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The Titanium face and crown brazed to the stainless steel sole make this hybrid the hottest hybrid we have tested. Long is an understatement. Low spinning cannon!

Has a slot on the crown to maximize the launch conditions. Some traditionalists will not like the feature visually.

Bottom line:
Longest hybrid I have ever hit to date. This is in the bag and early predictions I say we have a hybrid of the year here. Long, lower spin, great sound and this tester loves the silver paint and sign me up for the slot on the top that some might not like! Wow!!!


The first time we pulled this baby out of the box we were a little apprehensive. There is clearly a slot carved out of the top of the head. Very unique look and not what you want to see looking down at a club. However that is about all we will say against this super car. We have our self a super car, super model or super golf club here. This is a unique launch and this GolfWRX editor is drinking all the cool aid and asking for more. I have had it in the bag now for 2 months. We received it early for a review and needed some stick time to make sure it was as good as we noticed in week one. Well it is.

We tested a 17* Adams Speedline Super XTD Hybrid on and off the course. We compared it on flightscope and trackman to verify what we saw on the course. For 17* model the launch was higher than we expected and higher than the normal 17* hybrid. Based on the high launch we expected the carry to be shorter but that was far from the truth. This head produces so much ball speed and lower spin we were hitting the ball close to the distances of our gamer Ping i20 3 wood that are made of steel. While the 17* hybrid was shorter than the Ping i20 15* 3 wood and the Tour Edge 3 wood that is Titanium, is was getting very close to them in distance. Yes we said close. We were only 5 yards less on carry and 14 yards back on total distance from the mighty 3 woods. The Adams XTD Super Hybrid is 2* higher in loft and many inches shorter yet almost went as far as the lower lofted 3 woods. Good knows what the XTD 3 wood will test like in a few weeks. The spin numbers on trackman for me were only 400 rpm’s greater with the 17* XTD than the 15* 3 woods.

When I was hitting balls I could see the ball speed coming off the face hot. You can see it. In play I knew it was going to be long and allowed me to slow the swing down. I was more balanced as a result and hit some great shots. My playing partners were also amazed I was hitting the hybrid as long as they were hitting their 3 woods.

Adams claims they have the highest CT in a hybrid of 240 and has the lowest center of gravity that increases ball speed and lowers spin. There is a “velocity slot” on the top of the crown and the bottom of the sole. These slots increases the spring effect across the entire face for added ball speed and more forgiveness. GolfWRX says WOW. No we are saying WOWOWOWOW. Not that was mature right? Not it wasn’t but there are some products that just make us want to yell out to all of our readers to come on in and try this out!!! This is one of those heads.

The silver paint job looks great. I really liked the flat paint and the new look. Headcover was also designed with care. Has a very functional velcro flap that wraps around the shaft making it easier to take the cover on and off.

What can you not like about this hybrid. Well here is something… $300.00 beans for this hybrid from the local superstore. This is a lot of cash for a hybrid but to get the Ti (Titanium) technology that always will cost you more.

As the spring and summer of 2012 rolls out we are excited to hear and see some comparison data from any and all against this mighty Hybrid. Early call is the hybrid of the year.

Click here to see more information and discussion in the forums

Also you can watch this great technical video GolfWRX did with Adams golf about the XTD Hybrid and 3 wood…

Here are some photos…

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  1. I love my super xtd. It’s probably the hottest face in my bag. I have the fast 12 LS driver and rocketballz 3 and 5 woods and rocketballz irons but the xtd is by far the best club in my bag.

  2. Absolutely love my 19, 22 and 25 nothing but good stuff to say however i am very disappointed in the quality of the head covers. My previous Adams hybrids – Pro Idea came with fantastic head covers with a magnetic closure which prevented them from falling off and really made you feel like you had a quality product. These head covers are garbage and i am shopping now to replace them.

    Whoever handled that aspect of this product line needs to step it up quickly.

  3. Bought the 17 today. Was 212-220 on the range with range balls. Face is somewhat closed; went home and marked a line on the top to aid me in alignment. I’m 63 years old, my Cleaveland 270 driver (10.5) is just over 240 for comparison.

  4. I just ordered my 14.5′ Super XTD 3 wood the other day without ever hitting it. I’ve hit the 17′ Super XTD hybrid on the launch monitor and was SHOCKED at how long it was! I was consistently hitting it 250 and easy too. Great club, can’t wait to get my hands on the 3 wood.

  5. Kev,

    I have the rep coming next week as we are looking to stock the Adams stuff (particularly fairways and hybrids). I am based at Sedbergh Golf Club in Cumbria. Let me have your details and I’ll keep you posted.


    Sedbergh Golf Club

  6. I took it out on Demo from Martins PGA in the stiff shaft. I was on holidays from Ireland and OMG, I used it in the stiff shaft and it is the most amazing club i’ve ever used. I hit it 270 Yards… Never ever hit anything like it in my life. Only problem I can’t get it over here in Ireland. If you live in the states buy it. You don’t know how lucky you are.

  7. I have the 17 degree version. It is very long… almost as long as my strong R11 4 wood. Easy to swing and better than my RBZ out of the rough. I highly recommend this one.

  8. I bought the Adams XTD Super Hybrid 17′ after hitting it straight down the middle of the driving range 3 times in a row. I traded in my Adams 15′ 3 Wood & my TaylorMade Recuse club!
    Out on the course, I hit a 209 yd fairway shot slightly downhill to middle of green on a par 4.
    The Adams Super Hybrid replaced “two clubs” which brought me back to 14 clubs again !

  9. Guys, just try it, its like someone has turned a light on. There has not been a hybrid or fairway wood like this. To compare like for like, the difference in trajectory and distance is just so noticable its untrue, you don’t need a launch moniitor to tell you

  10. Could be the best club I have ever hit! Hot as my driver, sounds and feels great and is deadly accurate and very long. Buddy of mine hit the 19 degree 248 yds over water in Palm Springs to 3 ft for eagle! The ability to execute all types of shots with this club allowed all of us in the group to go after pins and distances we have never thought possible… Worth every penny!

  11. Pretty cool! I love hybrids and would love to take this one for a test drive. Er, not out of the tee box persay, but I think the top slot won’t matter as long as it gets near the pin!