Shotzoom, the company that developed both Golfplan with Paul Azinger and Tiger Woods: My Swing apps recently released TOURCaddie. TOURCaddie is an iPhone app that does some of the things a professional caddie could do for you, and a number of things s/he couldn’t.

Conceptually, the application is like an advanced yardage book, and there are both paid and free versions of TOURCaddie.

The free version features a GPS utility, which provides yardages to the front, middle, and back of 40,000+ courses. It also allows golfers to enter and track statistics and add hole notes and pictures.

If you pay $29.99 for the annual subscription to the TOURCaddie Pro, you, of course get more. TOURCaddie displays more yardages in the paid version, including yardages to hazards and other targets on each hole, as well as club recommendations based on the shot tracking data entered by the user. In the paid version, users can also zoom more extensively on hole maps.

Additionally, another $9.99 gets you an annual subscription to the TOURAcademy features of the app, which include 175+ tips and drills videos from TOURAcademy Instructors covering every aspect of the game.

I was able to demo the app on course. After brief setup and the customary information entry, all you have to do is plug in the course you’re playing and the tees you’ll be hitting from and you’re off.

The hole preview is a fantastic utility, and between that function and the wealth of numbers the app provides, TOURCaddie legitimately rivaled the benefit of our forecaddie from the first tee shot to the end of the round (although it unfortunately doesn’t wash clubs or tell you if your miserable tee shot stayed in play).

Certainly, the app title is a tad whimsical. A real tour caddie or tour yardage book will provide more information in general (for example, green slopes, grain direction, prevailing wind directions). However, the TOURCaddie app is a high-quality GPS device…and then some.

The free version can be filed under “Heckuvalot better than nothing,” and the paid version provides all the numbers you need on every shot, as well as high-quality hole previews. Certainly, the tracking functions take the app to another level, as do the TOURAcademy lessons.

Join the discussion about the TOUR Caddie in the forums.

The app is available for download in iTunes.

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  1. Used Golfshot since it came out and now use TOURcaddie. At first it was slower on my iPhone 5 but once I close all other apps before a round there is not much slowdown and find it a most useful app for this 12 hcp. Love the Preview now and really helps on new courses!

  2. The way things are changing companies have really got to be ahead of the game. I am surprised GPS devices are even being sold anymore when I can pay $30 a year and get constant updates on my iphone of all things. I believe the laser is still the best but if someone doesn’t want to drop $300 this app would be fine for most golfers. The USGA says the non-slope lasers are legal but you cannot use any type is USGA qualifiers or event so you might as well buy a slope version and get yardages in the practice round. Lasers definitely speed up play in my group but I assume some people still pace off yardages like they did in the 18th century.