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Tested-Ping G20
10.5 loft
R flex TFC 169D shaft
Ping ID8 grip

Distance and accuracy are optimized by an external weight that optimizes the center of gravity position to generate high launch and low spin. The G20’s large, variable-thickness face generates faster ball speeds and increases MOI for maximum forgiveness

The 460cc clubhead is made fromTi 8-1-1, a lighter, lower-density alloy. Ti 8-1-1’s high strength-to-weight ratio allows for additional weight to be strategically placed for increasing the MOI on both the vertical and horizontal axes. Weight savings from varying wall thicknesses in the crown and body are positioned to optimize performance and durability.

Pros: Great looking club head that sits very square at address, muted dark grey color with a confidence inspiring head size that offers a fairly large “foot print”, with a high launch and low spin all at reasonable price for a new to the market club.

Ping still does not offer adjust-ability in their drivers and woods, if you want a highly workable club this may not be the choice for you. I also question whether or not the average golfer needs a 45.75″ driver.

Bottom Line:
This is a really solid modern driver that will appeal to a wide variety of players, if you want forgiveness, high launch and plenty of distance just find the right shaft and loft and I think you will have a hard time finding a better club.


Tester Review:

Look: When the box arrived I couldn’t wait to get to the range to give it a test drive, I can usually tell within two to three swing whether I am going to like a driver or not, and this did not disappoint. I will say I have been a Ping fan for many years and generally like their stuff, however I am quick to dismiss equipment from anyone if it doesn’t fit my game.

The first thing I noticed was that it set dead square, the dark grey head color really appealed to me and the crescent moon alignment aid was a nice change from the full moon on many previous Ping drivers. The shaft is a little busy looking, bright red and gray colors with the Ping logo watermarked in the paint scheme, not something that really distracts me…overall a really good looking club that comes with a nice looking headcover to boot. The one thing you notice when looking at the sole is the large weight pad hanging off the back edge of the club, this is not noticeable at address and definitely adds to the high launch you receive from this club.

The head shape is a very classic modern look (if there is such a thing) with a very symmetrical shape that has no weird angles or shapes going on. It does have a much larger footprint than the Ping G10 I used to play, however the face depth is a little deeper than some clubs of this nature, like the Callaway Diablo Octane I have been playing. Overall I have no complaints about the look, it is the kind of club that appeals to me when shopping for a new driver.

Performance/Playability: If you want a club that launches high and flies straight then this might be the ticket, I noticed immediately the ball seemed to jump off the face and really get up in the air. At first I was concerned it was going too high and I was losing distance and getting no roll, but I soon figured out this club offers the proverbial high launch low spin type of shot that most golfer aspire to obtain.

The one thing I had to adjust to was the fact the ball didn’t curve much at all. I am used to aiming at the right side of the fairway and drawing the ball back to the middle, I soon found that for my stock drive if I aimed to the right the ball took off right and just stayed there. My first few drives on the course ended up on the right edge of the fairway or a few yards into the rough.

My first round on the course I played at time when the course was mostly empty and I could play several balls a hole, I hit several really long drives (for me) and some that were about average for me, overall I was happy with the distance, BUT the moment I knew I had a winner was on a long par 5 playing into a pretty stiff breeze and I hit a high bomb dead into the wind that hit an up slope that I usually have a hard time hitting when there is no wind, in my mind I 1/2 expected the ball to back up when it hit the ground, however the ball bounded forward about 15 yards. Not a career drive but a really solid one into the wind and a little extra roll with a high launch.

The club is forgiving as expected, shots low on the face still get adequate carry and heel and toe hits still get decent distance and dispersion, quite frankly I haven’t played too many 460 cc drivers that aren’t forgiving and this one sure doesn’t disappoint.

Workability-this is not the most workable club ever, as I said it likes to fly straight and high…..I know Bubba Watson can bend it with this club but I’m not Bubba….:rolleyes: Personally for most players I feel this is a good thing, and if you have the ability to curve it both ways you can certainly do so, you just might have to pay a little extra attention to making sure you get the face opened or closed the appropriate amount. My misses tended to be straight pushes and pulls, but mostly pushes since I tend to aim right and try to draw it back to the middle.

Feel: The initial sound off the clubhead is a little tinny, not a loud clank like some of the square drivers or a few from Cobra that actually hurt my ears but definitely not muted. Solid hits feel…well solid and miss hits feel as expected…you know you mishit it but the distance is still good as with most modern clubs. The shaft has a high balance point which I assume helps compensate for the slightly heavier head on this club, it had a different feel than most drivers I have used recently, it took me a few swings to get used to the feel, but once I got acclimated it gave me the feeling of easy power.

Bottom Line: This club is going in my bag, I am not even considering bringing my old driver to the course, high launch, straight flight….what’s not to like, plus it looks really stylish in my black Ping 4-Under sitting alongside my I15’s. In all seriousness the only reason I could think of not to give this club a look is if they just don’t have a shaft available that you like, you just have to have a white clubhead or you just have to have an adjustable club. Grab the G20, get fitted and head to the course….in my humble opinion you will NOT be disappointed.

Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums… http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/527977-golfwrx-review-ping-g20-driver/

Here is a great video from Ping that describes the technical facts behind this driver-

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  1. This is My Driver!!!
    I spent most of last winter hitting
    all sorts of Drivers
    Then All the Big Names were Ready
    To launch New Drivers for Spring 2013
    I Was looking forward to hitting
    The New Ping G25
    I went to a Demo Day & Really had a blast
    Ping Cobra Cleveland Nike Callaway and so on
    The Ping and Cobra were the best for me
    The Pro there suggested I try the G20 9.5 stiff
    I had my heart set on the G25
    Within a Few Swings I knew this was the Club for me
    Most of the time I Really do hit them long and straight!
    250-270 these are big numbers for me
    a bit high in launch but I’m working on that
    It has a really great sound as well
    & we All like to hear that
    I cant say enough good things about the Ping G20
    Give it a try

  2. me and my buddy hit the course and out of no were he brought up that he had a spare driver if I wanted to use to play this round, my guess was I was going to like it and he would try to sell it to me so I told him no thanks, I usually average a little less that 200 yards on my drives since I tend fade my ball, so after a few holes I said what the heck let me try it, and oh boy was I surprised I was straight down the middle and almost 240 yards I thought it was a lucky shot but sure enough hole after hole I was hitting the longest straightest drives ever. so long story short I bought the club and now I own a ping G20 and couldn’t be happier.

  3. I purchased the G20 driver (10.5, reg flex) last year to complement my set of G20 irons and I must say, I have not been disappointed. As a fairly high (21) handicapper, my inconsistency is my main problem. Sometimes I drive the ball fairly well but play my irons poorly, or sometimes I have a shocker off the tee but I strike my irons pure (or as pure as I can, anyway!).

    Recently though I’ve really been putting the hours in at the range, refining my swing and I’ve started to see the benefit. Up until last week, I’d been focusing mainly on my irons (particularly the scoring clubs) because they seemed to be the clubs that I was having the most difficulty with. The other day however, I took the G20 driver out for a hit and all I can say is “WOW!!!” (I won’t say what I actually exclaimed at the time as there may be kids on here!). I have never hit my driver that far and that was just at the range with 75-80% balls!

    I went out to my course last night after work just to play the back nine and my first tee shot (admittedly with a slight following breeze and a kind bounce) ended up 297 yards from where I was standing! For the first time ever on the tenth, my second shot was a 3/4 sand wedge, where normally I’d be taking an 8 or 9 iron at the very least. Playing back down the 11th into the breeze, the distance wasn’t quite so far, but still around the 260 yard mark. Later on in the round, I hit another drive 276 yards! I’m not a big hitter by any means, so I’m amazed to be generating those kinds of distances. This is a great club.

    Like the reviewer above, the only real issues I had were with my alignment. If I was aiming right, then the ball would go straight and end up off to the right of the fairway. Aiming straight down the middle helps and as long as you give it a nice swing, the club does the rest for you. You can almost feel how ‘neutral’ the ball is as it takes off from the clubface. The noise it makes on a good hit is sublime too – maybe a bit loud for some people, but for me it makes a really satisfying ‘CRACK’, just to let that ball know exactly what you think of it. :)

    Now, I’m not suggesting that this club is the best out there, or that I wouldn’t get similar results with any other driver, but it just seems to me to be so….EASY to hit! I couldnt even count the number of times I chuckled to myself as I walked the course yesterday. If anyone had heard me they’d have had me locked up in a secure unit!

  4. I don’t really know what my spin numbers are but I heard a lot of great things about this driver and took a chance. I play in Okinawa Japan where the fairways are very narrow so you need something very forgiving. Let me tell you this is that driver! Consistent drives ranging 280-290. I have the 9.5 w/ Tour-stiff shaft. I play Titleist clubs but I couldn’t deny this one is definitely more consistent then my 913 D2.

  5. I was looking for a driver in the $200 range and Dick’s had the G20 for just that. I want straight to the driving range and I was very happy with the results. The guys I play with are going to be shocked with my drives this Saturday. I was always the shortest driver in the group but things have changed! Gonna win some skins this weekend ;-)

  6. I tried just about all the drivers within ‘my’ price range but was not happy with any of them until I tried the G20. From get go it felt solid and I liked how I could sense where the head was through my backswing. This gave me confidence.

    I ended up with 10.5 loft with a stiff shaft and although I was initially concerned about having too much loft (coming from a 9deg driver), I’ve found the extra loft has not only made the club more forgiving, I am getting the same if not more distance.

    I have to agree with the guys comments above, this thing is just dead straight. It seems to have killed my natural draw but I don’t mind. The high straight shots I’m getting are spectacular. (That said, by opening and closing the club face I have managed to fade and draw when really needed.)

  7. I just picked up a G20, 10.5 S-tour shaft for $199 @ Dicks. Last year I bought g15 irons and absolutely love them. This year is driver time. I really thought I would be walking out with a TM or Cobra, but after hitting the G20, DAMN!!!!!! The numbers do not lie! Lower spin #’s, 10-12 degree takeoff and a high, straight ball flight. Cannot wait until the snow is gone her is No. IL so I can get out and hit this monster!!!

  8. I recently bought this club at a local golf store, clearance sale!!! 9.5 stiff flex with the tour shaft. At first I was worried about hitting with a tour shaft, but the salesman who is used to seeing my swing and etc, convinced me its the one. I took it to the range, after about 50 balls, it clicked!!! I began bombing it long and straight, longer than my RBZ!!! I usually have a high ball flight, this did the trick and brought it down a bit. Now i”m hitting a nice mid trajectory ball and getting more distance. Love it!!

  9. After an exhaustive search for a new driver, and test driving everything from Callaway to Cobra to TM I found the Ping G20 to be the best available. I picked up my new 9.5 tour stiff last weekend and its terrific. Launches high, straight and long – runs out great which is what I was looking for to get some more distance. Plus it looks great. Highly recommend this club – how can you argue with long and ridiculously straight.

  10. Just got my G20 8.5 with the PING tour shaft. It performed just as good as the Anser model on the computer at PUETZ. (plus I saved 150 on the price). Filthy long.

  11. One does not “hit the ball further”, but one can hit the ball “farther”. Think: FARther for physical distance and FURther for figurative or symbolic distance. “He further stated that he had hit his ball straight”, and “He was looking for his ball farther ahead than he really hit it”.

    I wish they would have included the sound of the club hitting the ball. I’m still hitting a G2 (why ruin success?) and looking for an upgrade. This may be the one.

  12. Just replaced my 6 yr old Mizuno with the G20 in 10.5 (R) and I am lovin it, everything about long and straight is true, plus, a decent launch angle. A nice looking, well handling neutral driver that feels great. With a driver like this, any poor performance off the tee is down to your swing. Thanks Ping.

  13. I hit a few balls with a G20 today. Boy, this thing can hit it steady long. I’ve been using an old G2 for over 8 years that I love, but this G20 stick is something really serious distancewise. I gained average 15 yards with this driver. Definitely, It’s going to be in my bag for a long time

  14. I was fit on a launch monitor at a Golf Galaxy 10 days ago, and this club was the longest for me (by 9 yards), with a change in my specs: this is the first time I’ve played a Sr shaft, and such a high degree of loft (12 degrees)…I’ve taken it out 3 times since I bought it (this season in the northeast should be called Winter-Spring), and I’m very pleased…high, long, straight…

  15. I got a Ping G20 in 10.5° with the Tour X Stiff shaft late last year. It is the most consistently long and straight driver I’ve ever had. It hits high missiles. The ball jumps off the face and up into the stratosphere so fast and just goes for miles. The only problem with that is if it is really windy, especially a cross wind, you will need to adjust your aim accordingly. I can’t wait to play it this spring and summer when it isn’t so windy here in Georgia. I seriously tried 95% of all the drivers out there last year and the year before and this was by far the best and most consistent driver for me. I’m quite pleased.