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Just a little about myself.
Age: 40 (yeah, that’s right)
Handicap: 6 handicap, play several times a week (9 holes during the week mostly).
Driver swing speed that’s in the 105-111 mph
6-iron swing speed of about 93 mph
I like to take a divot on full wedge shots, although I prefer to CLIP the ball on chips and pitches.

FEEL, FEEL & SPIN!!! Plenty of bounce when you need it, but modified C-grind to help you when you don’t. Gotta love that. Excellent finishes as well, dark chrome and copper. Uber-spin considering conforming grooves. Very nice leading edge grind to help CLIP it off the turf.

If you’re used to the look of the Spin Milled’s or the CG series from Cleveland, the increase number of grooves may be a turn off.

Bottom Line
This “once skeptic” is now a confirmed believer of these wedges. Some of the best wedges on the market in my opinion, and I’ve tried them all.

The Review…

50*, 54* and 58* Callaway 2012 Forged wedges, stock shafts, dark chrome finish

Well, these wedges speak for themselves. I went with a 50/54/58 in the dark chrome finish and they are just so pure. Very clean at address, very clean sole. Yes, at first, I was put off by all of the grooves on the face, coming from Spin Milled’s and CG16’s. Even my 1018 Forged look similar, but these, MAN there are a lot thin grooves. I get that, it does take a bit to get use to, but truth to told, they help frame the ball really well. Not necessarily the easier to clean, but man, they look sharp, without that MD look of “I’m going to EAT this golf ball as an appetizer!”

I LOVE both finishes, the dark chrome and the copper (Cu). I find both very smooth looking, and although I didn’t go with the Copper, I’m game them in a NY minute.

At address, each one frames the ball really well. Just sets up very square to the ball, regardless of the loft. I also really like the look of the modified C-grind with plenty of bounce where I need it. I’m a high bounce-lover, and these seem to work well from a look standpoint.

Okay seriously. These babies SPIN! Case in point, I’ve been using the 58 around the greens when I short-side myself. I can open the face up a smidge, open my stance and hit this flop that just STOPS. Whoa. I was use to the CG16’s, that will roll out a bit more.

Another case in point, had a little 70 yard pitch into a green (#6 at TPC Harding Park). Hit a little ¾ pitch shot with my 54. The ball was flushed, tracked right toward the flag in the middle of the green. It stopped just short, one stop and came to a dead stop 1 foot from the green. My playing partner just said “D@MN!” Even I said it too.

Out of deep rough, these wedges just go in, get the ball out and stop it onto the green. Very easy. Off tight lies, the leading edge is such that I can really clip it pure. Again, my buddy, who didn’t even see me chip, just said “of that was pure just by the sound”. I don’t want to rave about these too much, but whoa, they really do perform.

I use the 50* of full shots from 100-115 yards. The jury is still out a bit on the distance, but the flight of the ball was there. I also use the 50* for long pitches and chips around the green, and they perform just as admirably. I can really see my short game being crisp with these babies. I’ve used the 58* to just fly a short 30 yard chip over a bunker and onto the green, about feet from the pin. Out of light rough, deep rough, fairway and bunkers, I haven’t found anything wrong. Period. With the X Forged wedges, I like them “okay” out of the bunkers, but hated them on full shots and pitches. Just maybe TOO much spin all the time. Not with these.

Okay, these are FORGED! YES!! Can I get an AMEN?! Forged baby!!! So pure on chips and pitches. So sweet on full shots. Time will tell how they hold up for the duration of the season, but whoa, what a great feeling wedge. I just can’t describe it well enough, to be up front. You’ve got to hit them to experience and enjoy hitting these. They provide plenty of feedback (which forged wedge/iron doesn’t right?? LOL), and will let you know if you hit it off the toe or heel (not on purposed of course). We have a ROCK HARD practice facility with fake greens, and range balls feel like Pro V1’s with these wedges, and I can get the ball to stop ON the green with them too. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall bottom line:
Overall, as much as I’m shocked to say this, the 2012 Callaway Forged Wedge is a WINNER. You can easily ask any of my close personal friends and golfing buddies and they will all confirm my hatred for the Callaway X Forged wedge. I hated those wedges so much that I didn’t even give the JAWS a chance. It was that bad. NOT with these. They are pure, clean and SPIN the ball a ton. If you want to improve your short game, definitely give these a try. The modified C-grind really helps to be able to open the club up, yet hit it crisp without digging or skulling the ball across the green. They are great. Well, I’ll stop “typing now” and let the pictures and video do the talking. Cheers everyone!

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