Check out these spy pics of the Adams 2013 XTD drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. It appears that Adams has gone slots galore (even in its forged irons) to make themselves the company with the hottest clubs in golf.

The 2014 XTD driver, fairway woods and hybrids each feature two slots (one on the sole and one on the crown), which resemble the “cut-through” slot design that Adams included on its latest Tight Lies fairway woods.

The forged irons also feature a slot in the sole, which is positioned closer to the face than TaylorMade’s RocketBladez irons (remember, they are cast). It’s an interesting move that Adams has stepped up with a forged players iron before TaylorMade, which is Adams’ parent company.

In another bold move, the 2014 XTD drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are rumored to come stock with Matrix’s Q3 “Red Tie” shaft, and the entire line will include Iomic’s Sticky 2.3 grips.

Adams XTD Driver

The deep-faced driver is adjustable, and features a screw in the sole that will be used to tune swing weight. Adams is known to produce extremely low-spin drivers, and the 2014 XTD appears to be no exception.

adams xtd driver

Adams XTD Ti Fairway Woods

According to sources, Adams had to slow down the titanium faces of its fairway woods and hybrids to bring them in line with USGA limits. That means that the faces are a little thicker in the middle to give them the maximum COR rating of 0.83. and the outer edges of the face are a little thinner, which delivers maximum face rebound across the face.

adams xtd fairway

See what our members are saying about the 2o14 Adams XTD lineup in the forums.

Adams XTD Ti Hybrid

adams xtd hybrid

Adams XTD Forged Irons:

We’re being told that a full set of these bad boys also comes with a DHy driving hybrid, Adams’ super hot driving iron. According to sources, the slot gives the forged irons a floating face that creates more ball speed in the sweet spot and more consistent ball speeds across the face for more forgiveness.

adams xtd irons

See what our members are saying about the 2014 Adams XTD lineup in the forums.

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  1. I had a chance to hit the irons at a local golf show. Amazing! I play titleist 710cbs and these xtds were much softer feeling, went a little longer and were more accurate. I will look for a used set next year. Can hardly wait.

  2. I have the new XTD on the way… Hit them against the CMB with PX 6.0 shafts which I was fitted for a while ago and I was hitting the XTD longer, straighter and with better spin rates. The C Tapers are amazing and the clubs are awesome all around.

    For anyone that thinks these flat black clubs are ugly, please think again… Maybe it’s just me, but I think the flat black is the best looking design yet. Wish the XTD were black like the CB3 to make the whole set match.

    For people who hate on the slot design, it’s all about the technology. You may think its ugly but you will forget about that very quickly when your ball goes further and straighter thanks to the technology that makes Adams clubs so dang great.

    Please go to the PGA store or your local store and hit them against your current club. You will be impressed.

    And before anyone says anything I do not work for Adams although I would love to! They are a local company here in Plano Texas and I love what they do.. They made a game changing design with the Tight Lies back in the day and again with their new one. They are implementing the tech into other clubs… Love them or hate them but Adams is making some great clubs and you are missing out if you don’t even give them a try.

  3. Ummmm….yea….nothing cheap about them at all. Pictures don’t always tell them whole story. I thought they looked good at adress and the ball just jumped off of the fairway and hybrids. I didn’t hit the driver, but it reminded me othe 964ls….except with the cut thru technology. Wanted to leave the course with those demos..

  4. Way to go Adams!! Product looks awesome,feels great and that driver is scary long! Adams is one of the few company’s (maybe the only) who use the real deal shafts in their drivers, woods and irons. Now we get iomic grips, c-taper shafts, stock. Oh yeah, and they have the #1 hybrid on all tours. Nothing cheap there. They take their whole budget and spend it on making the best clubs….not ad campaigns. KAAAAABOOMMM

  5. Since when did Adams become a powerhouse forged iron maker. If you look up what Ping main business was before golf one can argue they know more than anyone. Want a real forged iron put something made in japan in you bag. The Adams stuff look like crap because that what it is.

    • Lol your are misinformed.MIJ is a weak market. Even Japan has their iron heads forged in China now. “Adams stuff looks like crap”? tells me your a purest, probably Mizuno or Muira irons. My ADAMS MB2’s against your irons any day any time, Can’t tell the difference. Give up the buhaha about MIJ is better. Get educated read articles on this site from Tom Wishon.

      • They are available to hit already? Nice to get an early hands on.

        I have the Super LS woods (driver and 3) which I think look nice, but I just don’t like their new logo in the generic cursive script. I think the newest driver and 3 wood look good apart from the logo, but the badge on the irons doesn’t look like it fits well in the middle.

  6. I have been an Adams guy for a few years with their “player” line of clubs, and currently play CMBs with A4s as my back up. 9064LS driver backed up by a Cobra ZL. Hybrids and three wood are Adams, but I’m not diggings these

    • I finally saw the driver and irons in person, I humbly withdraw my earlier comments. The combo set in the XTD irons is pretty nice, and the driver looks very cool in person, can’t wait to hit it.

  7. Looking really nice, minus the speed slot on top. If the face was too hot then why not take out the top slot and keep the face hot? Or was there maybe a reliability issue?

    • Yes they will replace the CMB’s. The XTD Irons are Forged Blades that come with the DHy hybrid in the 3 & 4.
      Hit them in the desert last week and the XTD lineup is very strong.
      There goal for XTD is to make the finest clubs possible without worrying about the price.

  8. If the 5 wood can out hit my Super S 5 wood then I will definitely buy it and I will also try the 3 wood but my Cobra Amp Cell 3 is going to be hard to beat. The irons look nice although the horizontal lines that are cut into it need to go but I will still try them out and maybe replace my Adams Super S irons I am using now. The hybrid I am not set on yet, it looks bad but it may just perform well enough to consider it too. Overall I say Adams is looking good for my bag next year minus the driver and 3 wood that spot is all Cobra.