Tour Edge Exotics has announced the release of its latest drivers, the XCG7 and XCG7 Beta.

The drivers offer golfers more adjustability than their predecessor, the XCG6. According to Tour Edge, they also perform better thanks to upgraded materials and the company’s new Power Grid section on the front part of the drivers’ sole.

The XCG7 driver measures 460 cubic centimeters. Its face is made from 6A4V titanium, and has an adjustable hosel that gives golfers the ability to adjust loft from 8.5 to 12 degrees in 0.5-degree increments.

The XCG7 Beta targets better players, with smaller, 440-cubic-centimeter head that has a deeper face to help golfer achieve a more penetrating trajectory. Like the XCG7 driver, its face is also made a 6A4V titanium, and it features the company’s Power Grid — an accordion-like section on the sole located behind the driver’s face that Tour Edge says creates more spring-like effect at impact. The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0.5-to-1 mm, which encourages the dimples slots to flex.


Both drivers have Tour Edge’s hexahedron weight pads in the rear of their heads to maximize moment of inertia, but they’re positioned in different areas in each model. The XCG7 has the weight located lower and deeper in the head to encourage slightly more spin and a higher launch angle, while the XCG7 Beta has the weights positioned closer to the face to encourage a lower launch and lower spin. Each model also has weight removed from the rear center of the sole, allowing more weight to be moved to the heel and toe areas.

Unlike previous Tour Edge models, the drivers have a matte black-painted crown. The word “Exotics” is written on the rearward heel portion of XCG7, while the word “Beta” is scrolled on the Beta model.

The drivers are available with either a Fujikura Fuel or Matrix Ozik White, Red or Black Tie shaft. The XCG7 will sell for around $300, while the Beta will cost about $350. For more information, golfers can call Tour Edge at (800) 515-3343 or visit Tour Edge’s Website.

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  1. Looks pretty good to me(just need to take some sandpaper and remove the logo on the crown). Always wondered about TE drivers; don’t understand how they can build FW’s that receive such high ratings, but their drivers never seem to rate that high in reviews.