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Forgiveness is my MIDDLE name! Long is my FIRST name! The black hides lot of Super GI features into a pleasing compact GI head. HOT all over the face. Plenty of offset to hit the ball HIGH and STRAIGHT. DURABLE finish.

PW with a smidge too much offset and a thicker topline for my liking. Really geared more towards a refined RAZR X than a replacement of the Diablo Forged.

Bottom Line:
An excellent alternative to the Titleist AP1 712, PING G20, and TaylorMade RBZ. The PVD finish is durable and very classy look in the bag and at address. Virtually eliminates glare.


Editor/Tester Review:
Just a little about myself. I’m a 6 handicap, play several times a week (9 holes during the week mostly). I have a driver swing speed that’s in the 105-111 mph, 6-iron of about 93 mph. The strength of my game lately has been my iron play, and have a decent short game (putting can improve of course. LOL) And I LOVE golf equipment, especially Callaway Golf products. They have treated me like a Touring Professional over the years, from excellent products to outstanding customer service. I have been able to have several range sessions and rounds using them in a variety of on-course situations, and hope that you enjoy reading my review. Lots of pics, comparison pics and a video to follow.

Well what can I say? I like the PVD finish. It holds up REALLY well. Unlike other irons in this category that shall remain nameless (cough, had 4 numbers in it, cough), the finish on the RAZR X Black is very clean, durable and eye catching.

Now, these will never be confused for it’s brethren, the RAZR X Tour or RAZR X Forged, but I’ll add that if Callaway were to provide this finish on those two irons, they would fly off the shelves. In fact, if they came out with a Tour Authentic version of the RAZR X Tour, RAZR X Forged, or even RAZR X MB’s, they would really sell like hotcakes on a nice summer’s morning.

At address, each iron provides plenty of “heft” behind the ball to provide a lot of “there’s no way I can miss this” confidence to aid the 20+ handicap to even the low handicap that prefers this type of iron.

The long irons ARE so confidence inspiring, without being gaudy. In fact, to be honest, I hit the long irons the best! LOL. Never thought I would say that. The 4 and 5 irons are pleasing to the eye; especially due to the black PVD finish (do you see a trend?? LOL). In fact, my one wish is that they made the PW look as nice as they did the 4-iron! I’d be willing to bet that the 3-iron would be clean as well, and I’d certainly be willing to be that if they made a 2-iron, it would sell too!

I will break up this set in terms of the short, middle and long irons during this review.

The short irons, while being on the “thick and meaty” side, are basically point and shoot. Point, hit the shot HIGH, and shoot. Yes, they have stronger lofts, but I’m so use to my Diablo Forged, that I really like not losing any distance whatsoever. I do tend to hit the ball HIGHER than my DF’s, with EVERY iron, but I had expected that, as the COG in my opinion is lower and deeper than that of that of the RXB’s. The offset does it’s job to a tee. If you struggle to hit the ball HIGH, or even HIGHER, the offset does it job and every iron benefits. I will say that I found that I gravitate towards my GW or SW, than using the PW for short chips and pitches. I need to get use to the look of the PW before I’m completely comfortable, but on full shots, it’s point and shoot. The 9-iron and 8-iron are actually nice to look at, and Callaway did a fine job of reducing the offset just enough that it’s not distracting.

The mid irons of the set are very easy to hit, especially with a draw. I found that I actually just had to move the ball back just a smidge that I was use to, and voila, straight shots. If you don’t want to fade the ball, THESE irons are right up your alley. There is literally ZERO glare off the clubface with these. NONE. NADA. NUN-CA! The black PVD finish really does it’s job well. For those of you that struggle with mid irons height, you’ll LOVE these. I mean LOVE them. (See a trend here as well??) For me, the offset does take some getting use. In all honestly, I’m not 100% dialed in yet, which is a testament to these irons in that I still get decent results even though I’m not swinging well and not use to the extra offset, compared to my DF’s. When I demo’d the 6-iron, I hit it with the stock shaft. I recommend it. WOW, it’s actually really good for it’s intended purpose of getting the ball UP and OUT there. I went with the PX Flighted 6.5’s, and man, I’d better bring it each and every time.

The long irons are well…. Let me put it this way. They are like taking candy from a baby. They’re like playing poker with a group of people and they all have to wear mirrored sunglasses so that you can see their cards. They are SO easy to hit. SO easy to hit, they just might be illegal (only joking!!). I hit them off the tee, off the fairway, in light rough and heavy rough. WOW! These long irons just GLIDE through the rough, seeking out the ball, and then hitting that very golf ball on a HIGH launching arc. Whoa. Scary. And I thought my DF’s were forgiving, but these are stupid easy.

Okay, I’ll preface this by saying that they aren’t forged, and I don’t expect them to be. The “feel” off the face is NOT Mizuno-soft, it’s NOT DF’s soft, but it IS hot, crisp and pleasing to the ear. Callaway does a nice job with these irons of creating a “thwick” type of sound off the face that sounds and feel very nice. I can hit the club all over the face, and it’s nice. There’s no hard stinging feel, yet they provide feedback and let you know where you hit it, just enough feel to give you some feedback, yet still be pleasing. They will not be confused with the MP-59’s, RAZR X MB’s, or any other pure forged iron, but they’re not supposed to be either. They have that “thwick” right off the face. The ball comes off hot and lively, yet pretty consistent as well.

Overall Bottom Line:
Overall, I will go out on a limb and say that a lot of mid-high handicap players, and quite a few low handicaps are going to be drawn to this iron. They are not only THAT easy to hit, but again, I cannot reiterate it enough, the black PVD finish really does disguise the offset and thicker topline (save the PW). Callaway is offering a GREAT alternative to it’s own RAZR X, and those of the Titleist AP1 712’s, PING G20’s and TaylorMade RBZ irons. The PVD finish is pretty awesome and it seems to hold up really well. I’ll definitely give an update on them as I put more rounds on them. If you prefer a GI or even SGI type of iron, THESE are right up your alley. In fact, I’m of the opinion that it’s safe to say that they have SGI features PACKED into a GI iron. They are THAT easy to hit. I really mean that. Now, with that said, if you’re in the market for a RAZR X Forged, RAZR X Tour or even a replacement to my much beloved Diablo Forged, you may not prefer these, until you hit them. But even then, that’s what those other iron options are for. But if you really want an iron that will feel HOT with a nice “thwick” off the face, definitely check them out. Please enjoy the rest of the pics, as it’s time for me to be quiet now and let the pics & video do the talking for themselves.

Discuss the RAZR X Black Irons here.

[youtube id=”QExRmugqarM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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  1. hi anybody got any input,looking at the razr x models the the standard model x,black & hl.Im 17 hcp with 80 swing speed. Unfortunately got no suppliers of callaway close to try out,help appreciated

  2. Hey Rob,
    Nice Review. Any chance we can get that update you were talking about? With the new clubs this season, the Razr X Black has some VERY ATTRACTIVE discounts at the majority of retailers.

  3. I got these clubs a few months back and well my verdict for the clubs is that they are really game improving. There is an element of forgiveness yet a very comfortable feel even on off centre shots. The sound i have to say is really superb and its kind of addictive. overall i think callaway really did a good job here, this is a great club for people who are new to the game and looking to lower their scores. In the past few months i went from 100+ to mid 80’s with these clubs (and a lot of practise) i would recommend these to player looking to improve. but naturally i think you got to try it before you take my word for it!

  4. G20’s or Razr X Black?

    Currently hit the MP-57’s and have had them for a few years. I am not the player I use to be. I do not play/practice as frequently, down from several rounds a week to 2 or 3 rounds a month.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Pat, so funny you say that since I’m contemplating almost the same thing. I also have MP-57’s and even though I can still hit them okay, they are a bit more club for me than I can handle. I’m leaning toward getting a set of Razr X Black’s and personally I would choose them over the G20’s because I’m not a fan of the G20’s huge soles (although I’m not exactly a fan of the large offsets on the Razr X Black short irons as well). I don’t think you can go wrong with either choice, but I would personally lean toward the Callys.

  5. Hi I’m looking at buying a set of callaway razre X irons but I’m not sure of the difference between the x black and the HL I’m a casual playing with a handy cap of around 16 at my local club and I’m in my early 20 and looking at improving my game.

  6. I recently Purchased these bad boys from the pro shop I hit the ball far and I mean really far. I had trouble getting rid of the draw right off the bat read this and moved it back in my stance and it made it worse. I moved it forward and just like that straight. I just started playing after taking three years off and had a 24 handicap at the beginning of summer. bought these and now im down to a 12. Amazing clubs.

  7. Purchased a set of the RAZRX a week ago. Not the black, personal perference, and I can say, they have the best turf interaction of any iron I have ever hit. Hardpan, tight lie, fairway, rough. Not as long as the Cobra AMP, BUT long enough and beat everything I tested before purchase in accuracy.

  8. Hi. Thanks for this great review. I am however a bit confused by the “advanced” game improvement title give by Callaway. Does this mean that the clubs are for slightly better players or it’s advanced technology? Are these more of a transitional iron to the true “players” irons?

    I”m left handed and cant’ find a place to test these new irons. I hit irons pretty solid but have a tendency to hit a draw/hook, caused by what I’m sure are swing issues and not the club. However, I’m concerned that the “workability’ in these my cause more harm than good. I”ve been playing crappy clubs (Dunlp DDH) for the past 2 years and want to finally buy a quality set. Caught between the Calli RZB and NIke VR S. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  9. The black finish holds very well. Of course you will notice some wear spot on the clubs you use most, but it is still black. I’ve been playing my RAZR X Black since May (once a week + driving range) and they still look very good. Don’t hesitate. Plus wear gives a look that they get played with and not just sit in the bag.

  10. reading your review on the callaway razr black i am on the market for these clubs to go with my razr fit 3,5& driver now my question is does the black wear off after a short while this may sound a daft question but if im paying almost a grand for these clubs i dont want something that looks pretty worn in my bag after a month or so

  11. I’ve tried the RAZR X and the RAZR X Black at a golf show. Got fitted by Callaway. Got the RAZR X Black 5 – PW with graphite shaft lenghten ½” on each to suit me. I was playing Adams a1 Irons graphite before the RAZR X Black. Now I play longer on each iron. I’m a 15 hdcp and I shot some games under 90 this year (88-87-89-88). The feel is great and they have razor precision on shots. Great work Callaway!

  12. I am a 3 handicap and have used these clubs for about 6 weeks and love them. You can shape the ball and you know you will get the results every time you hit the face anywhere on the face. The sound and feel is absolutely superb.

  13. I have been using Mizuno blades. They where just too unforgiving for a 13 handicap like myself. I got these and used them for the first time and shot a 77!! I have never broken 80 before. Very excited! Nice work Callaway.

  14. Easy to hit. I like the look ,feel, and accuracy of these clubs. Great job on the Black X irons. I’m a happy returning customer of Callaway. Great work!

    • You can definitely see your exriptese within the paintings you write in Tip From the Pro #2-Irons | Better Golf Swing. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart. Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at. by Jimmy Demaret.

    • I test hit the Callaway Black, Taylor RBZ and new Callaway X hot. I decided on the the Callaway Black (saved $200 over X hot). These irons are about 5-7 yards longer than my previous Callaway fusion not suprising since these are slightly flatter with all irons. The biggest diffrence for me was the 7 iron. In my previous set I hit the club 147-153. With the black I was consistantly over 160. Again the 7 is a little flatter than my Fusion irons. After purchase took to range and they seem very solid can’t wait to play a round with them.