taylormade Jetspeed

Pictured above (from left) are the TaylorMade JetSpeed 3 Wood, Driver and Fairway Metal

Just three weeks ago, TaylorMade announced its SLDR fairway woods and hybrids. Today, golfers are getting their first look at TaylorMade’s newest line of metalwoods, JetSpeed, which includes a new driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

taylormade jetspeed

Pictured above (from left) are the TaylorMade JetSpeed 3 Wood, Driver and Fairway Metal

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

taylormade jetspeed

Before you attempt to throw your February-released (and now two-models old) TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 and RBZ Stage 2 Tour drivers, fairway woods and hybrids through the windows of TaylorMade’s headquarters, take note that the JetSpeed metalwoods are almost certainly a complement to the SLDR line, and not a replacement.

Taylormade jet speed

Picture above: The JetSpeed driver’s matte-painted crown

The JetSpeed driver, fairway woods and hybrids have shallow, or short, faces when measured from sole to crown. And only the JetSpeed driver has any adjustability, a 3-degree adjustable hosel.


Those are clues that the JetSpeed metalwoods are a direct replacement for TaylorMade’s higher-spinning RBZ Stage 2 (non-tour) drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, while the more adjustable, deeper-faced SLDR driver, fairway woods and hybrids are a replacement the company’s lower-spinning RBZ Stage 2 Tour line.

jetspeed driver18c8a370aeca6b1fe477f456f634b567

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods


Pictured above: The sole of a JetSpeed 15-degree 3 wood. Below is a photo of the club’s crown. 


Like the SLDR fairway woods and hybrids, JetSpeed models have the company’s new Speed Pocket, a handle-bar shaped slot that cuts all the way through the soles of the clubs.


According to Mike Ferris, vice president of product marketing for TaylorMade, the new Speed Pocket makes the SLDR fairway woods lower spinning and higher launching than the RBZ Stage 2 Tour fairway woods, and it’s safe to say that golfers will likely see the same from JetSpeed, as higher-launching, lower-spinning metalwood shots are the key to helping most golfers unlock more distance.


Photo above: The face of a JetSpeed 15-degree 3 wood, which is shallower TaylorMade’s SLDR 15-degree SLDR fairway woods. 

The JetSpeed driver also has a slot in its sole, marking the first time TaylorMade has used a true-to-form Speed Pocket in one of its drivers. While the sliding weight mechanism TaylorMade used in its SLDR driver has some of the beneficial properties associated with a Speed Pocket, the slot does not go all the way through the sole as it appears to on the JetSpeed driver.

jetspeed 3 wooda67d9e9f91d27d9b9d4b57c881f04f95

So what’s with the name JetSpeed?

TaylorMade’s 2012 line of “RocketBallz” drivers, fairway woods and hybrids was said to be inspired by the reaction of some of the company’s tour players, who allegedly said the ball came off the face of the clubs “like a rocket.” TaylorMade named the thinner, stronger material it used to create its 2013 RBZ Stage 2 fairway woods “Rocket Steel.” Rocket Steel, used in the aerospace industry in rocket engines and jet landing gears, was 38 percent stronger than the 455 carpenter steel steel alloy the company used to make the faces of its original RocketBallz fairway woods. Might I be jumping to conclusions to say that the alloy used to make the JetSpeed metalwoods might also be from the aerospace industry, maybe a lighter, stronger “Jet Steel” perhaps?

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TaylorMade JetSpeed Hybrids

taylormade 2014

Like the JetSpeed fairway woods, the JetSpeed hybrids aren’t adjustable.

jetspeed hybridf26fca3b171a803f21b0147435658bef a2fa34e85819318f8b3572f55658267905392029a6007f5790266dab8491e35c

The JetSpeed driver, fairway woods and hybrids will be available Dec. 13. The driver comes stock with a 46-inch Matrix Velox T 49 shaft in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 13 degrees and sells for $299. It is also available in a TP model with beefier Matrix Velox T 60 shaft for $399.

The fairway woods are available in lofts of 15, 17, 19, 21 and 23 degrees with Matrix’s Velox T 69 shaft and will sell for $229. The hybrids ($199) are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. The weight of the stock shaft, a Matrix Velox T, varies by weight. Regular-flex shafts are 65 grams and stiff-flex shafts are 75 grams.

See more photos and read the discussion in the forums

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  1. Don’t you all think it’s about time we just stopped buying all this new gear. I am as guilty as the next person as I have been sold new drivers that were not much better than the older ones.we should all be hitting about 300 yards by now.if we all stopped buying new the so called new gear then maybe the golf companies would only bring out a new club when it was really better than previous models.somehow I dought it.

  2. I’m not going to pass judgment an the quality of the Jetspeed because I haven’t hit it yet. How could I have? It has only been on the market about 10 days.

    But I can tell you that based on what I am already seeing in on-line sales, it’s either a dud, or those in the know fear getting stuck with overstock because the dumping has already started.

    Over the weekend several big, reputable Ebay retailers fire-saled dozens of new Jetspeed drivers and fairway woods with no reserve auctions. Brand new drivers sold for $150-$200, 3 woods for $85-$115 on average.

  3. Great to see another innovation from TMAG. When the new stuff comes out, the old stuff goes down in price. Bought my R1 right after the SLDR came out and now am playing the best driver I’ve ever owned. All this new stuff makes buying golf clubs less expensive. It also forces the competition to keep up and prices for previous models come down. Also, even with all the new stuff, some of the TMAG stuff is still the best.

  4. I was at roger dunn today and there are barrels and barrels of last years new drivers and fairway woods, all marked down….so we need even more clubs that nobody will ever buy? the markup must be tremendous if they can afford to just change every 3 months and make the old ones obsolete. the only people that benefit is kids getting new stuff for half price.

  5. Blah blah they sell too many clubs. But guess what, they got you talking didn’t they? That’s all they want. Look at any post mentioning TM.

    • I have a Rbz 3 wood and no-one can deny it’s hot and forgiving. This driver is suppose to be the driver that Rbz should’ve been. I was a mizuno iron player for years but their forged irons always look the same do the same different mdl#. (Point) every company is guilty but give buyers a break the metal isn’t gold ” Scotty Cameron”. At least Cobra and Adams give buyers a price break.

  6. They need to change the company name to “Total Hype.” Every driver offering they promise 10 yds. so we have all picked up 50 yds since last year.

    • I’ve bought every new TM driver since 2001 and it’s simply incredible. I’m now hitting the ball 500+ yards a crack and had to buy a new wedge so I can chip back to the greens I have over-driven! Distance claims are BS or at least no more valid than government statistics that get churned out to get attention. Bottom line is if you stink, you still can’t buy a game. I went to an out of town wedding a few weeks back a borrowed a set of clubs for a quick round with the boys. Standard off the rack gear probably 10 years old and I still broke 80 and kicked everyone’s butt even with their Optiforce-SLDR-Forged Composite-Speed Pocket-Nitrogen filled pieces of junk! For some really fun…..find youself a set of hickory shaft clubs and go walk a quick 9-holes at your local muni. It was tons of fun and required lots of imagination and different types of shots. Glad I don’t have to do that every round but makes you appreciate the Karsten Solheim’s and Dr. Hocknel’s of the world.

  7. […] TaylorMade JetSpeed Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids – GolfWRX Before you attempt to throw your February-released (and now two-models old) TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 and RBZ Stage 2 Tour drivers, fairway woods and hybrids through the windows of TaylorMade's headquarters, take note that the JetSpeed metalwoods are almost certainly a complement to the SLDR line, and not a replacement. If you could read you would realise that SLDR replaced the 'TOUR' and 'TOUR TP' RBZ Stage 2 fairway and rescue lines…Jetspeed  […]

  8. This is why I hope taylormade crashes and burns. To me this is just another sldr without the cheap “light switch” on the bottom. Coming out with a new line every few months is a sure fire sign that they don’t do a lot of developing and improving from line to line. STUPID

    • Agreed! I was a Taylormade fan in early 2000’s, especially the TP line, but will no longer play their product. My local golf shop has 6 used SLDR’s in stock and a total of 17 drivers (all brands). Tells you something about the product, but disappointing to see so many SLDR’s sold in the first place.

      • Ditto! This constant barrage of TM drivers makes me feel like what I buy today is good for approximately three months then the propaganda comes why my current TM equipment is obsolete. The releases have no impact anymore. I realize Callaway has vowed to do the same…every six months. Good grief!