Pros: Best Grips offers classy, hand-crafted leather grips in several designs. They’re unbelievably tacky and durable, and the variety of grip textures will please even the pickiest of players.

Cons: The stitches on the bottom of the grip could be problematic for players who prefer a smoother feel. Price range ($16-to-$20 each) could also be a deal breaker.

Bottom Line: Best Grips has captured the lost art of hand-stitched leather grips in a classy way. With a variety of colors and textures from which to choose, it will be hard for golfers not to find one that they like.


Best Grips is headquartered in Conroe, Texas, and has boldly chosen the name Best Grips, stating “our grips will single-handedly beat any other grip in a head-to-head test.”

“We are proud of our grips,” said Best Grip President Albert Sewill. “Each one is hand crafted and can take hours to complete. We aim to have the highest craftsmanship offered in a grip.”

All of Best Grips’ club grips are made of leather and feature “Pro Taper,” which means that they are slightly larger at their bottom, the part of the grip that’s closer to the clubhead. The company decided on the design after its research and testing on the PGA Tour revealed that many tour players have their grips built to have less taper in the bottom hand.

Best Grip also hand stitches each and every grip, creating a seam on the bottom of the grip that acts like a rib, or a subtle reminder of where the hands should be positioned.


Sewill’s father is a chemist, and with his assistance they created a grip that can withstand the toughest conditions. Their technology is called “ProTac,” a moisture-activated synthetic additive that is absorbed into the leather and remains there for the life of the grip.

“Grips that are painted, non-genuine Leather, or rubber will not absorb ProTac,” according to Best Grips’ website. “They rely on substances chalked onto the top of the grip. As the grip wears away and time dissolves the grip, the tackiness withers away.”

Best Grips is not limited to just club grips, however, as they offer an array of putter grips, head covers and accessories made with the same high-level craftsmanship. Their exotic leathers and wide variety of styles create endless possibilities.

Best Grips’ stock club grips include: the Classic and Classic Oversized (smooth and firm), the Gridiron and LTD Gridiron (made from the same material as professional footballs), the MicroPerf (includes microperforations to increase surface area and tack) and the Harcourt (made from the same material as professional basketballs and slightly softer than the Gridiron).

The Review

The most impressive part of Best Grips, by far, is their unbelievable tackiness. Like all golfers, I’m skeptical of companies claiming superior technology, but ProTac is exactly that.

From left to right: Best Grips’ MicroPerf, Gridiron and Classic club grips. 

For this review, I received samples of the Gridiron, Classic and MicroPerf, which all had extremely high levels of tackiness. I hit about 500 balls with each of the grips, and not only did they stay tacky, but they still look brand new.

Any grip can be tacky when it’s new and dry, however, which is why I put the Best Grips to the ultimate test. I dunked each of them in a bucket of water, and then proceeded to hit balls with them. They experience was amazing, and similar to dunking a rain glove in a bucket of water and then swinging away. Conventional wisdom says the performance of the grip should have been compromised, but the water didn’t affect the Best Grips at all. If anything, they felt a little tackier!

I felt that all the Best Grips were a little firmer than rubber grips I’ve used. I’m not sure if it’s because the leather is actually thicker, or if it’s just the fact that my brain equates leather with more thickness. Either way, I enjoyed the firmer feel and the shock-absorbing qualities. Golfers picky about “feeling” every mishit might not like the dulled vibrations, but they will likely be in the minority.

My favorite Best Grip was by far the Classic, which gave me the most feedback and felt the tackiest to me. I really enjoyed the smooth, traditional leather texture. Some golfers might like the Gridiron grip, which feels exactly like an authentic NFL Football, but it was sensory overload for me. The MicroPerf is a nice middle ground, with just enough texture to improve grip but not enough to affect my feel of the club head.

My personal thoughts aside, I had zero performance issues with Best Grips. As long as a they’re installed correctly, with their seams on straight, most golfers should be more than impressed with their performance. Selecting the right grip is a bit trickier, however, and golfers might want to order single grips in different styles before they commit to a 13-club set.

Looks and Feel

Simply put, Best Grips look as good as they feel. The leather is high quality and beautifully hand crafted, and each grip evokes the nostalgia of hickory shafts and persimmon club heads. They just ooze class.


The stitching on the bottom of Best Grips provides a subtle reminder that will be loved by those players seeking a ribbed-style grip. If they’re also looking for a tacky grip, something that’s not often found in a ribbed-style grip, these could be paydirt.

Best Grips’ custom options also allows golfers to choose from one of 50 colors, 14 different stitch colors and 100 exotic skins. We’re talking alligator, ostrich, lizard… crazy stuff like that. Golfers can also add embossed logos, custom initials or engraved designs for a one-of-a-kind custom look.

The Takeaway

Even with their price tag of $16-to-$18 each, golfers will be hard pressed to find a nicer leather grip than Best Grips. If you’re looking to bring a touch of class to your clubs and get great performance as well, Best Grips might just be your next grip.

For more information, visit Best Grips’ website.

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  1. I’ve tried both Best Grip and The Gripmaster grips and I must say that I preferred The Gripmaster. The taper in The Gripmaster’s grips was much more conventional , found the Best Grips too fat in the bottom hand. Also the Gripmaster’s felt tackier, and the performance in the hot humid conditions was unbelievable.

  2. I’m a huge Gripmaster fan. But these are all leather too & so must be considered – would love to try them & compare. I wonder if/how they cracked the issue of getting the leather to remain firmly attached to the sleeve – I understand Gripmaster patented their sleeve. And do these come in kangaroo, goat, sheep et al leathers too?

  3. Are you able to install these with air? If you can, are they easy to exhange from set to set? I’m a bit of a club ho and would like to be able to switch them from set to set,

    • Good Day Brian-

      Similar to Christian’s question, which BestGrip(s) grips have you tried and where did they fall short of Gripmaster?

      When did you buy them from Zach, and how did you evaluate them, as in how many rounds did you put on em?

      Have a great season Brian :)

      Fairways & Greens,

  4. Excellent review!!

    However, with all due respect, THE most impressive part of Best Grips has nothing to do with the grips, which are second to none.

    The most impressive part of Best Grips is the owner, Zach Sewell, who is one of the most sincere, conscientious and kindest individuals that you will encounter in this or any industry. Simply put, He IS Best Grips!

    Nuff said-

    Have a great season Gents/Gals :)

    Fairways & Greens My Friends,

  5. I’ve had mine on for 2 years now and they’re still super tacky. Given most rubber grips are dead after 4-8 months and cost $7-$10 these are a steal at their price, and mine are actually their factory seconds which were $9 per grip.