Fujikura’s new “Pro” shafts are mid-launch, low-spin shafts that are designed to help golfers hit the ball farther by improving the “kick speed” they get from their shafts.

Jeremy Butler, Fujikura’s director of sales, said the company’s Enso system played a big role in the creation of the new series. Enso is a 3D motion capture system that records golf swings at up to 700 fps, allowing it to analyze shaft metrics such as bending, twisting and kick speed.

“The biggest thing we try to do is increase the kick speed of the shaft just prior to impact,” Butler said. “The way we’ve designed the Pro series shafts helps us do that.”

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Each of the shafts has Fujikura’s high-inertia tip (H.I.T.), a design that takes weight out of the tip section of the shaft to increase the shaft’s inertia. But the tip section maintains its stiffness thanks to the company’s CAGE technology, which reinforces the lighter-weight area.

To improve energy transfer, the butt section of the shafts is designed to be slightly softer than previous mid-launch, low-spin shafts like Fujikura’s Motore F3. That allows golfers to store more energy in the shaft and then release it at impact, Butler said, resulting in faster club head speeds.

The Pro series shafts ($199) will be available in mid-February in weights of 53, 63 and 73 grams, in flexes R2 to X. They will also be available in hybrid shafts with weights of 63, 73 and 83 grams (R2 to X flexes).


“Tour Spec” versions of the Pro shafts, which have a higher-overall stiffness, can be identified by their white graphics. They will be available at a later date, and will be offered in weights of 63 and 73 grams in S and X flexes.


Also available in the Pro series are Fujikura’s Pro 95 graphite iron shafts. The parallel-tipped iron shafts are all designed with a 2-iron length, and maintain a traditional steel-shaft swing weight when cut to length.

Because they are lighter than most steel iron shafts, Butler said golfers should be able to swing them a little faster. That should help golfers hit their iron shots higher and farther, and the absorption properties of the graphite material also cuts down on the vibrations golfers feel in their joints through impact.


The Pro 95 iron shafts are all black, and will sell of $55 each (R and S flexes) when they are released in mid-February. Like the other Pro series shafts, a Tour Spec version is also in the works.

Click here to see what members are saying about the shafts in our forums.

Click here to see what members are saying about the shafts in our forums.

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    • Dear Fujikura,

      Thanks for putting out a shaft for less than $200. I might actually buy one as opposed to trolling the BST! HA! No seriously…thanks. These $350 shafts are getting ridiculous.