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Review: Callaway women’s golf apparel



Recent lines of Callaway apparel seemed to have been aimed at my parents, not me. But the company has really stepped up its game with its new line, which targets a younger, more athletic crowd.

Outfit 1

Take for example, the water resistant, fully lined Luna Vest ($95, pictured right), which I paired with the moisture wicking Snow White Helix Polo ($70) and the moisture wicking, print knit Velocity Skort ($70). It offered a younger look than I was expecting, and a really cozy feel.

The skort has both front and back pockets, a nice feature because the skort is actually loose to allow you to fit things in its pockets. Also pictured are the Solaire 2013 white-and-silver golf shoes ($69.99), which are very breathable and fit true to size.

The shoes are spikeless, which means you won’t need to worry about spike replacement. And they’re inexpensive enough that when you’re done wearing them on the course and around town, you can toss them and pick up a fresh pair.

Outfit 2

Callaway’s Snow White Omega Polo ($70, pictured below) looks great with the Black Track Jacket ($85), Red Chev II Skort ($60) and Novas shoes ($79.99). Like the track jacket, the skort has moisture-wicking properties, and UV Protection and a mechanical stretch as well.


The Novas white-and-bone golf shoes have spikes, which were actually a little hard to get used to because I’ve become accustomed to spikeless golf shoes. There’s no doubt that the spikes can provide additional traction from slippery lies. The only question is whether or not consumers believe that traction is worth having to change your shoes twice every round.

Outfit 3

DSC_0203 - Version 2

Pictured above is the Purple Magic Stretch Long-Sleeve Knit Pullover with ¼ Zip ($58), Stretch Seamless Leggings ($65) and under the 15-inch Skirt ($60,) as well as the Solaire SE golf shoes ($69.99) The pullover shirt is extremely comfortable, and the leggings offer figure-flattering compression (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?) as well as antimicrobial yarns for odor control. The skirt also has a nice stretch to it for a full range of motion. The Solaire SE shoes are lightweight and breathable, and Callaway added a nice touch by selling each pair with two sets of complementary-color laces.

This was my favorite look of the three I tested. Everything from the pullover to the shoes was perfect in my eyes. The outfit felt sporty yet feminine, and had a very clean look. And everything was incredibly comfortable and easy to play in.

The Takeaway

Callaway offers a fairly wide range of sizes ranging from XS to XL and 2 to 16. I wear an XS/0, so I got the smallest sizes available. For me, Callaway runs on the large side, so most of the items were a little big on me with the exceptions of the vest, long-sleeve pullover and leggings.

There is still room for improvement in this much-improved line. The shoes, particularly the Novas, could be more comfortable. They felt tight and heavy, and like some of Callaway’s men’s offerings it took a long time to break them in. The clothing could also be cut closer to true sizes, which would help it appeal to the younger, trendier golf crowd who prefer golf apparel that is passable in places other than the golf course.

Overall, I’m excited to see the direction Callaway is headed and think it will only get better from here.

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Kimberly Baresel is a long-suffering golf aficionado. She began playing the game at age 16, married into it with her husband Greg, who is a teaching pro, and has worked on the business side of the industry in merchandise for the last 12 years. Working in a pro shop, doing the soft-goods buying has allowed her to examine apparel in an intimate way. Having a petite frame and being unable to find comfortable, stylish apparel is a motivating factor in her writing. Outside of golf, Kimberly loves being a mother to her two adorable little boys. For more apparel reviews, go to



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  3. Daily Sports USA

    Nov 14, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    All outfits are great, well paired, they are functional and stylish at the same time.

  4. jed

    Oct 26, 2013 at 12:39 am

    I like the way you paired everything. I enjoy the purple and black look and I wear it all the time(as a guy). I am not a fan of the leggings look but I totally understand why one would wear them.

  5. Philip

    Oct 22, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Although I personal like purple and black it just doesn’t work with the leggings. Now the white top with orange trim, orange skirt and black jacket works really nice with or without the jacket. The hiking style with plaid skirt – no way!

    On a side note – how do girls play in a skirt? I want my clothing as loose as possible – but they do it on the LPGA and they would smoke me :o)

    • Philip

      Oct 22, 2013 at 9:24 pm

      Ok, so that was red – the colour profile makes it look more orange on my screen.

      • Kimberly Baresel

        Oct 22, 2013 at 10:26 pm

        The skorts are surprisingly comfortable and I think I actually prefer them to shorts or pants. They have shorts under the skirt and it’s an awesome combination that really allows a lot of mobility.

        It’s actually not a plaid skort, I probably should have taken some closer shots of each individual piece so you could see the detail better. Sorry about that!

        • Philip

          Oct 22, 2013 at 11:33 pm

          Ok, so it’s not a skirt – I thought it was a type-o, now I can see why it’s so comfortable.

  6. Patty D

    Oct 22, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    The leggings look has to be the worst look out there. It looks sloppy, and almost like a kid that outgrew their pants. Yuck!

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Accessory Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Swag ball markers and divot tool



Product: Swag ball markers and divot tool

Pitch:  From Swag: “Swag is the brand that isn’t scared to push the limits in a conservative sport that isn’t evolving to meet changing styles. We like to listen to music on the course, we want to be bold, we love having fun, we love golf, and we’re going to express that both on and off the course. We aren’t going to try to sell you on how great our proprietary materials are and we don’t need to rely on clever marketing to sell more. We’re a no BS company. What matters is that our putters feel good and in turn make you feel good when putting. We have some crazy ideas, we love to tinker, and we experiment on how to perfect everything we do.”

Our take on Swag’s ball markers and divot tool

Swag Golf is creating some of the most sought after products on the market right now, with their funky headcovers and putters all being in high demand. Well, the companies ball markers and divot tool are no different, both of which are easily identifiable as coming from this emerging company who create high-quality products.

The Skull is the companies flagship symbol, and their Stainless Steel Skull Marker their most recognizable marker. The skull marker features black and fluorescent paint, with the bright sunglasses on the marker giving it a vibrant look. 100% CNC milled, the tool contains the companies name engraved on the back of the marker.

A variation on the Skull Marker is the companies Rainbow Skull Marker. Just in case the black and fluorescent paint job on the former wasn’t flashy enough for you, Swag’s Rainbow Skull Marker will make sure to get you noticed, containing the same features as their Skull Marker with a Rainbow PVD finish.

Moving away from their Skull Marker’s, Swag’s St Paddy’s Day Cap Marker is more than worthy of a mention. Identical in size to a bottle cap, the St Paddy’s Day inspired marker features a hand polished golden finish, with the word Swag in green written on the front, while on the back the words “Swag Golf Co.” as well as the company’s philosophy “Don’t give a putt” featured.

The company describe their bottle cap/marker as not being the first bottle cap/marker on the market but “the best one” out there. While I can’t confirm how true that statement is, I can certainly say it is an excellent one.

Swag’s first divot tool is the DTF Divot Tool. Get your head out of the gutter, that stands for “Down To Fix”. The device comes in a black and lime paint job, and an impressive weight of 49 Grams which should ensure that it doesn’t go missing on you.

The divot tool, like their ball markers, is 100% CNC milled and made from 303 Stainless Steel. For a Swag product, the writing and branding on the tool is quite minimalist, and it is as clean and sharp looking a divot tool as I’ve seen from the 2019 releases.

As always with Swag products, the only issue is the limited releases and how quickly the items go, which is no surprise considering the unique products as well as the quality provided. They are, however, continuing to create and release more and more products and their website, as well as their social media sites, are all well worth keeping a close eye on if you’re looking to snag some of the companies top gear in the future.


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WRX Spotlight: Swag putter covers



Product: Swag putter covers

Pitch: From Swag: “Swag is the brand that isn’t scared to push the limits in a conservative sport that isn’t evolving to meet changing styles. We like to listen to music on the course, we want to be bold, we love having fun, we love golf, and we’re going to express that both on and off the course. We aren’t going to try to sell you on how great our proprietary materials are and we don’t need to rely on clever marketing to sell more. We’re a no BS company. What matters is that our putters feel good and in turn make you feel good when putting. We have some crazy ideas, we love to tinker, and we experiment on how to perfect everything we do.”

Our take on Swag putter covers

When it comes to loud, inventive, standout putter covers, Swag never disappoints. Their new series of covers are certainly out there, and the contrast of their range, attention to detail, and excellent all-around quality make these putter covers a must have — if you can get your hands on them.

To start with, Swag’s Lincoln cover is a a real standout. The cover features a bright green background with President Lincoln looking the part in dark shades in the company’s own version of the $5 bill. The detail of the blade putter cover is excellent, with the bright green being the eye catcher and the unmistakable figure of Abraham Lincoln as the centerpiece.

The company also seem very proud of their creation, letting folks clearly know in their description of the cover that it is “not legal tender.” (Just in case you found yourself confused)

The company’s pink Flamingo cover is also a personal favorite, featuring bright colors and cool summer breeze feel. The great detail on the bird with its dark shades, vibrant colors and background of the palm trees make it an ideal cover as we head into the summer months. But it isn’t just the designs. The quality of the fabric and stitching lends for a durable and plush feeling cover too.

It’s worth noting that Swag enthusiast and team member Kevin Streelman is rocking one of the latest Swag putter covers. The American is currently gaming a Swag 2019 Handsome Too Tour with a double fly milled face, and the 40-year-old rocks the Chicago style deep-dish pizza cover to accompany the flat-stick.

Swag is without a doubt a no BS company, and in their putter covers, they have certainly delivered in their aim to be bold and experimental. Perhaps the only disappointment is that all their limited edition putter covers are already sold out, which is an ode to how clever and engaging their designs are. The covers range in price from around $75-$125, and as the company continues to push the boundaries, here’s hoping for more releases in the near future.

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WRX Spotlight: Garmin Approach Z80 laser rangefinder



Product: Garmin Approach Z80

Pitch: From Garmin: “See the game differently with the Approach Z80 laser range finder with GPS. Laser ranges are accurate to within 10,” so you can take dead aim at the flag. See a full-color CourseView and Green View overlay in 2-D, showing distances to the front and back of the green, plus hazards on more than 41,000 courses worldwide.”

Our take on the Garmin Approach Z80 Laser Rangefinder

In terms of laser rangefinders, the Garmin Approach Z80 does all the little things well and then packs on a bundle of additional features, which makes the product unique.

For starters, one of the coolest features of the Garmin Approach Z80 is the 2D hole layout that appears on the left-hand side of the screen. The image serves as a virtual map of the hole, and offers you a great view of what’s in store next should you either pull or push your shot, making it one of the best rangefinders on the market for use on your tee shots. The rangefinder also allows you to enter your average driving distance, which will automatically suggest where your tee shot should land.

For approach shots, this rangefinder gives you the distance to the front, back and flag which shows up at the bottom of the screen. The Z80 can also provide distances to hazards and bunkers which is very useful for tight pin locations. When locking onto the flag, the rangefinder provides a yellow arc which once more presents you with a view of where you could end up if you hit your number but miss your target.

The rangefinder goes into standby mode after it hasn’t been used for five seconds, a feature which is extremely good for battery life. Once fully charged the ApproachZ80 will easily last you from 3-4 rounds. However, the standby mode does cause it to take slightly more time to load up when using, but we’re only talking 10-20 seconds.

The PinPointer feature which the Approach Z80 features is also very beneficial in that an arrow on the screen will direct you to the hole, whether you’re facing a blind shot, or are out of position. It’s worth noting that the PinPointer feature is also advantageous in that it gives you the yardage to the hole and not just a guide, despite you being unable to see the flag.

All in all, the Garmin Approach Z80 is a top rangefinder with an innovative 2D map of the hole which gives you a tremendous amount of power in that you can not just visualize the hole quickly but also possess a powerful tool for shots off the tee. The small size of the rangefinder is also a major plus, as is its light weight of just 8oz. At $600, it wouldn’t be considered an economical purchase, but in terms of the innovative technologies and benefits, it could still be considered value.




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