When the opportunity to test drive a brand new Ping G10 4 wood (17 degrees) arose, I jumped at the chance.

Naturally, it appeared to be a good fit since I consider myself a Ping guy (I loyally play Ping ISI Berillyium Nickel irons; I’ll never switch!) and I have been searching in vain for a consisently playable fairway wood with a graphite shaft. I have been playing a pair of Nike T60 fairway woods (15 and 18 degrees) for over two years. That is an eternity for me, fairway woods are always subject to replacement. Both T60’s have the Nike stiff steel shafts, but recently I have been searching for a graphite shaft in search of some extra distance and improved ball flight characteristics over my current set up.

I tested a Graphite Design YS 7+ stiff shaft in the T60 and I immediately lost any sort of consistency and confidence that I had with the steel shafts. Back to square one, or so I thought. Into the bag goes the Ping G10 stainless steel 4 wood. This 4 wood, having an “in between loft” of 17 degrees, made me wonder if this club could be the replacement for not only one, but both of my current fairway woods.


At first glance I noticed that the stainless steel G10 4 wood is a real looker. Great color scheme, black and orange with a bright, somewhat burnt orange graphite shaft. The overall quality, fit and finish of the G10 series either matches or surpasses anything available right now. It sets up very nicely, not overly square like many other OEM fairway woods that persuade (or force) you to hit a draw. By the same token, it doesn’t look wide open either. In short, and in the right hands, this club is willing to work the ball in both directions as well as nice and straight. The ball alignment aide, or waning crescent, is barely noticeable at address during play and offers a nice change from the norm. Even the headcover is high quality, easy to use and stays put during the round, whether walking or riding.

Ping has scored a big hit having looks and performance with the new G10 fairway woods.


In my quest for the perfect fairway wood graphite shaft I was initially skeptical about the stock Ping TFC (Tip Flex Control) 129 F, stiff graphite shaft. Upon first swing however, I was pleasantly surprised at how fluid feeling this TFC shaft really is. It seems to fit my swing speed profile to a tee. If you see yourself as stuck between regular and stiff, this shaft could be the ticket to increased accuracy for you. If you are a faster swinger with some serious clubhead speed, you will want to get in touch with the Ping WRX custom department to see what your options are for upgraded, stiffer graphite shafts. The TFC stiff shaft provides a nice, climbing ball flight without any of the ballooning that I was experiencing with my Nike T60 fairway woods. In fact, this shaft /club offers the same or better distance than my old 3 wood and with a higher loft!

Notice the clouds in the club head’s reflection? Top quality workmanship by Ping. The waning crescent alignmnet aide works well and really plays “low key”.

The Ping G10 has a somewhat shallow face that allows it to catch the ball cleanly from practically any lie, expecially those that are tight or thin, like hardpan. Tee it a little bit lower, and it launches off the tee without hesitation. Although the shallow face appears to make it more difficult to hit from the teebox, I really did not experience any difficulties here other than those caused by my own swing inconsistencies. I play to a 15 handicap and I like to utilize fairway woods off the tee regularly, especially on those tight, par 4 holes.

The G10 offers a nice club head size, and although not oversized, offers decent distance on mishits.


I firmly believe that Ping has really scored a home run with these fairway woods. My Nike T60’s are firmly entrenched in my basement and the G10 fairway wood now rules supreme in my own bag. This fairway wood enters this crowded market segment with an excellent price point, Ping quality (and service) and the ability to match up to all types of golfers, whether it be game improvement, highly touted amateur or professional. I think that the G10 line will be a big hit with many avid golfers, it sure is with me.

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  1. Just bought the club not sure what the original price is for this particular club I paid $15 its never been used I still havent used it yet thos is my first wood that has set shaft in my golf bag iv never had to use them I can usually get my targt with my irons but cant wait to use it

  2. swingspeedd q:
    if you want length go reg. if youi want control (you want control) go stiff. I have a similar ss and have the g10 4wood w/ stiff prolaunch red fw. love it!!!!!

  3. Replaced my 6 year old tight lies two with this club and the difference is night and day. I have hit the G10 4 wood off the tee, off grass, and off bare dirt, and it performs well in all those conditions. Both the club head shape and weighting, and the TFC shaft, appear to be real winners.

  4. Certainly works for me. Clubhead seems the perfect size and depth for both fairway and teebox. TFC shaft smooth yet reasonably tight; misses do favor the left side but reflect the swing made – nothing comes out of nowhere as far as any unexpected performance issues. Club honestly performs with pretty good forgiveness.