New and Improved Titleist NXT Tour/NXT Extreme?

I have always liked most Titleist golf ball products. In fact, I have been a very loyal Titleist customer since the early 1980’s when I first starting playing golf. I have played the DT SoLo for a long time (in one form or another) and always felt the performance for the price was really good, if not the best in an oversaturated golf ball market. I also really like the ProV1x ball, while not as soft as the SoLo, it is longer off the driver and irons, although it doesn’t have anywhere the feel of the SoLo around and on the greens. I just am never sure if the Pro V1x ball is worth the increased price that you must pay. I have always believed that the NXT Tour ball was a good “MIDDLE OF THE ROAD” ball between the SoLo and the ProV1/ProV1x.  I wondered if this is still the case… 

Titleist has come out with the NEW and IMPROVED NXT Tour and NXT Extreme golf balls. They even have an improved and more expensive price tag for the NXT Tour. Will the increase in price offset the amount of performance I’ll achieve? Will the extra $4 to $5 give me anything else that I am not already getting from the less expensive Bridgestone E5 or Srixon Tri Speed ball?  We’ll see. Read on…

I was looking forward to testing the new NXT Tour and NXT Extreme. I decided to test it against the old model NXT Tour, the Srixon Tri-Speed, and the Bridgestone E5. I always thought that the previous NXT Tour was a legitimate golfball for $25 or even less than $20 per dozen when you buy the logo overruns.

The old model NXT Tour really “pops” off the driver face, gets some really nice and decent spin off the irons and feels pretty nice while putting. Although, I did not measure to the exact yard, I felt that the older version of the NXT Tour provided good distance off both the driver and irons. This ball remains (provided you can still find them new) a great Titleist product, high performance all the way! In my opinion, the old NXT Tour is an excellent all around performer. These are on sale for $19.99, get them while you still can!

The Bridgestone E5, in my opinion, is a highly underrated golf ball. These things literally fly off the face of the driver and irons and they travel noticeably farther, and at the SAME price as the old NXT Tour model ball. Since I tend to hit a high ball into greens most of the time, I can afford to give up some spin with the E5. I am having a hard time getting this ball out of my bag, it is such a great all around performer. In a sense, I feel that it is a cheaper (less spinning though), much more durable than any ProV1/Pro V1x golf ball. The E5 feels pretty good on the green as well, although not soft while chipping around the greens. The biggest draw back with these balls is when chipping, they are a little hot coming off the face, you’ll have to think about your shot a little bit more. The E5’s usually cost right around $24.99 per dozen.

The Srixon Tri-speed is as close to the old NXT Tour out of all these golf balls. It even has a softer feel. This is another very underrated golf ball. Good driver distance, excellent off the irons, it could spin for me and around the green it might have been the overall best feeling ball. Buttery soft with the flat stick. I’ll be experimenting with these a bit more in the near future. They might even move me away from my regular colder weather ball, the DT So Lo. These can also been found for right around $24.99 per dozen.

What about the NEW versions of the NXT Tour and the NXT Extreme? Quite honestly, I was very disappointed with the overall performance of this golf ball. Compared to the previous version of the NXT Tour, the new NXT Tour did not appear to have that nice “pop” off the face of the driver and I felt as if I actually lost 5-10 yards. It was a little harder feeling off the irons and was pretty good around the greens. I liked the new putting alignment arrow on the ball. Is the new NXT Tour ball better than the previous version? Nope, I personally don’t think so. I fact, I bought 3 dozen of the older version because they were on sale for $19.99. In short, I’ll miss the older model NXT Tour. These have increased in price to $29.99. Titleist has made it a little easier for me to choose a golf ball. I’ll now have one less to choose from.

The NXT Extreme (previously call the NXT) was always an enigma for me. This ball has never seemed to fit in anywhere. I have never felt that this ball had anything to offer my game. It feels terrible off the driver, hard off all iron shots and feels pretty average around the greens. Nothing really stands out about this golf ball. It should be called the “NXT Extremely Ambiguous”. It says Titleist, but it plays TopFlite. This was the poorest performing ball out of all of the balls I tried. These can be purchased for around $25.99.

In short, I was quite disappointed in the new NXT Tour golf ball. I was always a fan of the previous version. I didn’t have any real expectations with the NXT Extreme as I have never really cared for the NXT ball in the past. The older model NXT Tour was such a good, maybe even great all around performer. Give me that ball with the new alignment arrow at $24.99 and I won’t buy the E5 or the Tri-Speed.

My Rankings:

1. Old model NXT Tour

2. (TIE) Srixon Tri-Speed (better spin) and Bridgestone E5 (better distance).

3.  New NXT Tour

4. NXT Extreme

These new NXT Tour golfballs are priced at $29.99. Not really worth the extra money for less performance and a nice alignment aid.  I’ll more than likely just pass these on by and head over to the E5 and Tri-Speed section of the golfball aisle that much faster.

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  1. Nice review. Up until recently, I was exclusively a Nike ball player, but then decided, on a whim, to try the NXT Tour 2007 ball. I was quite impressed by the feel of the NXT and it even gave me some more distance. However, if the ‘old’ NXT Tour ball is, as you say, just as good for feel and distance, then it seems folly to pay extra for the 2007 version just for the A.I.M. If you look on eBay, the ‘old’ NXT Tour is readily available in its retail packaging, at around £15 per doz., compared to shop prices of around £20. Based on your review, i shall get some ‘old’ version to trial when i go on a weeks golfing break next week.

  2. What about the e6 ball from Bridgestone? That has three layers instead of two on the e5. It is also relatively cheap (in the range you’re testing). Give it a whirl and see where it stacks up.

  3. Great write-up. I’ve not tried the new versions of the NXT/NXT Tour but I was never that big a fan of the old ones and since the Srixon Trispeed came out I’ve seen no reason to try them again.