If you haven’t discovered Golfdotz for yourself yet or aren’t sure how they work, I’m here to help.

This cool little product is a high-resolution ink transfer that marks your golf ball and adds some flair.

The company is approaching nearly 200 different styles and ways to mark your ball with a lot more styles to come in 2014. There is also a new Irish series if that’s what you’re into.

Golfdotz, which are made in the U.S., are available at some golf stores, including the PGA Superstore, and are a great stocking-stuffer because of their package size and price.

Each pack comes with 32 Golfdotz and retail for $5.99 on golfdotz.com. And if you use coupon code “XMASKB15″ you can receive 15 percent off your order now through Dec. 25.

It’s incredibly easy to put Golfdotz on your ball. Start with a clean ball and cut the sheet dotz apart (as seen in the picture below). Then, take a dot and hold it down on the ball for a couple seconds. Carefully remove the paper, and you’re done. Seriously, it’s that easy. The Golfdotz eliminate the need for the sharpies on your ball altogether.

Neon Lucky Clover

There are designs for boys, girls, women, men, young, old; everything from smiley faces, to shamrocks, to simple targets or accuracy arrows. My golf friends all know I’ve been using Golfdotz for awhile now and some of the most common questions I’ve gotten are:

“Do they affect ball flight or the roll of the ball?”

They sure don’t! Golfdotz have gone through a rigorous testing process and conform to the R&A and USGA rules of golf.

“Are Golfdotz durable when used by golfers with high swing speeds?”

As long as they are applied correctly, Golfdotz are extremely durable. Most customers report being able to play multiple rounds with the same dot.

“What are your favorite dotz?”

Personally I love the cupcakes, hot lips, lucky clovers, lucky horseshoes, majestic butterfly, love USA, and aum designs. They also just introduced hashtag dotz that I think could be really fun.

Rory Sabbatini was the first professional golfer to use Golfdotz, and pushed for their approval process by the R&A and USGA. Christina Kim became the first female golfer to use Golfdotz on the LPGA Tour. A few other tour professionals that have gone on to win with Golfdotz include Marcel Seim, Gregory Bourdy, Jessica Korda and Maria Hjorth.

Golfdotz offers custom dotz and you don’t have to be on tour to get them. The company has a new custom program with a 50-pack minimum. For more information on that you can email info@golfdotz.com.


You can also put Golfdotz on golf clubs and golf shoes. I’ve even seen them used on soccer balls!

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Kimberly Baresel is a long-suffering golf aficionado. She began playing the game at age 16, married into it with her husband Greg, who is a teaching pro, and has worked on the business side of the industry in merchandise for the last 12 years. Working in a pro shop, doing the soft-goods buying has allowed her to examine apparel in an intimate way. Having a petite frame and being unable to find comfortable, stylish apparel is a motivating factor in her writing.

Outside of golf, Kimberly loves being a mother to her two adorable little boys.

For more apparel reviews, go to www.kbgolfstyle.com


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  1. I use the Golfdotz and love them. They are fun, super-easy to apply and with their extensive library, I am always trying new dotz. My favorites are the pink piggy, the lady bug and sun dotz! I get lots of emails from women who read my books and visit MissPar, commenting on their fave dotz. A brilliant concept.

  2. The only thing stopping GolfDotz from exploding is the size of the minimum print run for custom orders.

    50 custom packs equals 1600 marked golf balls! Far more than any individual human can consume in a reasonable amount of time. That’s 2 lost balls A DAY for two years! Only corporations will go for it and which corporation wants to hand press dotz on 1500 balls when they can just buy dozens of custom logo balls from Titleist?

    Now if Golfdotz can get their small print run minimum quantity down to just 5 or 10 packs, then they capture the individual golfers who want their custom names and logos on things and not just stock ladybugs. That’s the tipping point!

  3. I play on the professional golf scene (PGA TOUR Canada) and use a product that golfdotz custom made for me. No better way to mark your ball. Sharpie’s fade, Golfdotz are permanently on there. It is a great stocking stuffer for the golfer in your house OR a perfect gift for you. There is a reason people on every professional tour across the globe use it

  4. I learned about golfdotz from Kimberly’s Instagram page and thought I’d give them a try. I normally use an orange sharpie dot to identify my ball, and have tried the tin cup, but find myself coloring in the dot again and again throughout the round. However, with the golfdotz mustaches I put on my ball there’s no need. I think they are a great product.

  5. doh, never mind. $3 to ship a tiny sheet of labels that should cost 50 cents to mail? sorry, i don’t order from companies that have a low price then add outrageous shipping. thx anyway, good idea, i was going to by the yin/yang.