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I was waking up Monday morning afternoon and thought how cool it would be if the clubs arrived. I work midnights, so being up at 12:30 is early. I had nothing planned for the day, so thought a trip to the range would be in order. So I drag myself out of bed and peek out the front door. Lo and behold there is a box marked Wilson!Then I hear it, it’s that evil sound. I look down and my dog isn’t next to me trying to get out. This can only mean one thing; yup that is the sound of RAIN! So I had to put the dog on guard duty watching the box. I made the best use of he time and took some photographs inside. Then the next day I was able to get out for an extended range session, with the rain threatening the whole time.One thing to remember is these are game improvement irons, so all comparisons are with clubs in its class.

My specifications for these clubs are 2 degrees upright, stock steel SL95 stiff flex made by True Temper.


The response is incredible on miss hits vs pured. A great size and appearance at address for its class. One of the thinnest top lines you will find. Great stock grip (ribbed.) A workable club. The ball gets up easily and lands softly.


I’d enjoy these clubs that much more if I could get a shaft closer to my needs. Very nontraditional lofts and lengths, even for its class. Some will say sound.

Bottom Line-

These irons really surprised me. Wilson is trying hard to get back in the mix and products like this will help them. I think they will fit a wide demographic on players that need help. If you get a little better, these won’t hold you back. Check your ego at the door and try these.


My dad has always called GI and now SGI clubs “potato mashers.” I would not let these fall in that description. Sitting next to aG20(potato masher) these Di11’s look downright “classic.” Sure they are a larger head with perimeter weighting and undercut cavity, but they pull it off. At first I was not sure about the chrome finish. I think the chrome helps the already narrow top line look slimmer. At address I can start seeing the cavity on the 8 iron, then all the way up to the 4 iron. Now if the top line was black like the Ci11 and not chrome, I have a feeling the cavity would be better camouflaged. I like they did not make the sole too wide. It’s big enough to help with some chunky shots, but still looks like an iron should.Where the Di11 badge is, the sole extends out a little further. This is even with the sweet spot. It makes the sole wider, but Wilson seem to have hidden it a bit with this method. As I already commented on, the wide tip really does give me more confidence. I look down and feel like I am swinging something sturdier. I really like a grip that does not have a logo appearing at address. These grips gave me that and great performance. On the front of the grip there is a W/S at the top, which is covered by your hand when holding the club. On the back of the grip there is a W/S at the bottom, and near the cap there is written “Wilson Staff.” Now at first I was wondering why the logos on the back were upside down, then I pictured the club profile as the club is swung. All the steps on the shaft are on the top ¼- ½ . The shafts also have a nice small label on the back. Wilson have the Ci11in the GI category, so I guess the Di11 is SGI. I would say the appearance is better then all SGI out there, and better then a lot of GI irons.


The lofts and lengths are not traditional, so I don’t look for different clubs to match up the same. What I was looking for, and what I got, was good distance gaps between irons. These clubs were lighter then my current set (Diablo forged with Dynamic Golds.) As a result I was swinging the Di11’s about 5-8mph faster. The head and shaft combination really gets the ball up. I never found that I was ballooning the ball, it just sent it up nicely. Asa result everything landed softly. I had about a 90mph swing with the 7 iron and was flying it 165 yards. I hit some thin, which is my usual miss, and the ball would go about the same distance with some run. A slightly fat shot is going to lose a bit of distance, but head works nicely in the turf and still got me close. On one swing I hit about 6 inches behind the ball and dug in the ground a good inch, of course there is no miracle cure, but it was just a test……… The biggest thing I noticed was the forgiveness on toe hits especially. I developed a little issue that came up Sunday of hitting near the toe. I wish I had these clubs the other day. Instead of being 20 yards right of target and short,I would have been about 10 yards right and pin high. Wilson’s claims are correct, these irons are very forgiving. Everything was really wet, so I can’t tell you what kind of spin they will give me yet. I was pitching with the wedges and they were very consistent.


This is an interesting field to comment on. How do you put feel into words. These are cast S/GI clubs, they aren’t going to be butter and we know this. I recently purchased a Ping G20 and was a little disappointed with the feel. So going into this review I was questioning the feel responsiveness I would get. Lucky for me I turned up with my A swing. On strikes hit on the sweet spot you are rewarded with a feel and sound that you will remember. The best way I can explain the feel is its hollow. Blades you feel nothing, well that is not the case here. With the hollow feeling you also get in slight ting sound. I heard the ting the day before when I was chipping balls around in my home. A ball hit off my bed and struck the shaft and I heard the ting. When striking the sweet spot the ting is not as loud as the ball hitting the shaft, but is very similar. I will try and include the sound of the ball hitting the shaft so you can get an idea. Everything off center still feels solid, you just get a typical cast club thunk sound. While the sound and feel might not be what you will consider desirable, I find it a major plus. I knew every time I felt and heard that that I absolutely hit it as best I could, and that is a reward everyone needs. I find this very lacking in this market. So in a category I came into dreading, I was given the most pleasant and shocking surprise. Oh,and the sweet spot is not just a pin size dot either.

Overall bottom line-

If you are a high handicapper or beginner these are for you.At least give them a try. Sometimes you just have to check your ego at the door and play something that makes golf more fun. Are you still going to have bad shots? Yes, don’t fool yourself. There is no miracle club. What you are going to get is a club that gets the ball in the air well. It’s going to before giving. Most importantly is you will get responsiveness and feel I haven’t found in any other club in its category. We may be high handicaps players, but it’s not like our hands are dead. The only caution I give is if you are a high ball hitter. Give them a shot, but know they don’t have any low ball flight shaft options. I have wanted to try Wilson Staff for awhile and have been pleasantly surprised. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. I am going to keep these in my bag and do some more updates.

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  1. I have 2 sets of D11’s. One set I bought for a Florida villa, the 2’nd set I just bought for up north.(Ct.).I traded in a set of C11’s for the 2’nd set. I’m a 16 hcp. What does that say about what I think of these clubs. these clubs are stone-cold reliable, you know what you’re going to get from every club. I’m 64 years old. I played Wilson as a kid. I’ve gone full circle, love them.

  2. I know that the Di 11 wide tip irons have a stock 95 gram weight True Temper steel shaft. I’m trying like crazy to find the weight of the Di 11’s regular tip True Temper stock steel shafts. (I thought I’d seen/heard it was 85 grams, but am wanting to find out for sure.
    THANKS for any help.

    • I too would like to know what True Temper shaft (steel) Wilson uses as their regular steel (not the 95SL) in the Di11. I have a set of Di11s with half and half and considering changing at least a few to standard steel to try them.

  3. I’m about to get some new irons and I want to try out the Wilson Staff range. However, I’m not sure which set to go for, the Ci11’s or the Di11’s?? I have a handicap of 27. Any suggestions/recommendations would really help!!

  4. Recently got the Di-11s with uniflex TT steel. I will echo the previous posts. These irons are long, accurate and generally hacker-friendly. These would be a smart choice for many mid and high handicappers. I’ve played GI irons from Cobra, Nike, TM and Cleveland, so I have some perspective on this club category. For my money, when it comes to value and performance the Wilson Di series is an under-rated yet formidable contender. Definitely worth serious consideration.

  5. Just Bought these last week, have played twice with them and Range once. 15 + handicapper so I isn’t that good
    A club and a half better than my 1 year old Cobra S3s. Which replaced my R7 draws.
    Par 3 have proven out, where I used to hit 4 irons I’m now hitting 6.
    Ball Flight is up quick and easy on the lower Irons, Miss Hits (Toe)
    Provide distance but no Vibration.
    GolfSmith here in the USA, Staff very helpful and patient, tried a few different sets and these were noticably longer in the indoor ball tracker testing area.
    Give them a try, I ‘m sure you will come away impressed

  6. I bought the Di11s here in the UK early last year with the half and half (graphite and steel)shafts, my handicap then was 18, I am now on 14 and will stick with these irons for a long time yet, if I could only putt half decently I would be at least two strokes better.

  7. I demoed the Di11 and absolutely loved them, but ended up buying the previous model Di9 as they were on sale for half price and performed very closely to the Di11. If I hadn’t been on such a tight budget the Di11 would be in my bag right now.