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Every 6 months or so I like to write a reminder message for those that are new or didnt know who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. I grabbed some quotes from my last message (since I liked it so much).

Our milestone of 100,000 registered users while we stay true to our principles has happened! As we grow we must maintain our friendly and open environment here. Our Marshals and Admins are trusted to help maintain a friendly environment that is clean and respectable within the rules. We must always respect the member and never to make them feel like second rate citizens. As an admin or a member there are words that have been stated from day one…

“take the high road”
“treat others as you would want to be treated”
“lead by example”

It has been over 6 years since we launched and we would have never believed that we would be this big. We have peak months of over 800,000 unique visitors now. Hard to gauge when talking these types of numbers but that means a lot of unique users are coming by and looking around. Over 800,000 every month? Wow. We would have never imagined that we would be this large when we decided to start WRX. We have over 100,000 registered members and soon will reach the 150,000 mark. What does this all mean and for some of you what do we stand for here?????

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What is our Mission?
We are here to protect the purity of opinions and the platform to voice those opinions. We want to protect the interests of golfers by providing an unbiased platform to feel proud to contribute to for years to come. Have you ever contributed time in a club or a community and then one day you weren’t proud of your association with it? Many of us have been involved in forums or some online social network. There were and are many golf communities on line and the founders, moderators, and many members on GolfWRX became disenchanted with some of those other places and we created WRX. The tipping point for me was after countless hours and years of supporting one of those sites I found a driver I thought was better than the others and began to write reviews and hyping it. The threads got squashed and pushed off to a dark place where you couldn’t see it. I tried to repost but the same thing happened. That driver was not for sale by the owner of the site and they could not profit from the hype. So my hype was not welcome.

That led me to believe that I was in the wrong place and needed to find someplace that wasn’t motivated by profit but was motivated by the simple objective to create a place that was for the golfers well being and no other reason. To be here to inspire and provide a platform to allow us to gather. Due to the lack of options out there we started GolfWRX. It was built for golfers by golfers. The owners all have day jobs and careers that do not lean on proceeds from GolfWRX. All the money GolfWRX has made to date has gladly been reinvested into the site to make it better for the members. We do not sell equipment and will not do so in fear of spinning reviews and opinions.

Do we work with OEM’s… we sure do. Some big and some small. Does that mean we slant reviews? No…. we hardly do formal reviews and we make efforts to leave that for the members. Most of all editor reviews are done by you. By members like yourself. When we do post with opinions as Admins we make efforts to hype the great and just not hype the poor rather than bash them. Do we take down pics if they are too early? Yes if we receive copyright materials prior to a launch where a small or large company ask to have them removed we will make an effort to take them down. However if we catch them in pros hands out on tour or playing somewhere most all OEM’s call that fair game.

Our passion here on WRX is simple and pure. We do not ever want to fall prey to the lure of the dollar or the need to sacrifice our principles to grow or stay on the top. The internet is a huge place and there is always room for many other golf communities that want to bend the rules of what is right or wrong to gain publicity. We do not want our name drawn into public controversy, rather we will maintain the integrity of our values. Our passion for the game and support for the truth in opinions and reviews is most important.

We offer unique custom sponsorship packages for the small start up golf company. Why do we give preferred pricing to a small ma and pa shop? We feel that there are great products out there that need to be found. The little guy deserves a seat at the table along with the major Golf Equipment companies and we allow them to afford that here on WRX.

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To be the best Golf Forum on the internet we have to continuously work hard to improve and add improvements here. If we slow down then a better mouse trap will eventually come. We believe that there is and will never be another community or website that has better intentions for the golfer than us. For that reason we feel an obligation to maintain the top position among golf social networks in fear of losing golfers to a site with spin and then be mislead for personal gain. That goes to the heart of why we are here and to the heart of what drives us every day. To provide the truth with no spin. To arm the golfer with the best advice so they can make the best decisions and ultimately avoid mistakes.

Connecting golfers and promoting the game of golf globally is what we are doing. Here is a look at the preamble to our rules rewrite we are working on…

Golf is unique among all sports for several reasons. First and foremost is the special relationship that exists among golfers. Although competition is frequently fierce, golfers uniformly treat each other with respect and consideration, both on the course and in their lives. Golfers would never tolerate any action or attitude that would belittle a fellow competitor because of gender, race, nationality, age, or sexual orientation.

Golfers are incredibly generous. Most major competitions are organized to benefit charitable organizations and causes. This special relationship between golfers and those who are less fortunate is indicative of the kind hearts and good fellowship that characterizes the “spirit of the game”.

Golfers are not only respectful of the history and traditions of the game but are also dedicated to the future of the game. They support advances in equipment, techniques, and mental approaches that make the game more enjoyable and accessible to future generations. Golfers provide for the continued growth of the game by supporting young people as they enter into our community.

Governing bodies are accepted by the sport as the final authority about the rules of golf. While golfers may not always agree with the actions of these bodies, golfers’ respect for the rule-making process supersedes all other considerations. Golfers accept the ruling of these bodies with a reverence that is unparalleled in other sports. Golf’s rules are surprisingly simple. Competitors are not only expected to know the rules but to enforce them even when it is to their detriment.

It is around these fundamental principles of our sport and the realities of running an enterprise in the larger legal and ethical environment that the rules of GolfWRX are based.

We just continue to break our online records. As we grow the newbies come in faster than ever. Some of them do not know of our PG-13 and gentleman’s environment. Please do not fall prey to the negativity. Please help us by reporting this in the forum. Lastly, please treat people as you would want to be treated and to take the high road always.

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Sorry for being long-winded, but some are new and don’t know the history. We will be launching some killer improvements in the next 6 months to make this place better than ever. We welcome your comments and advise on how we can improve.


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