Titleist putter maker Scotty Cameron will open a public putting studio in Encinitas, Calif., GolfWRX has learned.

For years, Cameron has had a private putter studio in nearby San Marcos that has functioned largely as a place for touring professionals to be custom fit for a Scotty Cameron putter. The intent of the public putting studio is largely the same, sources say, but it will offer putter-fitting services to the general public.

Cameron, 50, joined Titleist as a putter maker in 1994. Since that time, he has become the most prolific putter maker in golf, creating the putters that were used to win two out of the four major championships in 2013 (Adam Scott, The Masters; Jason Dufner, PGA Championship). Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have also used a Scotty Cameron putter in each of their combined 16 major championship victories.

Cameron’s retail line of putters fetch prices between $299 and $399 in the United States, making them some of the priciest in golf. But that’s nothing compared to the prices collectors assign to his “tour-only,” limited-edition and one-off putters, which can sell for as much as $20,000.

That fervor for Cameron’s products, which has held strong for more than a decade, is likely one of the driving forces behind the opening of the public putter studio, as many Cameron enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for anything associated with the brand.


Above: Scotty Cameron putters from the 2013 PGA Merchandise show at the “Table Rock” display. They sold out quickly, despite their four-to-five-figure price tags.

It is doubtful that the Cameron would decide to sell any of his most sought after tour-only, or “Circle T” putters through the public putter studio, as he has resisted selling any of those putters through retailers in the past. However, Cameron had successfully sold limited-edition merchandise such as apparel, ball markers, head covers and putter grips through his website for years, and it would make sense that those items would line the walls of a public putter studio.

Titleist is yet to make an announcement about the public putter fitting studio, which sources say is expected to open sometime in 2014.

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  1. I sent my Putter to the Custom Shop and It came back the same length. Ie: only half the work was done. And when I asked them to remedy this and that I didnt want to send my putter off again they said no deal. I HAD TO send my putter back… Horrible customer service.

  2. I think is great, as a huge fan of scotty and somewhat of a collector, i think this is great for us fans to be fit by the best with the best. scotty fans will pay for anything to be in “THE HOUSE OF SCOTTY” hopefully open before february 2014 !

  3. I listen to guys come in the shop WHINE about paying $299 for a putter, then turn around and drop $400 on a driver they hit crooked maybe 14 times around. If a guy shoots a stock 72 he will use the putter 36 times. Seems the $299 is better spent than on a $400 driver.

    Players pay for PUTTERS.. hacks waste big money on drivers.

  4. Impossible to justify the price of a “custom” Scotty. Lord knows what he’ll charge for a visit to his “public studio”. And when you consider the skill level of 99% of the golfing public, they be just as well off with a TGW discounted Odyssey or PING putter for $79.00! As for the tour pros? Well they don’t pay for their custom Scotty’s (most pros have several) AND more importantly, PGA tour players could putt better with a shovel than literally all amateurs putting with a $5,000 Circle T Scotty.

    • you are wrong on Pros don’t pay. Might try asking some about those free $2500 plus putters. Pros go to the Studio and they PAY for the fitting. Very few get freebees. Been to the studio twice. It is a tech envolved session dialing in a putter. Pros know that the putter is where the bread is made. Not wasting money on drivers. That is the difference between PLAYERS and the HACKS that hangout on blogs whaaaababying about the price of a putter but turn around and drop $400 plus on a driver they can’t hit straight or out of their shadows

      • Actually most touring pros do get free circle t’s. I know multiple players personally on the champions web.com and pga tour canada and they all get access to free circle t’s. Also you dont need to go in to get fitted you can send in a request for one with your resume to scotty and he will decide (maybe not him personally?) if you are to get one.

      • chowchow, from reading some of your other posts, it sounds like you work at a golf course or at least at a retail shop….so do I. I’m a terrible golfer and I don’t pay for much of my equipment; clothes, clubs, shoes, hats, I couldn’t tell you the last time I paid for balls, pretty much whatever I need within reason. It’s one of the many great things about working in the golf industry. Maybe you have inside information on tour players and what they pay for, but if I’m getting free stuff, I highly doubt Adam Scott or Jason Dufner asks Scotty Cameron for a putter and he says: “OK, here’s your custom putter, that will be $300.00.”

  5. So if it only the retail Scotty putters, what good will that do someone? They will find a putter for them but since they are so expensive will not be able to buy them. How bout making a putter more in the normal person’s price range instead of opening a new store?

    • How bout I’ll take the oppurtunity to get fitted by Scotty’s trained peeps, which have one how many? Or I should say who doesn’t win with a Scotty? PGA, LPGA, Senior, amateur, etc….the numbers speak for themselves…just like titleist has the monopoly of wins with balls. It’s on a smaller scale, but prov’s are pricey and no ones complaining, just as I’ve never heard someone say “this Scotty is garbage”…give me a rossa. May not be the right arrow for the scotty hater Indian, but can’t deny the quality of his work. So I’m unsure what a “normal person’s” putter price is, but I’ve got every bit of enjoyment outta of the Scotty’s I’ve played, and that’s fine as well if you wanna get kicked in your 2-balls leaving one short playing the minority of putters cause u wanted to save a few bucks to buy that disposable driver you change every six months, rather then spending on your moneymaker that will stick with you for a lifetime, or until you buy another Scotty:) Cheers!

  6. I can only imagine the lines to get in that joint. It’ll be worse than the retail crawl at the Camarillo Coach Outlet Store that my wife subjects me to. Ugh! I’m sure Scotty staff will be passing out 30% off coupons as well!

  7. Just a place to see more merchandise. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that is all we are looking at here. Titliest opens a new store…

    And there was much rejoicing….. Yea!

  8. Good scoop Zak, but didn’t Tiger use a Ping putter during his first Masters win? I thought the Cameron was in the bag for 13 of his 14, so it would only be 15 of the 16 combined majors for Roiger, or Tigoy, your choice.