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Adidas Adicross Street Shoe Editor Review



GolfWRX Editor Review by BennySupreme

Shoe Description- An old school look with full grain leather. Both light weight and comfortable at the same time. A spike less shoe that provides traction and versatility off the course for the everyday person. What we have here is Adidas keeping up with what is trending today.

Pros- (A shoe that goes nice with everything. They come with two different color laces. As with most golf shoes these also come with a two year quality warranty. These shoes are comfortable and stylish while still being somewhat water proof and breathable. Classic merged with new school! The wife likes them, and with a $90 price tag it would be easier to get away with if you buy more than one pair since most high end shoes go for 120 to 180 bucks.)

Cons- (At this time they only come in 5 colors, green, blue, black, white, and brown. They make your feet look super long and skinny. They didn’t feel very stable at first; to me that is. As normal, Adidas shoe run on the narrow side. Shoes are mainly white unless you go all black or brown. )

Bottom Line- (If you are looking for a golf shoe that looks like a street shoe, these are for you. Did you forget your slippers or regular shoes at home, that is ok because these will do just fine out and about. They are bringing back the retro/old school look but adding a new twist into the mix with the 120 or so plugs on the bottom. Now if we can just get RUN DMC out on the course these would sale like hot cake to the youth to middle age golfers IMHO. (Marketing idea for Adidas only.)

Looks- (When I first took these out of the box and looked at them I really liked them. They are just like my Adidas shell toes minus the pattern on the toe. Some would say they are just plain shoes. They have a narrow look to them. The Color shoe laces really stand out on the white leather. They are stylish, clean looking and no way over the top compared to some brands out there. If you are able to keep them clean you could wear them out and about and no one would know they were golf shoes. Note, it will be hard to keep these shoes looking new, being that they are mainly white. You will need to maintain them on a wear to wear basis unless you play in dry conditions every day. )

Performance/playability- (I have used these shoes in dry weather, rain, sand, and even in mud. For me the performance was iffy at best. The first couple of rounds that I wore them I did not feel very stable at all. I felt as if I was going to fall over when I swung the club. I don’t know if that is due to the width of them or not. It’s almost like I can’t pivot as easy in these. The traction on wet turf was great. I didn’t slip and slide at all in the rain. Once I got them broken in I started to feel a little more stable in them. I think they will be a great pair of shoes for any weather condition or any patch of earth you may cross. Note: The only reason I would say these are golf shoes is because of the plugs on the bottom that give you traction, nothing else.)

(If you get the right size these are great shoes. The only problem I could see someone having is if they have a really wide foot. Since I walk when I play I need a very comfortable shoe, these fit the bill. They are light, comfy and fit snug. They don’t slide or rub on my hells, ankles or on my little toes like some shoes have had in the past. The first time I wore them I had no issues, besides while swinging, matter a fact as soon as I got home from my first round with them I went and ran a couple miles. My feet and legs didn’t feel sore. My knees did not hurt which is a big plus. Basically the easiest way to put it is that I was wearing my normal every day tennis shoes. They were like walking on cotton, even after 5 or 6 rounds, they are still as soft as the first day I wore them. )

Overall bottom line- (These are a great all around shoe. If you want just one pair of shoes, these may be the ones for you. If you don’t mind the colors selection and narrow fit, these might be for you. Once they are broke in, they are great. They are stylish enough to be worn with jeans but not so over the top that you can’t wear them with a pair of kakis on the course. They have great traction without the spikes on the bottom. Over all for me, I really like these shoes even after only wearing them for a couple rounds, 7 to 8. They are comfortable, snuggle fitting and breathable. For me that means less pain in the legs and feet, I don’t get blisters, and my feet don’t sweat. Walking the course with these shoes on your feet will be no issue at all. They have been an attention getter; I have had at least one person ask me about them every round that I have worn them.

They are my most versatile golf shoe but not my Favorite at this time. I can actually see myself wearing these down the road every day. I just would like to have a bigger selection of colors. They don’t even have RED at this time. What is up with that?

Rating on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst – 5 being the best

Looks: 4
Comfort: 5
Performance: 3
Overall: 4

Click here to see more pics and discussion in the forums…

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  1. asgolfpro

    Dec 30, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I love these shoes. Very comfortable I can wear them all day. Great on the course in all conditions. Shoes have nothing to do with hitting the golf ball. Spikes where put on shoes to walk the dew swept hills of Scotland which are quite slippery. If you are sliding or “spinning out” hitting the ball it is not your shoes it is you. Try what Harvey Penick did with Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw. Go to the range when it is nice wet grass and hit balls in your bare feet. You will learn to stay in balance and not spin out and will start to learn how to hit solid in balance shots with every club in your bag.

  2. Joe Mama

    Mar 2, 2012 at 11:51 am

    These shoes are good only for dry days. When it gets wet they have a tendency to spin out. The areas between the lugs will fill up with grass/mud and you’ll be wearing smooth soles after awhile. They also run even more narrow than Adidas usual offerings. Three out of five, IMO.

  3. duke

    Feb 24, 2012 at 9:31 am

    I have this exact same pair. My buddies razzed me about the green shoelaces so I changed them to the white ones that were also included. The shoes are comfortable but they don’t seem to offer the best stability and traction of other golf shoes in the Adidas line. And those thick (not very pointy/sharp) rubber spikes leave quite an impression on greens. IMO, they’re really tough on greens and will likely affect how the ball rolls over them for the groups behind. Don’t step on anyones line because you will affect it. I prefer the Adidas 360 line over these. However, they have become my daily shoe of choice.

  4. simonmax

    Feb 18, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Have bought a pair. Good for general wear and practice, but not as good as FJ or Ecco alternatives for playing in. That said, the others are significantly more expensive. Summary, good value for money alternative. Would rate as 3/4 on your scale.

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WRX Spotlight: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes



Product: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes (available at Dick’s and Golf Galaxy). 

Pitch: Via Jordan: “Jump up the leaderboard in the Nike Men’s Air Jordan ADG Golf Shoes. Famed for its incredible comfort and lightweight feel, the ADG features a Zoom Air unit for responsive cushioning and an integrated lacing system for a secure, supportive fit. The Integrated Traction pattern offers you enhanced grip on every terrain and the signature Jumpman logos give you extra style on the course.”

Our take on Air Jordan ADG golf shoes

Confined to the feet of Keegan Bradley for years, the iconic sneaker brand seems to have proof of concept in the golf space, as evidenced by the growing roster of tour players (Pat Perez, Harold Varner III), and numerous retail offerings.

We got to test one of said retail offerings: the just-released spikeless Air Jordan ADG. Now, the Jordan style may not be for every golfer (can’t imagine them catching on in Tuesday morning senior leagues across the nation), but if you like the look of Js on the court or street, you’ll love the look of these. Indeed, you’ll probably love the look of all Jordan offerings for the fairway, as the company has done an excellent job of bringing its aesthetic to golf, rather than the opposite (if that makes sense…tacking the Jumpman logo on a pair of saddle shoes was never going to work).

So, appearance wise, the elephant print leather upper and other signature brand elements look great (and the translucent sole is an awesome touch). However, when it comes to golf shoes, particularly of the spikeless variety, we’re always concerned about stability during the swing (both in terms of contact with the ground and within the shoe internally) and appropriate support/comfort for the five-plus mile trek that is a round of golf.

On both of the aforementioned fronts, these shoes are superb. You can feel the comfort and support the instant your heel hits the Jumpan Golf logo on the insole, and the shoes do everything you’d ask a spikeless shoe to do on course. Highly recommended; we look forward to seeing what his Airness’ cordwainers come up with next.

A look at the white colorway, via Jordan, below. 

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WRX Spotlight: Callaway Golf Apparel



Callaway apparel?

Yes, apparel, seriously.

Go ahead you can admit it, as will I. When you think of Callaway what generally comes to mind is hard goods golf gear, things like Epic Flash drivers and Chrome Soft balls. Personally I never really thought too hard about their apparel before, BUT one encounter with the lineup and I can assure you that when you think of Callaway you will think of shirts and apparel being as high on your must-try list as Apex Irons.

In the golf apparel game, there are a lot of players. From boutique brands geared towards the extreme high end to more “value” offerings that hit the mark on price but have almost no chance of holding up over a full season of use. To gain traction and find your “zone” as an apparel company you have to separate yourself, whether it be through distinctive cuts, patterns & designs, fabrics, quality, or finding the right ways & places to distribute. For Callaway Golf Apparel whatever combination of these they are doing, they are doing it very right! From quality to distribution, they are crushing it. Seriously!

How much are they “crushing it” you might ask… How about to the tune of over 690 percent year over year. Yes, that’s NOT a TYPO – 690 percent! Thanks to a glowing Q1 report (something you can easily access since they are a publicly traded company) Callaway’s apparel is leaps and bounds ahead of where they used to be for a number of reasons:

  • High-quality fabrics
  • Great cuts
  • Attention to detail

Since this is a spotlight on the apparel, I’m going to focus on my favorite pieces in the line – the polos. As I have said before there are a few things I look for in a nice golf shirt; overall fit (this dad bod has still gotta look good on the course), style choices, and quality fabric — I’d rather spend a bit more money for a classically tailored well-made shirt than something that is inexpensive but won’t last five cycles through the wash.

The highlights for these shirts are in the variety of options, the quality fit, and little extra details that allow these to be placed alongside some of the most recognized brands in off-course retail and pro shops around the country. Sleeve length is perfect and comfortable — no need for the old shoulder hike before every shot. The fabrics have stretch but not too much that the shirt feels flimsy, which a big no-no for me. Flimsy fabrics and poor seems are the typical issue with very value friendly brands but there’s none of that here! The collars don’t have stays but the way they are designed, cut, and reinforced keeps them looking firm and right where they should be.

Last but not least, Callaway’s full lineup of apparel has a huge selection of sizes for both men and women to make sure no matter your measurements you can find the outfits that fit your shape so you can feel comfortable on and off the course. If you don’t have access to a retailer you can shop their website.


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WRX Spotlight: Etonic Stabi-Loud shoes



Product: Etonic Stabi-Loud shoes

Pitch: From Etonic: “Throughout the years Etonic continued to achieve recognition for its footwear throughout the entire sports industry. From partnering with tennis legend Fred Perry to releasing the signature shoes of NBA All-Star Hakeem Olajuwon, Etonic has shown a passion and dedication to supplying athletes everywhere with the highest quality athletic shoes. Etonic continues to follow its commitment to athletes around the world by producing industry-leading activewear that allows you to achieve your best while feeling your best.”

Our take on the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe

If you were to think of one Tour player which you would expect to wear the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe, then who would you pick? I’m confident you all got it right. John Daly is partnered with both Etonic and Loudmouth who collaborated on this shoe, and you’d be hard pressed to find a golf shoe which represented his flamboyant style more than the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe does.

Looking to create the loudest shoe in golf, Etonic did just that, with bold colors in a zebra style pattern. According to John Holst, VP of Sales for Etonic Golf,

 “The Stabi-Loud shoe is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable, high performance shoe that will stand out on the course, then look no further!”

What’s more, the color sequences they’ve paired together work excellently. The classic zebra look, the black and orange and particularly the companies deep red and black pattern which looks electric.

The shoes come in four different color schemes and are fully waterproof. The shoe also features a microfiber material which makes the shoe extremely comfortable as well as durable.

The shoe hits the retail market in May, and for those who admire the styles of John Daly, Ian Poulter etc. then you’re likely to love Etonic’s Stabi-Loud Shoe. It covers all the bases in terms of comfort, and if you’re looking to stand out on the course, this shoe will undoubtedly help you achieve that.


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