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First off big ups to GolfWRX and HipCheck for the opportunity to test and review this putter for the GolfWRX community. It is a honor to be selected and to know that the opinions of the everyday golfaholic counts. When I got the invitation to test the Scottsdale series I was unsure of what putter style to get. I work in a pro shop on weekends so have seen my fair share of Ping and other brand putters designs released. Ping has really simplified the process of getting fit to a specific putter by simply putting the stroke pattern (ie: straight, slight arc, strong arc) right on the shaft label. A simple idea, but a totally new concept as far as I’ve seen from any other manufacturer. With the guess work of picking which model had corresponded to which stroke to face balanced vs. toe hang and how much toe hang I went with their strongest arc design the ZB S. Dropped shipped directly from Ping the putter was well packaged and had a pick sheet with all the spec’s. Very nice, I’m an equipment ho so it’s nice to know the exact specs were measured before shipping.


The Scottsdale ZB S feels great when you putt the ball and seems to be balanced very well for a strong arc putter. The matt black finish is a great look that keeps glare low and the bottom has a nice smoke gloss finish on the sole which bares the brand of pings Scottsdale line. The thermoplastic elastomer kept the roll of the ball very consistent from course to course. In short, the feel of this putter is unchanging. A little softer than the old XG insert from Oddysey. Another pro about the Scottsdale line as with any Ping product is every aspect of the putter is customizable using Ping’s color code system. That means a total fitting solution for your putter on length, lie, loft, and now stroke pattern.

A con I have about this putter is that when it arrived, the grip of the putter was a little off. I didn’t notice it until after a few rounds when I kept pulling a lot of short 3-5 footers. The grip was actually misaligned from the factory with the top of the grip being a tiny bit closed compared to the alignment mark on the bottom of the grip. After a quick adjustment to the grip with a needle it was fine. Ping has always been great with quality control but worth pointing out in this review. On longer putts the elastomer can feel a little numb and cause a little bounce rather than a solid and smooth roll. The elastomer will always feel good wherever you hit it, a con or pro depending on how you look at it. Not to the point where you feel disconnected with your stroke, but it does take some getting used to.

Bottom line:

The bottom line is that this putter performs as well as it looks. Ping has done a great job at introducing more custom options in an introductory putter line that will help getting fit for a putter a lot easier. Also to mention the price point on the Scottsdale series is pretty unbelievable making this a serious value. I believe the look and the general feel of a putter makes me feel more confident which every golfer knows is the key.


The ZB S has a clean and smooth look to it. Not a traditional Newport head as you would expect from a toe heavy putter but a more simplistic look with a nice knurl neck. Simple clean lines are complimented with a white alignment line on top. The matt black finish really helps reduce glare at address. The putter is designed for the arc type putter but has the workability for the straight simple two footers. My previous putter was a milled putter with no insert so the feeling I got from the ZB S was a little different. After a few rounds the elastomer insert is easy to get used to. The feedback you get from the insert (and this is my problem with all insert putters) is that they always feel good. No matter if you slightly heel or toe it, as long as it hits the insert it feels good. That’s something I do miss about my milled putter, knowing if you mishit a putt by the feedback.


I have had this putter for about couple months now and I have played it through a variety of conditions from sun to rain here in the NW. It’s been pretty much wet winter golfing here but have been venturing out to some high end courses since rates have dropped and the greens have been pretty consistent and dry at these courses. I’ve changed my putting stroke to try some things out and this strong arc really corresponds to having an arc pattern. Distance control was very easy to dial in. I really didn’t expect this from an insert putter but 3 putts were very rare, leaving lag putts always inside 3-5ft. Even off the fringe the putter performed beautifully for distance control. Head weight on the ZB S is 345g a little light but still one of their heavier blade styles. The ball is rolling true and staying on line.

Overall bottom line:

I believe the Ping Scottsdale ZB S or any other Scottsdale series putter is a great addition to anyone’s bag. With multiple fitting options, looks, designs, and weights Ping has made is almost too easy to get fit proper for a putter now. Also, I should note that the matted black finish as well as the glossy finish on the bottom of the putter has been holding up great even after 3 months of use.

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  1. The scottsdale line of putter and classy look real nice. Your grip issue is interesting as PING clubs are assembled in the USA. Some might think that would mean better quality. Interesting.