July 2012 Editors Choice- Best Wedges

by   |   March 5, 2012

The GolfWRX Editors’ Choice Awards recognize the very best in gear. We tested, fitted and debated to develop the list in lieu of spending countless hours in the GolfWRX forums obsessing, reading, writing, buy and selling as we and up to 800,000 others do every month. See how we select the winners.


Titleist Vokey Wedges- Bob’s extensive testing, both in the workshop and with the world’s best players, has resulted in wedges that produce more spin and control thanks to entirely re-engineered grooves and tighter scoreline spacing. And with a larger number of tour proven loft and bounce combinations, there are more ways to hit it close than ever before.
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Scratch Wedges- The head shape of the 8620 is a classic teardrop head, with a high toe and a slightly rounded leading edge. The head shape design was based on feedback from Scratch Golf’s JLM line as well as Tour Pros around the globe. The 8620 wedges feature a brushed satin finish. This finish provides the durability of chrome with a duller surface to help eliminate glare. The minimal stampings of the 8620 wedges provide a very clean look unique to the Scratch Golf brand
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Cleveland 588 Forged Wedge
The 588 Forged wedge maintains the popular, tour-proven shape of its predecessor with a series of technological breakthroughs to provide even more performance. Every wedge is Precision Forged from 1025 carbon steel for incredibly soft, solid feel and the highest level of manufacturing consistency for supreme confidence and trust over every shot.
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Miura Wedges- Mr. Miura understands that golfers were looking for a sand wedge with even more aggressive heel and toe relief to compliment their other Miura wedges. The challenge for the Miura family was to create a wedge which would not compromise the basic fundamentals of a high performance golf club. The result is a wedge which balances the heel and toe relief golfers wanted, leading and trailing edge versatility golfers need, with playability in a broad range of conditions.
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Callaway Forged Wedges- The newest forged creations from Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland offer golfers all the control, spin and feel they could ever want to attack the pin with new finish options that exude confidence from a striking look. Tour CC Grooves help promote ideal trajectory and distance control while a softer ‘C’ shape allows for versatility and precise shot-making.
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Scor Wedges-
Every loft is a different head. Find your custom short game prescription based on the irons you currently play, swing speed, and the carry on your 9-iron. SCOR4161 scoring clubs are designed to make a seamless transition from your irons to your wedges and control the gaps in your scoring clubs. Progressive weighting through each of 21 lofts (41 to 61 degrees) is designed to optimize spin and trajectory.
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  2. Brian Branson

    October 8, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Do the Scratch Wedges meet USGA wedge rules…

    • sean_miller

      November 3, 2012 at 11:05 pm

      I hope not – then they’ll be on ebay in mint condition!!

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