Is there going to be any surprises in the future for shafts and how they are designed and manufactured? In the future will we no longer see steel and graphite shafts? I’m a steel girl all the way, and I don’t want to see the steel shaft go missing in the golf shops. Also, what made your expert team of experts want to design a shaft or a hockey stick, what’s the difference?

Now for the both of you. What is a proper fitting supposed to feel and be like, when being fitted for a golf club? I’m totally clueless as a 19 year old female trying to purchase either a new wedge, iron, or fairway woods, and drivers? I don’t know how to feel or try to get the concept of this is how the proper way of being fitted, and if their is any way of knowing the proper golf shop; such as Golf Galaxy, or The Wide World of Golf or even Dicks sporting goods. I need your advice, due to the fact I’m done trying to figure out what is the right club for me and my club head speed.

Thanks for taking your time of your busy schedules to answer all of our questions.

Chad: Some great questions here. I’ll take them on one by one.
Regarding shaft thickness: True Temper’s Variable Wall Technology is something that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to not only improve durability, but also manipulate stiffness and improve vibration damping depending on what player profile we are designing a particular shaft for. You shouldn’t worry about shafts breaking!
Future materials:  We are dedicated to researching anything that could change how shafts are designed or made. I don’t think you will see steel or graphite replaced anytime soon. Combinations of both materials are already happening and other forming processes are definately being developed as we speak. Not all advancements will be easily visible but True Temper has a lot of things in the works.
Fitting: Going to a golf specialty store like Golf Galaxy is a great way to get your hands on product and compare the differences form one to another. Launch monitors allow fitters to accurately determine how one performs vs another to help narrow down the choices. You can also seek out one of our Performance Fitting Centers who have been trained specifically on all True Temper shafts. Go to the True Temper website and look for the list of PFC locations. As you are experiencing, trying to fit yourself can be extremely frustrating.

Chris: From my end:
It’s unlikely that we’ll switch to an Aerotech shaft given that it’s design really only lends itself to a very specific type player.
Our closest to an i15 type is actually really the 825 Pros. Very similar in head length and size but more forgiving
If launch angle is the issue, I’d take a look at an MPH4 type club.

The main thing for fitting is to find someone who seems knowledgeable enough to explain to you the “why” of club fitting. Someone willing to take their time and examine what you’re looking to get out of your game.

GolfWRX Member PingDrv00: This is a two tier question for Mizuno, and True Temper.  Mizuno if you look at your iron line up it almost seems that the lines are blurred between some of the ability and handicap ranges, was this intentional or a thought to enter new areas of the market.  Also, in regards to stock shafts does True Temper work in concert with manufacturers in suggesting current models for sets, or is the goal many times to match up new models to new sets?

Chris: You’re right in your observation that some of the lines are blurred between models (JPX825 pro, MP54, MP H4, etc). but each really has its target player. The 54, for example is for the guy trying to take that leap into the MP world but still needs a little bit of forgiveness. The H4 on the other hand designed to just launch the ball as high as possible. For that guy who needs that. The 825 pro is designed for more toe/heel forgiveness.

GolfWRX Member Stratokatsu: You just mentioned ability to adjust irons – Can clubs like the JPX825 iron be bent upright, and if so, how much without risk?

Chris: They can be bent +/- 2 degrees, but we recommend letting us do it at the factory. They are not easy to bend!

GolfWRX Member meaks17: I was wondering how accurate the Mizuno shaft analyzer is, could the results change day to day if your swing is on or off? Additionally have you thought about fine tuning the system more to suggest one of the shaft suggestions over the others?

Chris: Because the shaft optimizer measures the shaft and not the ball the results are very accurate from swing to swing. In the PFS software we offer several
shaft recommendations with the first one being weighed slightly over the others but because we are all different you need to confirm which one
is best for you.

GolfWRX Member EMgolf: Are there plans for any limited edition shafts and/or clubs this year? Limited edition major themed gear seems to be a growing field now.


Chad: We have some fun with the limited edition shafts.  We did the Ryder Cup US & Europe versions of Dynamic Gold Tour Issue and have done some other limited offerings.  we don’t really use them to drive sales, but just keep it fresh.  Keep an eye out for what’s coming…we will certainly let the GolfWrx community know first!

GolfWRX Member kingotheworldma: I have been playing a set of Tommy Armour 845s sine around 1998. I had a ten year layoff and am back. I play off a 13.5 right now. I think my clubs are starting to hold me back. What do you think?
My goal is to get through this year at 10 or so and get some new irons. I really love the MP 64’s, but there are a few other clubs that have caught my attention as well (ie Titleist 714CB, Scratch irons, and Miura’s). Sell me on the Mizuno’s….

Chris: Technology has come a LONG way since 1998. Check out the MP54s!

GolfWRX Member singlewhitematt: hello – marketing question – lots of people that play mizuno irons play them for life because nothing else feels like a mizuno iron. so to expand your market do you sell mizuno players more products (woods, clothes, etc.) or do you try to reach other golfers that are not yet mizuno devotees?

Chris: We are trying to reach more golfers by providing eight high performance iron sets, each catering to a different type of golfer. Between the eight irons we have in our line each year, Mizuno has an iron for every type of golfer, no matter what their handicap or skill level.  And they ALL feel like Mizunos!

GolfWRX Member jimwynn: Question about the EZ’s and mizuno putters.  I’ve hit the EZ’s at the shop and have to say I am extremely impressed!

As a Ping I series player who also occasionally throws his MP69’s in the bag when feeling confident, was it Mizuno’s intention to bring those two worlds together?  Create a cast club that is not very different than my Ping irons but infused with Mizuno’s design (feel).  They look very similar at address.

Also Mizuno doesn’t seem to market it’s putters as aggressively as say the irons.  Are there plans on increasing market visibility?  I’ve seen the putters online and they are very pretty, just never seen them in the stores. (even the high end ones)

Chris: The EZ line definitely speaks more to that PING type player and that wasn’t an accident. Glad to hear that you like them.

As far as the putters go, our focus is more on irons currently, let’s grow them and then see where the putters can go.

GolfWRX Member birdiebuster72: Has mizuno ever considered making their own line of putters?

Chris: Over the years we have made several Mizuno putters using our technologies. We offer some of these
putters in Europe and Japan.

GolfWRX Member tsaiki: What’s the difference between the JPX Fli-Hi hybrids (that come with the JPX iron set) verses the JPX-EZ hybrids?  Thanks.

Chris: The JPX Fli-Hi is designed to be what we call a DLR, or a direct long iron replacement. By that I mean it has the same shaft, length, lie, loft as a traditional long iron and is just easier to hit. The Hyrids on the other hand are designed to bridge that gap between the longest iron and the FW

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: Is Mizuno Golf a sponsor of Mark Crossfield?

Chris: We are NOT a sponsor of Mark Crossfield, we’re just lucky enough that he loves our product. He is very smart and stays neutral when it comes to clubs and doesn’t want to be tied to one manufacturer as this would take LOADS away from his credibility. We do take his insight very seriously though and he knows his stuff..

GolfWRX Member hankmoody: What are the differences between the JPX EZ and JPX EZ forged?  Is a matched set a good idea, with forged in the higher irons for feel?

Chris: Mixing a set could work out quite nicely just know that there will be a rather large transition in terms of topline and sole thickness. If I were to break a set, I’d split it between the 6/7.

GolfWRX Member Stratokatsu: I was previously fitted by another brand and it was a disaster. I’m 6’7″ tall and obviously need longer clubs, but I’m 65 years old and the high swingweight they had was impossible to swing effectively. Does Mizuno have any way to hold down the swing weight on a longer club to a level an old man like me can swing without struggling?

Chris: At 6’7″ it’ll be difficult to keep the swing weight low, but we do offer different head weights (B Weight) for longer length clubs that will help some! How much over length do you play?

GolfWRX Member GabrielLerman: I play the JPX825 Pro’s with DG S300’s. How often to recommend checking the lofts and lies? I practice/play 3-5 times per week and this includes some range time off of the mats.

Also, I swapped out my 4i and 5i for the MP-H4 versions. What lofts do you recommend to match them best to the 6i in the JPX825 Pro?

Thanks guys!

Chris: Thank you for playing Mizuno. If you practice a lot your lies might flatten over time if you hit off mats. The loft should be ok. I would recommed to check
them every 6 months. As far as the MP H4’s lofts matching the JPX 825 Pros you will need to strengthen them 1 degree to match up.

GolfWRX Member jleclair10: What Club do you guys play out of?

Chris: I grew up playing out of Dunwoody Country Club but now play at Country Club of the South and Heritage.

GolfWRX Member 4Golfer: Is it worth the extra expense for a 16 handicapper to go to the forged JXP EZ vs the steel shafts? What benefit will I see?

Chris: Kinda depends on how much you want to work on your game. The forged will give you more feedback and feel and will teach you to be a better ball striker but it is more demanding…

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: Matt Jones used a Mizuno Fli-Hi 2 iron to win at the Shell Houston Open.  What are your thoughts on Matt Jones’ use of the Mizuno Fli-Hi instead of a Titleist 712U 2 iron?  Every club in his bag was a Titleist except for the Mizuno.

Chris: Ha, I didn’t even realize that. Great! That MP Fli-Hi 2 iron is a beast and lots of guys are playing it out on tour. Thanks for the info!

GolfWRX Member pinglover757: True Temper, in your opinion,

1.  Is shaft puring process really make that much difference in term of the quality of the shaft?
2.  If it does, does it have a greater effect on driver or iron shaft?

Chad: Golf is a game of confidence.  If having your shafts pured provides added confidence then you should do it.  However, we have found no statistical performance advantage by aligning the so-called “spine” in the head.

GolfWRX Member HiSpeed48: Mizuno, do you guys keep the old forging dies from your previous model iron heads? Any chance of bringing back the MP32 as a special limited edition release? That would be awesome and probably a huge success imo.

Chris: We have SOME of the molds for the old irons, but once they wear down we don’t create new ones (forging molds only have a certain number of hits in them before they start to wear).
As for a limited run, it’s typically not our style. If it’s good enough to be limited edition, it’s good enough for mass production.

GolfWRX Member scratchswinger: Any plans to release the Yoro Craft custom options for the US Market?

Chris: Currently no plans to do that, but we’ll see how it goes over!

GolfWRX Member the_saint_siwa: What about Mizuno golf ball?  I was looking at some Japanese site and apparently Mizuno makes golf balls.  Any plan bring them to the states?

Thank you

Chris: We do make them in Asia and are currently selling them in Europe as well. That market is BRUTAL though so in the short term, don’t expect to see the ball in the states, but who knows. Anything could happen.

I’ve played the MP ball for a while as well and it’s quite good!

GolfWRX Member Masters1999: As along time Mizuno “addict”, I just love the feel and playability o fthe irons.  I am still playing MP-9’s but with age, finding the diminshed sweetspot is shrinking.  Would these new player irons JPX EZ allow me to still shape the ball and feel the shots like I do in the MP-9’s?  Keep up the great work.
Rob from toronto

Chris: MP-9s…WOW! The EZ won’t be able to work it quite as much, but if you can dig out some old Balata balls you’ll be right there.

GolfWRX Member Ldog: In a JPX EZ combo set how would you make the break to EZ Forged?  6iron is my 150 yd club.

Chris: probably between 6/7 .

GolfWRX Member Marks23: In comparing the EZ forged with the 825s distance wise, if the clubs were built to the same specs, which would produce more carry?  Overall distance?

Chris: EZ forged vs. the Cast 825, the 825 will go farther.

GolfWRX Member JollyGreenBucket: Hello, I was wondering what you felt was critical to True Temper’s longevity? For Mizuno, where do you think you can gain ground with the rest of the bag?

Chad: At True Temper, we are driven to innovate.  We never rest on past product success or expect any future success to be given to us because of who we are today.  We want to be relevant 100 years from now because of the products that we bring to market to meet the ever-changing demands of the golf consumer. We work closely with all of our OEM partners to make sure that our product road map is on trend with theirs.

GolfWRX Member JackVagolfer: I. Am currently playing MX 23s.  Would the JPX 825s with Dynalite shafts be a good replacement?

Chris: They’d be different, but good. 825 would be farther but the 825 Pro with the XPs will be the closest.

GolfWRX Member IheartNY: Does Mizuno Golf have any future plans to acquire a reputable putter maker, such as Kia Ma, or a small boutique putter manufacture, such as Bettinardi, to try to gain market share and dominate the golf equiipment market?

Chris: No current plans. As far as putter design goes, we can make some pretty sweet ones ourselves!

GolfWRX Member Deiv02: Hi, I purchased a new set of mizuno mp-54s. I really love the look, shape and feel of these clubs. I am a decent ball striker with a single digit handicap. However, I have noticed a loss of 10-15 yards per club.  I also noticed at times my 7, 8, 9, pw will go the same distance.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Chris: Lots of factors there…what did you come from, shaft changes, etc?

GolfWRX Member JollyGreenBucket: I currently have 825 Pros and am looking for something more forgiving. You’ve mentioned heel/toe forgiveness on the 825 Pros as a focus for them, for me I struggle with digging. Would a JPX EZ be ideal, or would an EZ Forged also have a wide enough sole to help with that?

Chris: If digging is an issue, the regular EZ will be a better option.

GolfWRX Member Jimmy Mac: Hey there, just got to a computer, hope I haven’t missed out.

Mizuno irons have always been drop dead sexy, but I’ve as a high handicap, I’ve been intimidated by the “players” rep for Mizunos.

What do you guys recommend for a 18 HCP? Just a general starting point within your line.

Chris: Check out the JPX825 line. They’re remove all of that fear!

GolfWRX Member sk33tr: Late to the party. Love the new line. Amazing work.

Will you offer different grinds and loft/bounce options on your wedges in the future?

Chris: Always time to reply to you David! We have some exciting stuff coming….just wait!

Chad: Thanks everyone for joining us today for our Q&A. We loved getting all your questions! We will keep checking back to make sure we didn’t miss any.

Enjoy following the Masters this week!

Chris: THANKS for the great questions guys and thanks for the support!




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I relate to this on so many levels…

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1. Singh bows out of Korn Ferry opener
Adam Woodard reports we will unfortunately not be getting the Singh/Schnell pairing we were hoping for…“Vijay Singh caused quite a stir a few weeks back when the three-time major champion’s name appeared on the field list for the Korn Ferry Tour’s first post-pandemic event at TPC Sawgrass’ Dye’s Valley Course June 11-14.”
  • “On Sunday, the PGA Tour confirmed Singh has withdrawn from the Korn Ferry Challenge. Golf Channel was first to report.”
  • “Singh riled up golf Twitter – Korn Ferry Tour pro Brady Schnell, in particular – with his initial decision to enter the KFT event. Being a lifetime PGA Tour member, The Big Fijian was eligible to enter the event because he wasn’t playing in the Tour’s return to play that same week at the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.”
2. Still no fans at Colonial
Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard…”Despite a revised state order that would allow fans to attend next month’s Charles Schwab Challenge in Texas, the PGA Tour plans to proceed without fans for at least the first four events when play resumes.”
  • “The PGA Tour’s primary focus continues to be the health and well-being of all involved with our tournaments and the communities in which we play,” a statement from the Tour read. “We plan to resume play at the Charles Schwab Challenge with the event – and the three to immediately follow – closed to the general public.”
3. Lynch on player mics
Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch has a few thoughts on one of the most-discussed matters coming out of The Match 2…“The most compelling possibility raised by “The Match II” is having players wear microphones during tournament play, and this week the European Tour said it will encourage players to be mic’d when it resumes action in July. The ET’s chief executive, Keith Pelley, exhibits more confidence in golfers agreeing to this than any of the people I know who produce live tournament golf for a living. Those producers will unanimously tell you it’s near impossible to get a simple walk and talk from a PGA Tour player, much less an intimate audio feed for 18 holes of competition.”
“The absence of mic’d competitors in tournaments isn’t because producers don’t want greater access. For all their garrulousness on social media, even younger Tour players maintain an old school mentality passed down from generations of Curtis Stranges and Raymond Floyds, who were as about as approachable as a piranha with toothache when they were working between the ropes. There is also a cost attached. “The Match II” was carefully stage-managed, with players held up along the way to ensure they were live at the right times. That won’t happen in tournaments with 156 guys in the field. Sure, you can stream a single group wired for sound, but for network broadcasts you’ll add the expense of a production staffer to monitor all the chatter for gems and a tape operator to cue it up (and armchair critics will still bemoan that it’s tape-delayed).”
4. Stymied LPGA skins match
Wherefore art the women in these charity matches? Apparently, we’d have already seen an LPGA skins match featuring top players, but for a lack of financial backing…
Golfweek’s Beth Ann Nichols has the full story…
“It’s all in place:
  • “Two courses are interested in hosting
  • Twelve players have agreed to compete
  • If they can pay for TV production, Franzen says they have the full support of the LPGA to work with their broadcast partners
“The idea is to deliver two days of skins matches to outlets around the globe. Players will have the ability to choose which COVID-19 relief fund they want their winnings to go toward.”
“But here’s the deal: Franzen needs funding. Lots of it.”
5. USGA: USO could feature fans
ESPN’s Bob Harig…”But the United States Golf Association is now optimistic about keeping the championship at Winged Foot Golf Club in suburban New York City and remains hopeful that spectators in some limited form will be able to attend.”
  • “The organization had been working on contingency plans to move the tournament to another venue, if necessary.”
  • “We are focused singularly on Winged Foot,” John Bodenhamer, senior managing director of championships for the USGA, said in a phone interview Friday. “Once we got the September dates, that was our thinking. Time is on our side. We did look at multiple scenarios, but given the recent news we felt we could focus there.”
  • “Winged Foot is a special place for us. And the golf course will be amazing. And to be able to do this in New York, where things have been so challenging, will put an explanation point on it. We see Winged Foot as our sole focus.”
6. Fill-in Tour event?
Rob Oller, Columbus Dispatch, syndicated in Golfweek…“Columbus could be in the mix to host a second PGA Tour event the week before the Memorial Tournament scheduled for July 16-19, two sources confirmed to the USA Today Network on Friday.”
  • “The Columbus-based tournament would serve as a temporary fill-in for the John Deere Classic, which was scheduled to be held July 9-12 in Silvis, Illinois, but canceled on Thursday because of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. It was to be the first tour event to include spectators.”
  • “…Other leading alternative site is Detroit with Lexington, Kentucky, and Carmel, Indiana, also possibilities. (This story was updated on Saturday, May 30, to include new information from the Akron Beacon-Journal, a member of the USA Today Network.)”
7. Mackenzie Tour cancels season
Carson Williams at Golf Channel…“Border restrictions, mandatory quarantines for those who enter Canada and gathering restrictions in all provinces because of the coronavirus pandemic were just a few reasons that led the tour to cancel its season.”
  • “With growing uncertainty surrounding the border and the 14-day quarantine regulations, among other factors, we’ve weighed all of our options and concluded that it is not feasible to play this summer,” Mackenzie Tour Executive Director Scott Pritchard said in a press release. “With the safety of the communities we play in mind, as well as the well-being of our players, sponsors, tournament-organizing committees, volunteers and golf course staff, we came to the realization that this is the best decision for everyone involved.”
  • “Mackenzie Tour members have been sent information detailing eligibility for the 2021 season. Those who have earned status at three 2020 Qualifying Tournaments will keep their status for next season. For the Qualifying Tournament entrants who have not yet competed, they will be guaranteed a spot for the 2021 event.”
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Morning 9: Latest memo from Tour to players | Phil’s post-Match perspective | Greg Norman’s regrettable take



1. Latest “bubble” memo
Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard details the most recent communique from Tour to its players…“In a memo sent to players on Wednesday, tournament director Michael Tothe outlined many of the protocols that will be required when play resumes on June 11 at Colonial including the four Fort Worth, Texas, hotels that will create the foundation of the circuit’s “bubble” for the week.”
  • “The core of the PGA Tour’s plan to return was always about testing, but it’s a fine line to walk. In two weeks, at the Charles Schwab Challenge, we’ll find out if it will be enough.”
  • “Players are allowed to stay in individual RVs or rental homes but they are being encouraged to assure the health and safety of their accommodations if they choose to stay outside the bubble.”
  • “Players were also informed where COVID-19 testing will occur when they arrive in Fort Worth as well as meal options at Colonial, which will be limited to grab-and-go lunches in order to follow safety protocols.”
2. Little John finishes second at Crooked Stick 
Kyle Neddenriep, Indianapolis Star…Daly II made that same walk on Wednesday, up the 18th fairway for the final round of the inaugural Dye Junior Golf Invitational at Crooked Stick.”
  • “I think a lot of guys have re-watched the 1991 PGA tournament,” Daly II said. “I watched it every night before the tournament. (Watching him) walk down the 18th with all of the fans everywhere was pretty cool. He started as the ninth alternate and didn’t expect to play. For him to win, it was a ridiculous story. He loves it.”
  • “Daly II put together a remarkable tournament in his own right, finishing a three-way tie for second place behind winner John Marshall Butler of Louisville, Kentucky. Daly II was 4 over for the two-day, 54-hole event, which featured 33 of the top high school boys players in the country and 33 of the same on the girls’ side.”
3. Phil open to wearing mic
Golf Channel’s Will Gray…”Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, Mickelson admitted that he didn’t expect the same level of banter during a typical Tour event with a seven-figure prize on the line, but he’d nonetheless be willing to broadcast his inside-the-ropes dialogue.”
  • “I would be open to the idea because of how it’s being received, and some of the insight and so forth,” Mickelson said. “But you don’t have the play between individuals. I had a partner, and Tom and I could talk back and forth. And maybe you could get some of that with the caddie, but having a partner is much more intimate and you have much better conversation.”
4. …wants annual Match
AP report…”Phil Mickelson, fresh off the success of Sunday’s charity golf exhibition with Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, says he would like to see “The Match” become an annual event.”
  • “I think you could showcase guys like Steph Curry and Michael Jordan or Tony Romo and Patrick Mahomes, who are all good golfers, elite talents and have great personalities,” Mickelson told the Los Angeles Times in a column published Wednesday. “Those personalities are going to come out with this event. Or you could have someone who loves the game and is competitive but is really entertaining like Larry David and Bill Murray. I think that could shine.”
5. More audience info
Interesting stuff from Geoff Shackelford…“According to, almost 1/3 of The Match 2’s audience was in the coveted 18-49 demo and the number was even better on on TruTV, also meaning there are people of any age group who know how to find TruTV”
  • “About 30% of The Match’s audience landed in the 18-49 demo despite the 44.5 average age of the participants…The numbers for TaylorMade Driving Relief with a foursome averaging 29.5 years”
  • “That’s 25% of the almighty buyers for a younger, supposedly more millennial-friendly group of golfers. And a grand total of (at least) 860,000 fewer viewers 18-49.  While not a huge difference in the percentage department, The Match did rout Driving Relief in overall audience and even took chipped away at NASCAR’s ratings.”

Full piece.

6. After a long layoff, how do the pros play?
Dylan Beirne, 15th Club for, examines the question…“As we might expect, there’s a clear relationship between performance and the number of weeks a player has been off. We can analyze how well players perform by comparing our estimate of their ability (how we would expect them to perform) to how they actually performed.”
  • “Generally, players taking small breaks of two weeks or less are marginally better than expected, while longer breaks result in an average drop in performance of between 0.1 and 0.2 strokes per round. For context, a drop of 0.2 strokes per round is about the gap between 100th- and 135th-ranked players in the world. It’s a significant change, but not enormous.”
  • “Additionally, the drop in performance after a 10-20 week gap is quite consistent across different levels of players. Top-50 players in the world are affected by a similar amount to those outside the top 50.”
7. A really bad take from Greg Norman
I mean, what else can you call it? A man who has a history of obtuseness and putting his fin in his mouth outdid himself with unfounded speculation about the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash in an interview with Michael Bamberger…“I asked Norman about the January helicopter crash in Los Angeles that killed all nine people aboard, Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, among them. I asked Norman if he had any insight, from his own experience as a helicopter pilot, and as an elite athlete who has flown often in helicopters as a passenger, into the tragedy.”
  • “Yes – yes,” he said. His voice was sober. “Probably pilot error and pressure from the back,” Norman said. Norman could imagine the legendary basketball player saying, “‘Get me through this; get me there. I’ve got to get my daughter to this game.’
  • …”My instructor and I had a saying, ‘If you can’t see through it don’t fly through it.’ If I was flying to Doral or Orlando or Naples and there was fog, we just put it down and waited it out.”
8. Sprint to the Cup
Ben Everill at…“The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting cancellations and postponements of tournaments leaves just 11 eligible tournaments over a 10-week stretch for players to qualify for the Playoffs and a chance at the $15 million bonus that comes with the season-long FedExCup crown.”
  • “While the top 125 will not double as the cutoff for TOUR cards next season in this reduced schedule, it will remain the mark to get into THE NORTHERN TRUST, the first of three Playoffs events in the chase for the FedExCup.”
  • “Gone is the luxury of extended rest between starts for those sitting way back on the list, such as Koepka, who was just starting to find his feet again on a return from injury when the pandemic halted play in March.”


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